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Friday, May 24, 2013

Kill the bankers, not yourselves - An analysis

LIAS PANAYOTAROS:  This is tragic because Greeks were not like this. Instead of committing suicide they could have gone and killed the ones who were responsible for their problems.
REPORTER:   Who should they kill?
ILIAS PANAYOTAROS:  Bankers of course[...]
 They are afraid.

Ever since the crisis begun, suicides of poor workers have skyrocketed. Our Race is led to financial and biological extermination, so that a handful of bankers, Jews, and capitalists can profit. One man, the Deputy of the Golden Dawn has the courage to go against political correctness and report this injustice. "Kill those responsible for your misery, not yourselves". And we see the whole world attacking Golden Dawn with rage. I have one thing to say: When the Communist Party of Greece calls for class warfare, for class revolution, which implies the same thing, no one talks. No one gets upset. No one spends time to badmouth them. When the Maoists, Trotskyists and anarchists of Syriza make even more extreme suggestions, then again, silence.

What does this say to you, communist? Why is your "revolutionary party" getting no critisism for saying the same things Golden Dawn says? 
Because there is only one force that is authentically against the system. Because there is only one Movement that makes the whole lot of them lose their sleep. Because there in only one Party willing to bet it all in the struggle against Injustice, Genocide, and Zionism. The Social Nationalist Revolutionary Movement of the Golden Dawn. 

ILIAS PANAYOTAROS, GOLDEN DAWN (Translation):  Golden Dawn wants to become and will become like the Hezbollah in Lebanon which in effect is a second government which helps even its poorest citizen and over time Golden Dawn will do more for our fellow citizens .

I would like to point out some lies and anti-GD propaganda that I spotted on this surprisingly watchable MSM documentary as well as explore some aspects of the Idea a little further.

SBS: Mathina's owned this shoe shop for 33 years but recently she's been mugged on street and burgled three times - each time by migrants. Events that have turned this life-long socialist into a Golden Dawn convert.

We face yet another "Golden Dawn is a far right anti-socialist party" attack. The Right-Wing "Nationalist" party of Greece was LAOS, but it failed because of a liberal/capitalist agenda that would dissolve this country faster and an immature concept of bourgeoisie nationalism. Mrs. Mathina stays true to her socialist ideals while also recognizing that a socialist state with an anti-social population (the immigrants) would collapse. Our socialist state is based on the blood bonds of the Race.


This documentary on the party was filmed in the run up to last year's elections. Its central character was a Golden Dawn member running for parliament.
MAN “THE CLEANERS” (Translation):  Once they leave, we will have money to increase wages and eliminate unemployment. We are ready to open the ovens! We will turn them into soap but we may get a rash, so we will only use it to wash cars and pavements. Do you agree, Mr Giorgos?
MAN “THE CLEANERS” (Translation):  We will make lamps from their skin, Giorgos will sell their hair in the market.

The documentary refers to this "shocking discovery", where a candidate of the Golden Dawn was mocking a journalist for his idiotic questions with equally idiotic answers.
A "shocking discovery"

  Racism, racism attacks have to do with the problem that the Greek society has, but the immigrants are the easier target. In some way they are the Jews of our year. 

 No. A country of 10 million people has many problems. Capitalism, the EU, the Zionist and of course the traitorous politicians are to blame for the financial situation and the debt. Just as a majority of illegal immigrants are to blame for  the muggings, rapes and murders of Greeks, often for just a handful of euros, if any...  However, it is only racist when the Greeks do it. The MSM try to explain anti-immigration opinions as a cop out from facing the real people responsible.
Read: The murder of Lazanas

 Racist violence has grown so much that the UN's Refugee Agency UNHCR has now set up a monitoring centre. This was the release of their first report.
The centre verified 154 racist attacks, including 71 causing severe injuries. There were also two deaths. Kostis Papioannu is the head of the monitoring centre. 

No similar centre exists for the Greeks, so we can't answer with facts. It would be "racist" But the experience of the people tells us enough about who is in the wrong here. "In the past four to five years, they have gone wild, because there is unemployment, there is no money, they are hungry – Greeks are hungry, foreigners are hungry. In the end, one will eat the other". This number, 154, is nothing compared to the suicides and the criminality Greeks have to face. We are talking about tens of thousands of incidents. But the big problem is the 154 "racist" attacks, that have been dubbed such with no real evidence.

KOSTIS PAPIOANNU:  Nazi groups are behind violence. We have clear signs that in many of the cases Golden Dawn is behind the violence.

