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Friday, May 17, 2013

Lies on behalf of the "antiracist" law

 Few moments ago the proceeding of the Parliament were published, according to which the Syriza's MP (and actor on his profession) Mr. Pantzas yelled "Heil Hitler". Of course, the Media in Greece and the rest of the world ignored that, and released news that accused the Golden Dawn for this.

We would like to see an apology from all those people that were bombarding us with the same old repetitive accusations, but we are realists. We know that they won't do it, because they carried out their mission - to reinforce support for the upcoming "antiracist" law that bans free speech and has as its target the Golden Dawn and every resisting Greek. We will make sure all those responsible will receive the maximum punishment for sycophancy as predicted by the law.

A fight broke out between Golden Dawn and Syriza before the incident. After Syriza's MPs commented our MPs, we though it would be appropriate to give them a comeback. While speaking, MP Iliopoulos referred to Alexis Tsipras as "Mr. Alexis" (while speaking Greek). The President of the Parliament (that is from Syriza as well) found this as a good enough reason to expel the MP. When we protested about this charade while we had Syriza calling us murderers and other insults, the President however did nothing , in fact he even joined the Syriza MPs in the insults, calling us criminal gang members. We intensely protested against the unlawful behavior of the corrupt president, at which point he shut down the microphones of the all the Golden Dawn MPs. Once the Syriza MPs hailed Hitler, all the GD MPs left the Parliament - we would have to combat the propaganda that would immediately be broadcasted all over the world.

After the verbal clash between the Golden Dawn and Syriza, two MPs of the latter party admitted that the phrase came from their side, something that is supported by actual evidence. Here, at 5:27 we can hear a female voice screaming "Heil Hitler" (Note that our female MPs were ALL absent due to other responsibilities), 2 seconds later, we can hear the same phrase again from a male voice -again from the side of Syriza.

After the initial lie that the Golden Dawn MPs hailed Hitler was debunked, they changed their tactic. They started claiming that it was our MPs that shouted it first. Mysteriously, not a single microphone captured this event. Now, the Media reports that "Nazi slogans were shouted in the Greek Parliament", conveniently forgetting to mention who said it. The masses that are daily exposed to their lies and their campaign against us, connect the dots.... it MUST be Golden Dawn.

The leftists are cowards and liars. Now, through the proceedings of the Parliament, the truth shines once again.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/o-pantzas-fwnaze-chail-chitler-sumfwna-me-ta-praktika-ths-boulhs-jeftilisth


  1. YOu should include links to articles covering this story, so we can flood into those articles and spam them with the truth. :)

    1. I mean like this, post as many articles you can find about it that allows for comments. And all of us who read your articles can flood into those lying leftist articles that allows commets and spread the truth. :)

      Like these articles, all allows for comment with facebook login, so everyone with facebook and leave a pro-Golden dawn comment.. And if someone does not have a facebook? Just create a fake-one for ideological use only. :)







    2. You are very right, and helpful. I will surely devote more time on spotting those lying articles in the future. Thanks!

    3. Thanks. :) I will post lying article I find as well!

  2. The controlled forces in Greece are acting like children!

  3. What is the likelihood of the anti-free-speech law being approved?

  4. Heil Nationalist socialism frim Nigeria and death to Boki Haram and his radical Islamists.

  5. on this day ( 17 May) the first ever scientific mechanism was brought to th surface of a Greek shipwreck in 150 BC!!


  6. Hi! I was just wondering why you guys support the nazi signs, and support hitler.. If you really loved the true greek people - you would never support a person or ideology that killed 19% of the greek population (most in second world war) and ruined so much greek stuff.. In addition to stealing all gold and money..

    Instead you should support real greek heroes, and throw off the corrupt government.. I see you have some plans have well intensions - but who would take you guys seriously, following a looser from germany??

    be original, be greek.

    1. Piss off you flaccid little Troll!

    2. Where are the nazi signs? The only nazi signs and nazis are the ones who wish to close down free speech and democratically elected parties, have you not just read the article where it explains how the media and the current liars in Government blamed Golden Dawn for shouting Heil Hitler when it was when it was in fact a member of the Syriza party.

    3. Those symbols are Greek origin, Golden Dawn doesn't support Hitler. You dont know anything about Golden Dawn.

    4. My friend, Adolf Hitler had made all Nationalist look like terrible people. The Golden Dawn are only for Greeks and very much love the Greek Heroes. They educate their suporters on them and have ceremonies around their monuments. Adolf hitler was hostile to the Ideas of Hellenism and tried to Germanize Greeks. Also people with blonde hair and blue eyes are not superior in the beliefs of the Golden Dawn and are not even the creators of Hellenism. Was Alexander the Great an Aryan with blonde hair and blue eyes? Was Leonidas? They do not care about Mein Kampf or Adolf Hitler. PS...Adnore all the nazis on this newsroom they are of lower intellectual ability.

    5. So Mr Anonymous any person or any political party right of centre are Narnseys? By the way the signs you mention go way back into Greek history, I have a large circular floor rug I bought in Greece long before Golden Dawn became of age, the circumference of the rug shows the same designs as are on Golden Dawns flag. Golden Dawn is only concerned about Greece's future not invading Poland OR reclaiming the Sudatenland.

    6. What nazi signes? You should not take your information from multicultural media.. Come on, have you not learned yet that multicultural media lie... They.. LIE...lie..Lie...Lie..and Lie... All white people are nazi in the eyes of the leftist.

  7. In my coutry this corrupt guys we call them "FILHOS DA PUTA"(Suns of a

    Golden Dawn must fight like Spartans againsta this subversive, globalist ocult forces.

