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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eugenics and their lies

 A statement of a Party member regarding eugenics was a one more statement the lying Media would distort just to produce even more propaganda against the Movement. The Media consensus was that, if she ever rose to power, Golden Dawn would... exterminate our handicapped compatriots!

 Their audacity is great, they defend the state of the Memorandum with every means imaginable, a government that has led our compatriots to suicide and the handicapped to a state of desperation. The Nation-State of the Golden Dawn no only won't exterminate handicapped Greeks, but it will give them the proper social care that is absent today and allow each one of them to unfold their talents and abilities. This is the only truth and we are saddened not only because of this filthy war against the SN Movements, but also because there are still some naive Greeks that believe their lies.

Those that have visited the offices of Golden Dawn know that within our ranks we have people that we supposedly want to "exterminate" and that are honored to fight by our side!


  1. Here in the UK the ruling establishment are quite at ease knowing that old people are dying from the cold because they cant's afford the huge energy bills. Also one sees huge numbers needlessly dying in NHS hospitals. All this because of under funding and corruption. At the same time our prime minister is giving away millions in foreign aid. Clearly charity begins at home does not apply in the UK.

  2. The sickness and deceit of the Zionist haters knows no bounds. They use all sorts of distortions in their filthy media. Over in the UK, a group called ''Nothing British'' was a front to distort the BNP's agenda. They even used a former Special Forces trooper, calling him self ''Andy McNab'' to say ''Nick griffin angers me'' when trying to create problems for our Nationalist parties here. McNab is married to a Jewess, so no surprise that Nationalism is derided.


  3. Only ZOG (Zionist Occupied Goverment) would /can teach 5 year olds how to perform sex in school in Germany.

    This is what is coming if we don't fight the filthy Talmud in our schools.


  4. It's saddening to read endless stories of "progressive" policies such as above, especially when they concern innocent children being taught by society's perverts while brainwashed parents look on. Along with all other corruption and degeneration reported here, at Golden Dawn, and other sites, it's encouraging to remember that as this unfolds, more and more sensible people throughout the West align with the Third Position movement.

  5. If there is any extermination to be done it should be done to the Anti- Greek Politicians and greedy bankers.