Illegal immigrants reach Greece after paying up slave traders and illegal circuits a price. Once the boatman brings them here, he lets them go? Where does all this smuggled merchandise that immigrants exclusively sell comes from? Who has access to these products of child labor? Why we only see Eastern and African immigrants selling those stuff? Because they have been trapped in a slave trade! And if one of those slaves tries to escape, the mobsters know what to do. They will send their henchmen with Golden Dawn T-shirts (which anyone can buy) and teach the slave a lesson. The only pieces of evidence to prove the "racist" nature of the attacks are those shirts. Oh, and this. Clear signs you say?

DMITRIS PSARRAS (Translation):  They are not a marginalized organization of criminals - they have tight bonds with the “Deep State”.  And this explains various phenomena such as why certain people like bishops of the Church, members of the army and of the judiciary – high ranking judges, agree with their opinions, even if these are very extreme.

He forgets to mention that half the Church is against Golden Dawn, as is the army, as is the police, as are the judges. We have proof for this, instead of empty words.
The Parliament of corrupts against Golden Dawn

 But Golden Dawn visits hospitals not just to give blood. The group has invaded several hospitals demanding to see the residency papers of workers and patients - forcing any illegals to leave. Olga Kosmopoulou was on duty when these Golden Dawn members entered her hospital looking for Greek patients.

A twisted lie. Here is the article that covered the hospital/homeless food distribution displayed on the video. And the System tells the Australians that Golden Dawn was there to kick out immigrants. We have embarked on a political struggle to do this, force is not needed. Perhaps the reporter is referring to this made-up story?

ANJALI RAO:  Golden Dawn coming to Australia soon, according to their spokesperson. If so, something tells me they probably won't have quite so many fans here as they would like.

 We will prove the Zionist Occupational Government of Australia wrong, like we did with the ZOG of Greece.


  1. Keep marching on, brothers. You have my eternal support. From Sydney, Australia.

    1. Ditto from Dave in Melbourne

  2. I look forward to the time when it is no longer the enemies of ZOG like Dr William Pierce and Hugo Chávez who are killed by fast-acting cancers, or people like Jörg Haider and Ian Stuart Donaldson who are killed in "Boston brakes" incidents. Instead it will be ZOG's agents like the bankers, the puppet-politicians, and above all the ZOG puppet-masters themselves who will be suffering such "accidents".

    That time may not be far away now, as those with the requisite skills enter the ranks of the racially awakened.

  3. It's filthy biased propagandised mainstream media - what do you expect?! The comments from that sell-out whore at the end did make me want to punch my screen I'll say that much!

    I don't watch TV as a rule but occasionally catch it at a friend's place or something. I'm totally disgusted by the filth I see coming out of that thing at every turn. Their propaganda used to be all fairly subtle but now they mix very blatant stuff in with their subtle psychological social engineering (like all the race-mixing in ads & programs that is VERY prevalent right now!).

    Taking over the media is obviously one very important goal that has to be achieved. Hopefully that's sooned rather than later but it is no small task!

    I wish you all the very best soldiers of Golden Dawn! White people ARE waking to their reality bit by bit every day. We are watching your struggle & sending our spiritual energy your way because our struggle will come soon as well.

    To Victory!

  4. Monday in the UK a PM who thinks that homosexuals and immigrants are more important than the majority of British white people, this week we have had a soldier hacked to death on the streets of London by Muslim scum in broad day light, we need a Golden Dawn in the UK as soon as possible and throughout Europe to clean out the filthy scum that has been placed in our countries without our peoples consent by corrupt politicians.
    And I fully and totally agree with killing the bankers and politician that have been party to this treason, we need to take down the EU and assassinate, eliminate or hang these traitors and the sooner we start the sooner things will change for the better, ALL HAIL GOLDEN DAWN FORWARD TO VICTORY!

    1. i know that sounds good friend. but it is not golden dawns job to clean out the issues of the rest of Europe, they have to put themselves first and so they should. if you want the issue fixed in the UK then you need to start at a grass root level! support golden dawn and when they get in power i believe more European nations will see this as a sign of hope and follow the same path!

  5. If I lived in Greece I would vote for golden dawn, why would I side with anarchists? or commies who have obviously failed. Greece isnt for sale. Theres nothing racist about being a patriot. all the nazi talk is propaganda created by enemies of greece, a true greek person would never follow nazism, there is no supreme race ideal or taking over of other countries, just alot of angry folks who have lost it all to the banks.

