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Friday, April 12, 2013

Everyone collapses, the Golden Dawn prevails

Yet another poll shows what the Zionist slaves don't want to see and try to fight. The continuous and unstoppable rise of the Golden Dawn is something many try to hide, but it has started becoming unbearable or, like the Judo-Romanian finance minister of France said, "intolerable".

  Below we can see statistics that reflect the Greek Society. Golden Dawn is the only growing political force of this country, and every other slowly deteriorates.

 The first board presents the popularity of the biggest parties, regardless of the votes they receive. We see here that Golden Dawn has earned 4% and her popularity now reaches 15%. Every other party has a drop in popularity, a drop that starts from 2% and reaches 7%.

 The second board  is about the popularity of the political leaders. The same trend follows here as well - while every mainstream leader's popularity falls, the General Secretary of the Party, Nikos Michaloliakos, leads the rise of the Golden Dawn.

On the final board we can see that Golden Dawn polls at 11% with 21,5% abstaining, which results in 14% of the vote. The Social Nationalist Movement has set sail to eliminate the local and international usurers with support from every Greek!!


  1. Fantastic News! I want to see GOLDEN DAWN take the Greek Parliament by storm and the storm is building very nicely.
    The corrupt political scum will soon be packing their bags and leaving Greece to find somewhere to hide, but there is no place where retribution will not find them.
    The Social Nationalist Movement is the only way forward. All Hail GOLDEN DAWN!

  2. And here is the big reason: RACE

    Say hello to the Slasher from Hounslow --- all just "a joke" in his words.

    Crime against WHITES is repeated endlessly everyday while the filthy Juden works day and night to drive a wedge between Golden Dawn AND National Socialist Germany.

    Expect more trolls to disrupt this forum.

    Civil wars are ugly snd the Zionist bankers always play whites against each other. Greek communists against the junta; American whites killing whites in the Civil War thanks to the Rothchilds slave traders, German Americans having to kill National Socialist Germans thanks to the communist bolshevik hebrews and the list is endless.

    So sorry jewboy, whether it be National Socialism or Social Nationalism ; we stand united on the important issue of race and the extermination of the jewish parasite and no kosher troll is going to change that pointing his bloodsoaked finger at a true Nationalist.

    1. The Jew is humanity's most grievous misfortune.

    2. Not against national socialist and all, but you do know that Jews had hardly any power during and after the ww2 right? it wasn't until the 70s when they began to spread.

    3. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4299673,00.html
      This is what the jews think of Europeans.
      Hail the Golden Dawn you've given hope to the dying White race.

  3. Why do liberals in other nations care about Greek political parties? They can't stop the Golden Dawn if they can not vote in Greece and the only way they could stop the Golden Dawn is if they attacked Greece and declare war against foriegn Nationalists who they fear will kill Jews. However, this will be after the Golden Dawn have already taken Greece with a consecutive cheif as President.

    1. Because they know that Golden Dawn fights not only for Greece but also for a Europe of Nations.
      (Say the word "Nation" in front of a libtard and see his reaction :P )

      Everything good that starts in Greece can spread worldwide, that is what they are afraid of.

  4. The unstoppable rise of golden dawn! Hail golden dawn, and its social nationalism.

  5. Ye Gods! The Golden Dawn has given me fresh hope as a National Socialist or, if you prefer.. A Social Nationalist.. To me it's one and the same..
    My honour is true, and as such I wish I could come to Greece and join the struggle..
    The Golden Dawn must surely consider exporting it's brand of political resistance to all countries with White Europeans..
    I'm sure the Golden Dawn phenomenon could go global.. And shake the jews and commies to their foundations.
    Of England.

    1. I sure pray you're right! We need to throw off the shackles of Marxism and Political Correctness!

  6. The Beacons Are LitApril 13, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    Jews hate us, and all that we hold dear. They will be removed from our lands, and those who have so cruelly abused our race will be punished without pity or remorse.

  7. Why can't niggers live in africa?

    Probably, because they would NOT have white women to rape and slash....you must read this...

    The Hounslow Slasher:


  8. Nature always wins in the end. The Zio-Marxists maybe powerful, after years of coin clipping and parasiting off our people, but natural justice guided by the creator of all life, will help nature's own... us Europeans. Well done Golden Dawn.

    IRONKRAFT (Britain)

  9. Pity the poor jews; they promote communisum in all its glory for over a century now....when the wheels fall off and karl marx and vladamir lenin are consigned to the dustbin of history, the jewish marxists think evil is just something you brush under the carpet. Well it's not that easy. What do you do when you have an advertisement that makes you look bad?

    You call it neo nazi....!!

    Just as this trick is being used against golden dawn-- the kosher controlled media is now using this title to whitewash the nasty communist lapdogs in north korea-- even the spooks in red china want to wash your hands of the reds.

    Calling north korea a nazi regime is not going to fool anybody.


  10. Hail golden dawn for organic savior of greece, the last hope of greece.

  11. Nice to hear some Germans are anti - Euro...they can always join Golden Dawn and work for a United Europe free from the money changers. A good book to read is the history of the jews in England-- the renaissance took place in europe after almost every country tired of being exploited by judea and kicked all jews out of europe after 1250. Europe had not seen this kind of enlightenment since ancient Greece.

    We are waking up and learning from our ancestors.

    Germans must wake up too and escape jewish propaganda in the media-- burning every issue of the hebrew magazine BILD.


  12. Heil to all of you White Brothers!You are giving us strenght to carry on this Holy Struggle!Spread the Word in your countries too so as to finally manage to take our European Land back!
    Heil Victory!!!
    From a Greek/Golden Dawner...

  13. God bless Greece and golden dawn

  14. British patriots inspired -

  15. Hail to you and hail to the entire white race!
    Away with the left scum! That would really be fantastic if GD would take the Greek Parliament by storm. I want to see greeks and germans rather united against their treacherous governments than being set against each other. But first both will have to awake out of their sleep and arise to old greatness.