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Sunday, March 24, 2013

World Jewry begging to get Golden Dawn banned

An anti-Golden Dawn demonstration that took place in Salonika, an initiative of the Municipality, and was "honored" by the presence of the Mayor, the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and important Jews, like the the president of the World Jewish Congress and the president of the European Jewish congress.

They all gathered there to talk against Golden Dawn, while Ronald Lauder, the WJC president, demanded that Golden Dawn gets banned, "So that Greece, that has been a democracy for ages, becomes an example".

"Today, even if there is peace, not everything is peaceful. The Jews have a reason to worry. Not for their extermination, but for extremism, the fanatical ideology, an ideology that brought destruction 70 years ago. I am talking about Golden Dawn."

"The extremists have no place in Greece or anywhere else. But they exist. Their leaders use the Hitler salute. They use the Swastika on their Party meetings. They speak for "blood and honor". They praise the leaders of Nazi Germany. They doubt the Holocaust and deny the existence of gas chambers. They read antisemitic books, especially the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. These people have no place in Greece on anywhere else."

"This group has only to deal with hate. They attack people on the streets because their skin color is different. They threaten journalists. They talk like Nazis. They act like Nazis. They are Nazis."

Lets start from the beginning: Golden Dawn should be banned so that Greece can give an example of democracy, according to the president of the WJC. But is it really democratic for an outside observer to intervene with the internal affairs of the "demos" and demand to ban the Party that is the expression of the will of the "demos", of the People?

Secondly he speaks for hatred against people only due to their skin color. Despite the fact that Golden Dawn leads a legal political struggle that isn't burdened by any accusation, other than the lies of the Left, how can a Jew dare and speak about racism? Isn't he aware of the related laws of the Israeli state? It is obvious that the Jews sell antiracism  to all the Nations of he world in order to destroy them, while in their state they maintain racist laws.

 Obviously the above things are happening not because Ronald Lauder isn't aware that he speaks hypocritically. The above are part of an international Zionist plan that demands the sack of Greece and the rise of the "Balkan Jerusalem" as they claim Salonika to be. Sadly, Mr. Lauder, there is a new reality in Greece. There are Greeks that will fight for the good of Greece and her People, and the will of those collectively formed a river that you and your associates on the government can't stop. Golden Dawn comes to protect the interest of the Greeks, no matter how hard your try to undo the democratic choice of the People for the survival of the Nation.


  1. the jews are going to get the worst drubbing ever soon as golden dawn takes control.

  2. So, "The Jews have a reason to worry." Yes, indeed.

    They have failed, repeatedly, to implement their one-world slave state by force (search "Miracle on the Vistula", "14 days that saved the world" etc).

    Now, with technological advances like the internet, they have also lost their former rigid control of news and "opinion making," so that more and more people are now waking up to reality, as witness the rise of Golden Dawn.

    No wonder that Jews like Lauder are also waking up now — to the fact that time is no longer on their side; that their one-world slave state might not be achieved after all, in which case they will certainly have reason to worry.

  3. Rat faced liars, every single one of them.

  4. What we are expected to forget is that Jewish Communism is responsible for the deaths of over 300 million victims worldwide, many of them Christians; or forget that millions of bodies, never found were gased with deadly cyanide ( a substance so toxic you need a protective suit with oxygen to even touch a dead body) in a room no bigger than a two car garage, and we are to ignore credible (Jewish) witnesses at the camps that state they: Never saw any gas chambers" as proven in Richard Harwood's book -- Did Six Million Really Die? A book that will someday adorn every classroom liberated from Jewish dictatorship.

    1. We in Britain are also expected to forget the abortion murder of 7 million white babies since the 1967 jew act. The number europewide and in america in the same period is probably around 100 million.

      Six million kikes, my arse!

      You (Jews) belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  5. The world is tiring of their antics. Since when has taking care of your own people become extremist thinking? I for one am tired of governments pandering to the interests of minorities, Greeks elected these people and their allegiances should be to the Greeks! Thank god people are waking up.

  6. ''They have no place in Greece or anywhere else.'' Das JUDEN Kapital. These parasitical aliens are the ones who have no place, in Greece or anywhere else. Please keep strong guys and gals. You are inspiring white westerners in their droves.


  7. You (Jews) belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    - John 8:44





  8. Ronald Lauder = hypocrite! Meanwhile Israel is set to deport? Over 100,000 Africans who legally emigrated from Ethiopia.
    Big wake up call for the Jews as they see that the game is up for them and their treachery which they have perpetrated against so many countries for so many years, the time is coming that they will have to pay the price for their deeds.
    Golden Dawn the protectors of the great Greek people ALL HALE.

  9. http://rense.com/general45/master.htm

    Jews keep your big noses out of Greece!


    Stand firm, Greece!

  10. Get it right -

  11. Turn off the zogbox!

  12. If the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are forgeries, then why do the Jrws bleat on so wildly over an alleged fake document? Since when do you need to pass laws to regulate a lie. But this is what the Krensky government did in 1917 Russia; any gentile caught with a copy was put to death and all copies were destroyed...all except the one sent to London and tranlated in to 25 languages so the world could judge for itself.