  6. Some fight...

    James W. Von Brunn

    His book: "Kill All Best Gentiles"


  7. International usury is just another method of imperialism through debt slavery (neocolonialism). When you begin to stop towing the party line, you see the masters begin to panic that their colony is rebelling. Germany occupied Greece during the second world war; today, they don't need to occupy you because they can just recall Greek debts. You cannot have a functional supranational organization like the EU in a world driven by profits, where the people are controlled by material and not the other way around.

  8. Now that's what I call going public. Wish someone had the spine in England. Best wishes and good luck to the GREEK people.

  9. Just discovered your existence. Looks like the progeny of Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, all those who gave birth to Western culture of reason, have awakened and seem to be giving leadership to the world again. Amazing to see; and just in time. Will support you when you least expect it!

  10. Gold, Silver and other precious metals are Real money, real money is what Bankers hate.
    Bitcoin is like a silver bullet to the Banker Werewolves, it's decentralised and their Ponzi scheming Fractional reserve Banks can't magic it out of thin air.
    I'd say Gold and Silver are more important, if you can find ways of securing it without having to rely on the moneychanger's vaults, but Bitcoiin is a great weapon against the Bankers.

    Imagine you find someone in need, you can put out the call for funds, not just locally, nationally, but worldwide.
    Bitcoin is electronic Gold and should be embraced by Nationalists worldwide.
    There's also no risk in using Bitcoin for transferring funds, simply transfer your Bitcoins (takes about ten minutes or less) and cash out if you fear volatility.

    PS do a search for What is Bitcoin and you get a video by Sammy Blackstar which to my mind seems to make Bitcoin out to be a scam, it's a paid for Google Ad, I havent followed the link but the video is wierd.

    I wonder who he's working for and if his real name is not Sammy but Samuel.
    Obviously it's a borderless currency , (but then that's just like Gold) so some Nationalists might not like the idea of a Global currency, however, Gold and Silver are global currencies.


    What is Bitcoin.

  11. Actually Golden Dawn is the second highest in polls, http://paspartoy.blogspot.com/2013/04/blog-post_8418.html second remember that quote Hitler said about jews... he was right

    1. What was the quote?

    2. "It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I war right." Adolf Hitler

  12. "You can take a nigger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of a nigger"

    Remember brothers ans sisters: Around blacks never relax.

    Sweden has the most generous welfare give-away of any Nordic country...that is all they do is give under the brainwashed asumptio that: We are all equal"


    I wonder how many Swedish women have to be raped before the heb government admits they got it wrong?

    Officials dressed in neon! What next, psychedelic dreadlocks?


  13. Keep up the good work. We need something like this in the UK.

  14. The trouble is the religious leaders calling the Golden Dawn "satanists."

  15. You have to love the irony

    1. Jews start russian communism

    2. Jews back homosexual rights worldwide

    3. communism is defeated in russia

    4. orthodox religious legislature bans gay rights!

    GOOD START...!!


    1. I am from the former USSR and I do not think the Jews started Communism. They initially supported the socialists to overthrow the Tsar because the monarchy had always been against them and often scapegoated them and encouraged pogroms. Stalin later purged the ministry of Jews as a sign of good faith towards Nazi Germany while entering discussions about the possibility of the USSR entering the tripartite pact as fourth signatory. The Jews are not behind Communism simply because it is not conducive to their financial interests (if we suppose that they control world finances as many speculate) and the USSR has always stood strong against liberal degeneracy such as "gay rights". That Communism is propagated by Jews is an old myth from the revolutionary/civil war era that was spread by the reactionary White forces.

    2. The bolshevik revolution was financed by jacob schiff , on whos order it was that the tzar be murdered. Without his money no revolution. Jew.
      Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov. Lenin. Jew
      Lev Davidavich Bronstein. Trotsky. Jew.
      There is a theory that, that Georgion murderer Stalin is also a jew.
      I think it can be safely said that the jews were key players in soviet communism

    3. Very well retorted Connal! Intelligent, well-informed people know these FACTS.

      "AnonymousMay 26, 2013 at 6:20 PM" is either an ignoramus or an agitator working for you know who.

    4. 290 of the 300 Bolshevik commissars, 97%, that butchered upwards of 60 million White Christians were Jewish.

      Read the Talmud and the protocols of

    5. Well, Connal Oakes Holt, I am sure that the Greeks are enjoying paying tribute to their Aryan masters in Germany. Or is Merkel also a cryptojew?

