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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Women in a Social Nationalist community

  The existing, flimsy political system in collaboration with the media of mass deception, having nothing else to criticize Golden Dawn for, have devised a series of not just baseless and ridiculous accusations, but you could say accusations that transcend the boundaries of Hollywood science fiction. Among the titles "werewolves", "satanists", "vampires", "killers" as we have been called, they added the characterization of "misogynists". This surreal accusation, however, has nothing to do with the actual role of women in nationalism.

  Today's woman and today's Greek woman in particular, is overwhelmed by the fairytale of lifestyle and career, putting them in first priority and disorienting from the actual substance of her highest role, motherhood. Spending valuable personal time, she seeks in every way and means the adherence of lifestyle, without caring whether this makes her a vacuous decorative pot. The characteristics of the model of modern woman who follows with unparalleled dedication the rules of lifestyle, are the low moral barriers, dating, cliques, the vulgar and demeaned appearance and especially plastic surgeries. Features, that turn her to a caricature and away from the reality and value of the human being.

  The feminist plague that has spread nowadays, has introduced in our society the criminal technique of abortion, which is the most sadistic murderous action in the history of mankind. Condemnable act, not only for ethical reasons and humanism, but also for reasons of low fertility. The demographic problem we are facing is huge, according to the international statistical agencies. Unfortunately, Greece leads the table this year on abortions with 400,000 abortions a year, while the birth rate of foreigners has reached 40%.

  Throughout this rot and decadent standards of modern society, Greek history has collated an innumerable multitude of brilliant female examples from antiquity to now.

  The ancient Spartan woman, the women of Souli, the heroines of 1821, the Greek teachers and mothers of the Macedonian Struggle are some of the shining examples that signal the presence, offer and value of the Greek woman as a mother, a partner and a warrior.

  Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors, the women of Golden Dawn do not degrade themselves in a pan of pleasure or in fake beautiful dolls. So having realized the grace, aesthetics and purpose of womanhood, they defend the principles, ideals and traditions which have been eliminated in a fairly large proportion of the social fabric of our Nation. Going against the tide, that wants women insipid and voracious consumer beings we set an example by following a lifestyle, based on ancient natural values. Motherhood is for women of Golden Dawn, a priority task for the Race. Like Spartan women, they educate their children based on the national ideals and values ​​of our Nation.

  Man and woman complement each other, since they are two different instances with different roles. Therefore there is no question of equality. In Nationalism the Nation comes first, so we all work together for the National State.


  1. Only a perverse mind would set out to denigrate the role of Motherhood.
    After 50 years of Feminist Theory that taught females to shun homemaking in persuit of career building who has really benefited?
    Have females really empowered themselves by demanding the right to dress immodestly?
    Isnt it also strange that all those pro abortionists are the ones that have already been born.
    Hail Victory
    Hail Golden Dawn.

  2. "Socialism" usually connotes "coercive socialism" unfortunately. Golden Dawn folks should avoid anything nazi/fascistic in their advocacy & organizing for democratic Nationalism. Avoid the 'red and black' evil team colors. Avoid making the Greek (interlock?pattern) Symbol seem like a swastika. Unless your actually trying to smear/slander the Nationalist movement.
    Remember that democracy is the great tradition and heritage of Greece ... not degenerate totalitarianism.
    Check my Blog at : ProNorden.blogspot.com

  3. I hope you gain power soon!
    This will give the IAF chance to BOMB your Parliament, Piraeus, your Military Bases, your airports, gas, water supply and telephone exchange.
    Your Ugly Fuhrer-leader will get killed ASAP.

    From an ISRAELI JEW

    1. with all the mistakes you made in your comment(/s) it's obvious that you 're a turk who's throwing baits.

    2. You stupid GUNIF Jew, this is typical of the Jew brain IAF, you will find yourself between Palestine and a very hard place, because we can also BOMB your Parliament, your Military Bases, your airports, gas, water supply and telephone exchange, not just in Israel , but around the world where you parasites are. Best advice is do not provoke, or we will come for you sooner than you think!

    3. Spoken like a true Jew.

    4. Bring it sucker, Israel will soon be destroyed by Syria and Iran, it couldn't beat Hezzy yet you think it'll beat greece?

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    5. The time is soon arriving that the Jew will pay for all the misery that they have created over the years around the world , retribution will be made by Hezbollah Syria and Iran. Hezbollah has deployed thousands of fighters in Damascus .
      Oh! Perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust? ..You an’t seen nothing yet ... mosha!

  4. 400,000 abortions; big number, never do that without brainwashing the women into it. In National Socialist Germany there is the Iron cross for Motherhood

    Since National Socialism shares many characteristics with Social Nationalism, I would hope to see a similar movement /award for the honourable women of Golden Dawn Greece,

    National Socialism has always been about race, the white race, and nothing can change that. We can however work to exterminate the ZIONIST virus created to ensure the holocaust of WHITE people everywhere.