    The Goyim cattle (as the Talmud likes to refer to Christians) only need look at the hate and racism in the Talmud to know the truth. I suggest The World Jewish Congress buy a copy of "The Talmud Unmasked" by Rev. I.B. Prainatis after buying a ticket back to Khazaria.

    1. Very good and true points indeed. I would add a very simple statement: even if the Protocols are fake,that doesn't matter one bit, because every single protocol has become a reality in today's world.

  13. On and on and feckin on ........
    Pissed off with it!

  14. The hypocrisy. The jews have jew-only charities, and then they dare to whine when the Greeks do the same...

  15. "They have no place in Greece" Who is this Jew to say who and who doesn't belong in Europe. Kike bastards don't belong in Europe, hurry up and kick these racial aliens out of Europa already. And shut the door behind them, too.

  16. I'm not anti semetic, but I am anti-Zionist. And for the tribe of Isreal to cry racism about something that happened 70 years ago while they and the USA (their loyal dog) bomb the hell out of woman and children in Palestine it's a bit of a joke.

    Everyone is over it. Think of their banking system which is something the jews really did invent. Many of the paintings owned by Jewish ppl that were 'stolen' by Nazi's and I use that term loosely were acquired as assets taken by the bank from non-Jewish Germans.

    This debt slavery thing is traced back to them, it's dirty it's nasty and it's real. They are willingly creating monsters and crying at the existence of these monsters.

    It would be unfortunate if history repeated itself, but alas it's their problem not ours. I've been on the receiving end of Jewish racism first hand it's such a joke. I can't feel sorry for any of them now.

    I will be the first to vote Golden Dawn in Canada. I'd love to be a party member locally.

  17. This is the clearest indication of being on a righteous path.

  18. Oh dear, the truth is getting out everywhere .......



  19. I used to be a liberal when young, but since a few years I am a proud and convinced national-socialist. Hail Golden Dawn! Hail comrades!
    To sceptics: learn real history, not what the Frankfurt School jews told us about history, or anything else for that matter. After some nasty experiences with business jews, I wanted to know more about them and decided to study international jewry for 5 long years, day and night, relentless study of their history, their talmud, their tactics and strategies, their mischievous behaviour, as a group. They are dangerous self centered psychopaths, destroyers without any empathy for the goyim, i.e. us. They are the true haters of mankind and all non-jews. The moment you trust them or feel pitty for them, you are LOST. They prey on the weaknesses and good character of any decent goy to get their ways. It is much worse than what most of you know and think and say. Any western intellectual in history warned us for them, for good reason. But we chose to ignore the warnings and look, history is again going to be repeated, we can all see it coming. Have they learnt nothing??? Now the USA powerstructures (media, wallstreet, entertainment, politics, etc) is totally consumed by them, and by consequence the entire western world is on a downhill slope and close to WW3. Only 1 thing can beat powergrabbing jewry: national socialism, it is the ideological antithesis of what jewry stands for. And they know that very very well, hence the massive lies they spread about true national socialism.
    Oh, and forget ''Zionism'', because that word has lost its original meaning. Zionism is nowadays a global supremacist ideology and has nothing to do anymore with striving for jewish homeland. Just name the troublemaker by name, international jewry.

    1. Jews and their trump card, being the HOLOCAUST are now being exposed as the true makers of sedition around the world.

      JEWS HAVE WORLD-WIDE CONTROL of the major global Corporations. Thus the “International Jew” has the entire world in an economic stranglehold.The destruction of the World Trade Centers was a sad tragedy. But, also a symbolic act. They were always symbolically the heart of America’s proud, financial district. Until they were destroyed by the Zionists. Cutting off the nose to spite the face. It also marked the beginning of America’s spiralling financial woes.

      National socialism ....the only cure for the jew disease.

    2. I am glad to hear that you freed your self from liberal propaganda shit: fuck the world, fuck your nation and race just go solo fuck araound and do nothnig..I SAY FUCK LIBERALISM with this non-sence low class stupidology! NATIONAL SOCIALISM, the cure for the currupt and ignorant world!

  20. I can't believe how arrogant Jews can be. Time for them to get lost!

  21. He does not say if the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are true or not, he just says it is anti-semetic. But there again most things are aren't they

  22. Sorry, Chums - but you're all really, really wrong.

    Any kind of political viewpoint that is based on such a statement as "...how can a Jew dare and speak about racism..." is not only grammatically incorrect, but fundamentally flawed.

    Surely, the Jewish nation is particularly apposite in expressing it's views on racism - whatever opinion they may choose to assume. If you find this idea uncomfortable, I'd prescribe a thorough re-reading of recent history, followed by a vigorous re-assessment of your philosophical heritage.

    Now, pay attention, because although we've already exposed the invalidity of your argument, I'd like to (in the spirit of debate - a quintessentially Greek tradition), give you a chance...

    Just occasionally, the world witnesses a standpoint that, whilst not particularly well-argued, is at least based in virtue. One may cite the plight of, say, Malcolm X (a cause I'm sure you're familiar with), as an example. Whether or not Mr. X's cause was well-argued is up for debate.