    6. Merkel IS a crypto-Jew. Like you, troll scum.

    7. Of course she is anonymous, as is d. cameron in the uk as is milliband
      as is/was sarkosy in france. Also Grigori Voitinsky , a realjew, set up the communist party in China. I can understand your struggle to come to terms with accepting the overwhelming amount of evidence that highlights jewish involvement, instigation, financing of schemes that result badly for non jews, non just whites.
      Behind the african slave trade. Jews
      Conflict in palestine. Jews
      The disasterous soviet style Eu jews and their weak whore puppets, via the IMF, EUB.

    8. Chris, I am going to need a source on that besides the protocols of the elders of Zion (yet another propaganda piece concocted during the times of revolutionary turmoil within the Russian Empire) since the protocols don't even mention any of these figures concerning commissars (the protocols came before there were any commissars to begin with) and you are posting some pretty precise numbers. With that said, of 10,000 Bolsheviks, there were 364 ethnic Jews in 1917 according to wikipedia (is wikipedia a Jewish source? you will probably claim it to be because 1. one of its founders is a yid 2. its data is contrary to your unsourced claims). Among 23 narkoms (narodniy kommissar, a directly elected councilor) between 1923 and 1930, five were Jews. There's plenty more information to be found at the wikipedia page.


      Inb4 I get called a cryptokike.

    9. Angela Merkel- born-Angela Dorothea Kasner-Hamburg 17 July 1954-Father Horst Kasner- Mother Herlind Jentzsch with polish jewish heritage.

      perhaps you will find this enlightening.

    10. Wikipeadia is a far left infiltrated pro zionist , propaganda operation.

      Read about here anonymous


    11. 364 in 1917. thats a fairly precise number.

      Wonder where all these came from then?


  16. Vice President Joe Biden (USA) admits working for Jewish masters and Israel in America.

    The American Constituition is clear: The penalty fo Treason is death.

    Goodbye Biden.


  17. And what do we do with the politicians after the bankers a dead

    let the immigrants eat them

    enjoy a feast before going home

    Greek shipping was the greatest thing ever known

    and what about the criminals....those accused of crimes languishing in greek jails?

    travel by older boats and torpeoded in the Med.

    RIP Dominique Venner

    Jailed for an assasination attempt on the traitor Charles DeGaulle and trying to bomb Communist HQ.

    He shot himself in Paris to send a message to the Juden terrorist Hollande.


  18. "many problems. Capitalism, the EU, the Zionist and of course the traitorous politicians''

    This is the virulent disease spreading out of control and very rapidly throughout Europe and the UK.

  19. Nigger gun violence in Edinburgh

    stupid police Scotland spokesman assures the publc that quote " incidences like these fortunately are rare in Edinburgh"

    Right U stupid retarded PC Plod...about 5 thousand miles RARE south to AFRICA before the ape slaves were invited in by your Jew boss in the EU and Westminster... unfortunately


    1. Funny, I thought highly enriched Nottingham was the gun capital of the UK.

  20. Mohammed Omar Abdi, yes another bloody muslim shot dead in Edinburgh pity few more were not shot. Niggers are just running riot every where in the UK, civil war very soon now.
    Just finished making a 12G zip shot gun, I'm ready for war are you?


  21. does communism work?

    it does if you don't mind taking newborn babies out of sewer pipes!

    this tostory will shock you..CHINA; a model the new world order wants us to follow! SLAVES!


    1. So communism makes people flush babies down the toilet? If that's true, why have the birth rates dropped in the CIS countries (the post-soviet space) since the fall of communism?

      I think that the issue here has more to do with the fact that Chinese people do not have souls.

  22. 1. spy on your neighbours

    2. we need a police state

    stand up YENTA stella remington; ex--head of MI5 and crypto. Jew if the name and picture are anything to go by --let us know when the next book is coming out!

    1984 is here!


  23. you can build a mountain out of the bullshit in the u k

    we have a dumb shit minister working for the government telling parents not to tell your children that they are beautiful!

    you could NOT make it up; and get this... she does not even have kids!!


  24. This might be off topic. However, I had just read an article about the Black Panther party in Greece that is according to Channel 4 news fighting back against the Golden Dawn. That they had been watching over "their" neighborhood and protecting it from what they call stupid Greek Nationalist. Go to Channel 4 news- Standing up to the Golden Dawn.

  25. Greek people. Do not allow Greece to become a "melting pot" like the USA. Stop the Jew bankers and their nigger minions now!

  26. Start making your own arms now...your going to need them, the Black Panther Zion controlled niggers & muslims will be stopped DEAD!



  27. LOL Did anyone notice the reaction of the journalist when the GD guy said "the people should kill the bankers". H ealmost crapped his pants. You can't say that about our dear jewish bankers.