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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A successful food drive by the National People's Front

  Another successful Social Solidarity action was completed yesterday, under the guide of the National People's Front, Golden Dawn's sister organization in Cyprus. The event was organized to provide relief to the families that were stricken by this crisis and were left alone to face it. The comrades, after a lot of hard work, managed to gather large quantities of food and other basic necessities to distribute to the Greek Cypriot families.

 The event was programmed to start at 10:00 AM, but because many people attended it started earlier. About 250 families received relief from Golden Dawn.  The food drive was exclusively aiding Greeks.

 During the event, we had the chance to hear many stories from the people that came to receive help. Those stories revealed the size of the problem. Unemployment and poverty engulf the society of Cyprus, making more and more Greeks to face the harsh reality of the capitalist crisis.

 We stopped on noon, after all the goods have been distributed. Similar actions will take place all over this country. The next distribution will be held on May Day.

 The fight for Cyprus will go on! To liberate our lost homelands and to unite all the Greek there!


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    Then, take Macedonia
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    Firstly the Balkans
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