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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The testimony that reveals who hurt the 12 year old girl

 Not even half a day passed and the lies they tried to pass as truth went down the drain. According to info from the Press, the cops that protected the Mayor (and didn't wore their uniforms) have confessed their guilt for the injury of the 12yo girl, which was pinned on MP George Germenis. The Media reports:

 "The two guards of the mayor of Athens have testified about the clash with the MP of the Golden Dawn. According to info, they said that the girl was injured during the clash. They said that in their effort to immobilize Germenis, the girl was injured."

 The MP didn't hit neither the mayor, nor the girl. The Golden Dawn is confirmed once again, and the road of Justice to condemn those that attacked the MP is open. Like they themselves confessed, the result of their illegal attack was the injury of the 12yo child. Lets see what the TV news will say about this update. Will they speak the truth or will they turn a blind eye?

Source: http://www.newsbeast.gr/society/arthro/527800/katethesan-oi-astunomikoi-tou-kamini-/


  1. My money's on blind eye...

  2. George Germenis is a brave man; he is lucky mayor of athens paid communist bully boys didn't hurt him.

    We may meet need him in parliament more than in jail.

    there are others who are more suited to this kind of work... still a brave gesture.

    Good thing that nobody innocent was badly hurt.