    Commander Lincoln Rockwell, American patriot of unprecedented dedication and resolve fought in world war 2 in the American navy, became an ardent national Socialist after learning the truth about how much the jews control America; and this was in 1951 winnie what is General Douglas Macarthur to run for president jewish media california send General Douglas Macarthur saying he was a fascist.

    General Douglas Macarthur Was a good soldier Will you learn the truth about the jews. I believe the only reason he was not murdered like General Patton, was because he remained silent after Harry Truman fired him for wanting to nuke NORTHKOREA and CHINA. Think of the time that would save now in today's situation since supposedly many are going to die in the next few days according to the maniac in the communist cartoon of hell.

  5. Racism has been demonised, it is akin to blasphemy. An accusation of Racism is like showing a Cross to a Vampire, but Racism that will save us.

    There is no place for any religion or racial identity in the New Order.Collective,communist Marxist oligarchy does not allow for religion, it cannot work with religion as the people of the USSR found out. If something or someone does not stop this madness now we will be the future Proles.

    NB. The singular reason ‘Racism’ in the Western World must be destroyed at all costs has nothing whatsoever to do with the pretext of an absence or lack of human morality or the non-acceptance of the anthropological differences of ones fellow man it is Racism is the glue that holds a Nation together.

    It is the foundation of the purest form of Patriotism and loyalty to one’s race that can exist, whether Caucasian, Negro or Oriental. It is the bedrock that cements devotion among African tribal people, Soldiers of Islam or lost tribes in the Amazon Forest.

    There is no other single word that perfectly describes the two noble human attributes of Patriotism and Loyalty. Patriotism is the mortal enemy of the New Order; the New Order cannot exist alongside loyalty to one’s kin.

    Multi-Culturism is the perfect tool which over time can implement a race’s eventual destruction” (Albion)


  6. Brilliant article. Golden Dawn are clear in their mission and this is telling in their literature. What they stand for makes sense within the natural order. Its growth despite the hysterical media lies reveal the organic ways of life that the oppressed people of Greece yearn for once again. I become more convinced with each passing day that Golden Dawn will succeed in reaching power. They are the natural answer to the sickness of liberal modernity and their momentum will be impossible to stop!

  7. It is crucial, in the battle against the Jewish racist totalitarianism, to have a basic knowledge about the Jewish media-dictatorship-monopoly and about the political power the Zionists possess and who are - as Jewish political actors - the leaders of this Jewish Power. Today the Jew film makers are the people who control the most powerful medium in the world, and art that can create ideals, change language or topple governments Jewish Media Violence and Jewish Monopoly of Media War: Jewish propaganda is to the "Judeocracy" what violence is to the dictatorship

    The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism/Communism Not Mentioned at School


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  8. Look at nature’s racism you will see laws millions of years old that have never changed, even down to the smallest of insects, ants. Try putting red ants in to a white ants nest, or vice versa the interloper immigrants are always destroyed, racism is the truly the glue that holds a Nation together, multi-culturism will never work, and forced multi-culturism will result ultimately in immigrant deaths, unless they return to their home countries. While the Jew is pitting blacks against whites and Muslims against Christians, we should be uniting all people against the hostile Jew. They will have no defense and their hypocrisy will condemn them to the fate they wish upon all others. Jewish propaganda is to the "Judeocracy" what violence is to the dictatorship Israel, saying it has broken 65 UN resolutions with no consequences???

  9. Europe does not have not a liquidity problem.

    It has a solvency problem.

    You can fix a liquidity problem with credit. You cannot fix a solvency problem that way.

    Solvency problems are solved by bankruptcy.

    There is no way to patch up Europe. The entire system needs to reboot for the reason two comedians understood two years ago.

    Question: If the comedians understood it, why can't the bankers and financial news media?



  10. General Wesley Clark (a jew), US presidential candidate, said to CNN during the illegal bombing of Serbia:

    "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That is a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."

    Replace "Europe" with "Asia" or "Africa" above...imagine world wide reaction to remarks by a US presidential candidate to DELIBERATELY flood Asian or African countries with foreigners!

    1. Perhaps he was right, perhaps the modern nation state isn't built on a correct foundation and has now surpassed its "sell-buy date". Not that an idiotic weasal like Clark would really know that, especially if he actually thought there was ever any one ethnically pure state in Europe, in the 19th century! But hey, even in the end after our manifold national fights are done, we'll merge into "our" multi-ethnic states to fight against "their" multi-ethnic states. Perhaps then,
      in the enlarged theater of war, paradoxically, we might find some lasting peace..

  11. Sick of it!




    Bible - John 8:44

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