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Monday, April 15, 2013

Golden Dawn's political initiative: Against the amendment of shame

Loans of political parties in Greece. Note the Communists.

The amendment of shame, introduced by 3 MPs of the "Patriotic Right", that will be validated tomorrow is the tombstone of the current political system. The Golden Dawn reveals how the parliamentary agents of New Democracy, with an amendment that leaves a window open and offers immunity for the parties that owe hundreds of millions of euros to the banks, the majority of which belong to the Public Sector, therefore it offers immunity for the thieves of the People's wealth.

 This shameful tactic wasn't reported by neither the supposedly socialist League of Radical Left (SYRIZA) or the supposedly revolutionary Communist Party that took big loans along with the other parties.
 The tripartite government, a lying government that hasn't kept any of its election promises regarding the purification of the public sector, instead of passing amendments that will ease the pain of the poor strata , passes amendments for the expiring party loans. The parties that according to the president of PASOK belong in the "democratic front" know well how to cover each other.
 Golden Dawn is a self sustaining Party that hasn't received a penny from the banks. All those years, the Party was supported by donations of its members, and after our growth we were entitled to a subsidy, like every party that receives 1,5% of the vote or more. The Greek People can't bare the expenses of the gluttonous Regime any longer. Their only ally is us, the Golden Dawn, the only Party that took the initiative to propose an amendment that will remove the immunity of the indebted parties. We have nothing to fear from this.

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  1. How did those parties accumulate over 250 million Euros in loans? What assets did they have to back those loans and should those assets, if any exist, be taken to ease the plight of the stricken Greek people?

    Keep up your good works kinsmen you are an inspiration for all the oppressed people's of Europe Marxist destroyers.

    1. Individuals, should be held responsible for the harms they inflict and that sovereignty does not provide immunity from judgment or, increasingly, punishment legal reality to the notion of individual criminal responsibility in world politics
      As the idea of responsibility has become a central part of world politics, Holding agents in world politics responsible for their actions does more than make clear their moral obligations or hold them accountable. Politicians can be made accountable.
      Asset forfeiture program is needed; asset forfeiture is the confiscation of assets associated with the commission of a crime like treason or government corruption. It can be real estate, vehicles or currency with custodial imprisonment. POLITICIANS HAVE OVERSEAS ACCOUNTS WORTH MORE THAN 15 TRILLIONS POUNDS STOLEN FROM THE BRITISH PEOPLE

  2. Drugs Czar blames COCAINE 4 banking crisis....