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Friday, April 5, 2013

Golden Dawn to the rescue

 The Militia Guard of the Golden Dawn Central Command on Mesogion Str spotted an apartment that had caught fire. Immediately the comrades rushed to aid the people living there and put out the fire before the Fire Brigade even arrived, eliminating any danger for the residents of the building and their neighbors.

 One more neighborhood is safer thanks to the presence of our offices.



  1. Golden Dawn saving the people, and saving the country. Hail GD.

  2. Good work comrades. This kind of command structure is a must in an emergency; especially when minorities are present looting, burning buildimgs and rioting; in which case firearms will be needed for added security. A weapons training programme --

  3. golden down are great.they fight in war in bosnia..in bosnia waas war betwen serbs and muslims.golden down fight on our serbian side.i respect them much..gretings from serbia for people grecce,,

  4. Hail GD. Stay strong. You motivate us all around the world!

  5. Off Topic :
    Emma West said aloud what millions of Britons think each day. For that she was locked up by the criminal British "justice system". She has to spend Christmas in jail, without her kids and her husband.(Labour)They think they intimidate people into silence
    Free Emma west Now! Smash the multicultural marxist PC system!!!Free Emma West. Bravest Briton 2011 ,She is a damn hero!


  6. Real heroes, who care about their own people.

  7. How BIGOTED AND RACIST!!! Golden dawn is saving people without the tax payers money? This cannot be tolerated in a multicultural society.

    *this is sarcasm*