  8. When the antiracist ( anti Greek) bill is approved and becomes law it will effectively gag and muzzle the GD. This abortion of a law must not pass. If it does it shuts the door to the GD to make advances within the democratic parameters, controlled by the crypto marxists and sell out political class.

    1. Correct. Smash down the Jew law now!

  9. Hello,
    I hope that GD will take legal action vs the italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, the most important one here in Italy
    Pls find the link http://video.corriere.it/bagarre-aula-deputato-greco-urla-heil-hitler/e552e800-bf2c-11e2-be2c-cd1fc1fbfe0c

  10. ...cheap way to make money from these liers

    Pls be aware that they leave the doubt that it could not have been a GD MP

  11. Arseholes -





  12. School's out -

  13. Anon: 12:20pm May 18 2013 /

    Answer: because we're FIGHTING the same enemy: jews like you!

    Request said TROLL from Tel Aviv have his IP address logged / banned from this forum?!

    May I also ask the moderator how this comment makes it on to this forum in the first place?

    An international news room forum caters for many people outside of Greece; followers of National Socialism -- AND Golden Dawn....sure as hell not Marxist commie JUDEN !!

    Is it so wrong for Golden Dawn to elicit support from other countries wanting to partner up with supporters of Golden Dawn?

    This issue needs to be addressed....

    1. Well, there are Nazis, and then there are standard Nationalist. Why would a standard Nationalist group like Jobbik of Hungary care for the Golden Dawn? They only care for Hungarians and are from what I had heard against Othrodox Christanity within their nation. If you are just some Nazi from anywhere in the world then trying to support the Golden Dawn is just going to make them look bad and they do not want to unit all of Europe, or preserve the European traits (except for the Greek). Bottem line is, why would a foreign Nationalist support the Golden Dawn, and how would they do this without further portraying the Golden Dawn as Nazis?

    2. That is bullshit, Golden dawn supports all European people, just like BNP, JOBBIk, and so forth support all European people, we are in this togheter, we need to liberate all of Europe from the anti-white racist not just a single country. A single Hungary or a single Greece could not survive the international pressure alone, alla of Europe needs to be liberated.

      Golden dawn does not want to united Europe, it wants to free Europe.

      "why would a foreign Nationalist support the Golden Dawn"

      Because their success is our success? I can imagine that if Golden dawn gets control of the Greek state, they will flood all nationalist parties in Europe with more money then, they will know what to do with.

      "and how would they do this without further portraying the Golden Dawn as Nazis?"

      Alla white people everywhere will always be potrayed as nazi when they stand up to the anti-whites. Just tell people Golden dawn are not nazi and show a few quotes with sources were Golden dawn says they are not nazi.

    3. "why would a foreign Nationalist support the Golden Dawn... "

      What a stupid question!!!!!

  14. 'Since neither oath nor treaty nor submission can secure peace, pursue your impious warfare. My trust is in God alone; if it should please him to mollify your heart, I shall rejoice in the happy change, if he delivers the city into your hands, I submit without a murmur to his holy will. But, until the Judge of the Earth shall pronounce between us, it is my duty to live and die in defence of the people.'
    Constantine XI

    WHY WHITES WILL WIN! ~With Kai Murros


    1. Ha Ha Why Whites will win? Seriously, the Golden Dawn do not care about white people in general only Greekswho share the same culture and who have ancestors of whom were Minoans or Mycenerians who by the way were Indo-European.

    2. That is not true James, all Europeans are brothers, it is just that some are a lot more redder than others

    3. "Ha Ha" - James

      Poor, self-hating James. Pity him. His life is hollow, meaningless and filled with despair.

    4. Dear James "Indo - European" people NEVER EXISTED!
      Indo - European theory is just a BIG FAT ZIONIST LIE!
      So focus on REAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE and stop day dreaming!

  15. Of course Golden dawn cares about their brother people, partly due to our share hertiage and situation, and partly due to if Golden dawn gets into power, and want to keep power, they need some big European country on their side, Russia, Germany, UK, France, a lone Golden dawn Greece would have a very hard time surviving the international pressure alone.

  16. Cowards and communist pawns. remember that communists are cowards do not give them one inch of breathing room.

  17. Above all we must recognise the religious and spiritual character of National Socialism. No creed has
    been able to inspire such devotion and loyalty, such courage and endurance, as National Socialism— not
    since the days of the early Christian martyrs. Hitlerism, the vital Aryan faith, is essentially a religion for
    Nevertheless, this philosophy will extend to the whole globe, in the new Reformation and Renaissance that
    presses forward to its preordained goal. The Germanic Message is for all mankind.
    Redeeming Blood of his Race. Race is Religion, and in God’s Chosen Race, the Aryan peoples, will be
    illumined the Path for all mankind. It is for this Culmination, for the Supreme Manifestation of God to the
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    Now is the German soul filled with spiritual comfort and sustenance. Sure of its mission and destiny,
    accomplished in the Will of God in Adolf Hitler, the Germanic race rises now in new strength and vigour
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  18. Air Force JROTC cadetMay 20, 2013 at 11:06 PM

    You will not win! Anarchism, Communism , and Fascism are all UnAmerican! The House UnAmerican Activities Committee will be brought back! You hate everything America and I stand for! Freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and apple pie!

    1. Why the fuck are you talking about America?

  19. Do I sense Trojan Horse bloggers in here trying to stir up hatreds between the European peoples.



  21. Democracy will prevail! Good people will not permit the rise of totalitarianism!

  22. Melanie Phillips On Rise Of National Social Fascism In Britain And Europe