    It's pretty clear, however, that yours is based on philosophy that is insipid, ignorant, and redundant.

    Malcolm X's cause advocated violence to maintain its momentum. However, this cause is now almost universally accepted as a catalyst for racial union - a violent fight for harmony. I sincerely hope you recognise the incompatibility of your cause with this violence/righteousness complex, before you take someone's eye out.

    I can't know for certain whether or not you have a virtuous argument - but I'm pretty sure you don't. However, if you wish to paint yourselves as the blinkered touts of a basely corrupt standpoint, then please, continue in the manner of the above article.

    On the other hand, if you wish to present your views as a series of well-constructed, constructive ideas that actually have REASON behind them, then you may want to re-assess your broad-brush opinions.

    Segregation policy will lead to further segregation. Tribalism will lead to further tribalism. At the end of it all, you may well find that you're not the Alpha Race you perhaps thought you might be. If you have your sordid little way and it doesn't turn out to be blue-eyed bees and goose-stepping daisies, I'll be sure to at least mourn the passing a peculiarly comical distraction from any real form of constructive politics.


  23. The story will repeat it self, like the jews took mashures against NS Germany, they will do to SN Greece.Like the Germans in the 30's and 40's Greece will have to be ready for the attack and when, not if but when, it comes all of Europe will have to join the fight(again) because if this time the jewish-marxists are not defeated when will they be?!

  24. All of you are more f…up than the way you are portrayed here.
    No wonder that your country went belly up with zero real prospects for economical & mental recovery.
    Just heard that some Greek families are selling their babies these days, because they can’t support them.
    Well, at least some Greek babies stand a chance of becoming something other than pathetic losers that
    Vent their frustration by shoving somebody else’s ideological trash in 5-Drachma internet cafes

  25. "Your comment will be visible after approval".
    Yeah right

  26. You are so stupid that even when you choose not to publish a respone,
    you publish the reponse that mokes your additorial decisions.
    On second thought, you probably didn't get it

  27. read the TALMUD , if that doesnt open your eyes nothing will, see for your self how JEWS view the rest of the world. The most insane mind cant even imagine how SATANIC these lunatics are.

  28. Do the hard Work everyone:It takes time ,,, Study the history of this tribal group.Start with 'The controversy of Zion" by Douglas Reed.This is the history of the whole affair up to 1960.It is truly fascinating.
    Then read "The 13th tribe by Arthur Koestler).
    You will then discover that most "Jews" do not have Judaic Mediterranean ancestry. They only like to think they do as it gives them some respectabilty in their (false) claim of some how having a right to disposess millions of Palestinians. Roughly 97% are 'Eastern Jews" descended from Askenazis in Kazaria in eastern Europe whose ruler adopted Talmudic methodology to control his local tribe.It worked better than expected.....

    The reason for this was that as a political control mechanism it is brutally effective and relies on Ghettoizing each Diaspora using racist ideology (We are the Chosen ones etc etc) .The actual Talmud was taken almost word for word from Deuteronomy which can be read in our own old testament.There will come a point where you will suddenly understand how serious the situation is when it hits you that this is not a religion but is in fact a satanic death cult and therefore anti-life.If we all want to live we must take proper measures to deal with it the same way as a doctor would deal with a parasite other wise it will consume us to the last drop until the Parasite itself can no longer feed on us.It will also kill the entire planet as happened to Mars a little while ago by destroying the Biosphere on which every living thing depends.It's a fight for our very survival
    Let us all bless the Greeks as I bless the Germans and others,I'm ready to join them.There is no choice if we and our loved ones want to go on living.Hitler,Saddam, Gaddafi, Henry the 8th of England and many others throughout the ages all knew this.

    Kind Regards to all who read this.

  29. I hope you gain power v. soon. It will good us a chance to bomb Athens - parliament, airports, piraeus, telephone exchange, electricity, water supplies plus your military bases. We will send them to stone age. Also your Ugly Fuhrer-leader will be deleted!

    Its one thing if the stupid Arabs start antisemiting. We will not suffer this in Europeans - they will be get a lesson they will NOT forget!!

  30. ^Get lost, you filthy Jew. Whites want their lands back and there's nothing that you can do about it. You are powerless to stop the Golden Dawn. You have no place in Europe, as you are not white, yet your kind thinks they are entitled to our white European homelands. Get your greasy, yellow, money-grubbing kosher ass back to Tel Aviv where you belong.

  31. First I want to say that I am an American. I support any movement that will free all Western countries from the tentacles of the jews. What country has treated jews better than America? Look at how many jews have become millionaires and billionaires because of this country. How have they paid this country back? With treachery! They plotted against it from the beginning. They pushed through immigration reforms, as they call them. That meant flooding America with Mexicans, as well as other Third World people. Look at were this country is now. We're on the verge of a total collapse. The political whores that serve them are preparing the American people for a police state.

    Who is training our police now? Israel of course! Who runs the Department of Homeland Security? Jews of course.

    I want to wish the Greek people well. I hope you drive the jew bankers out of Greece. That is an important step in freeing your people. I hope the majority of your people support Golden Dawn. Good luck.