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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two political victories

1) Papandreou and the Lagarde List


 District Attorney Diotis "ratted" on Papandreou and Bika (Commander of the National Intelligence Service) confirming what Golden Dawn claimed from day one: That the Lagarde List came to Greece through secret agencies and was covered up with Papandreou being the first and the main person responsible. During the examination of the investigation committee, comrade Kasidiaris was focused on pressuring the commander of the NIS, where he denied any accusations of participation in this scandal. Then the comrade accused him of lying, of disorientating the investigations and that he is an agent of the United States. Now, with the Diotis testimony, the lies of Bika and the participation of Papandreou are confirmed. New Democracy and Syriza remain silent, because those two parties together covered up his involvement, and voted against the formation of an investigation committee to hold the ex-PM of the IMF and the Memorandum accountable for his actions.


The new evidence filed by former chief SDOE Ioannis Diotis in the parliamentary preliminary committee raise relentles questions about the role of NIS (Hellenic National Intelligence Service), Yorgos Papandreou and Yorgos Papakonstantinou in the case of the Lagarde list.
More specifically, Diotis filed the electronic correspondence he had with Papakonstantinou few days before proceeding to copy the USB. Out of the messages exchanged between two men it seems the then Prime Minister Yorgos Papandreou and the former head of National Intelligence Kostas Bikas had full knowledge of the list and closely watched its "exploitation". Bikas had declared complete ignorance so far while the evidence to date showed that Papandreou was informed only at the arrival of the material from the French authorities. Also, that Papakonstantinou sent the USB to Diotis early July, at a time when he was Minister of Environment. This element makes some members of the committee say "upon leaving the Finance Ministry Papakonstantinou took the list with him."

All messages appear to be exchanged on 7.7.2011. Initially Diotis thanked the former Minister for an invitation to an event which he was unable to attend. From Papakonstantinou’s response it seems that the two men maintained good relations. Among other things Papakonstantinou said:

Papakonstantinou: "Did you get the stick I sent you?
Diotis: "Yes I received it I haven’t found the time to identify its contents. I'm not exactly the best at these things! We already have had discussions (with Kostas) to move on in its investigation and further processing. Has it been processed at all?"
Papakonstantinou: "Which Kostas? Yes I had given it to Kapeleris to look on some 30 names. May I also remind you about the other issues that have gone to the prosecutor."

Diotis: "Bikas told me he spoke with the Prime Minister. I will see Kostas tomorrow."

Diotis: "I am also looking out for the other issue."

Papakonstantinou: "Yes we talked. I told him that you have the data. The other issue is taking a while and it makes me wonder…"

They say that two countries don't need to have secrets. Japan because no one talks, and Greece because everyone talks. Unfortunately for Mr. Papandreou the "corrupt", according to himself, country that he governed has this defect, the truth always gets out.

2) The Birbili Scandal


 The political pressure of Golden Dawn within the Parliament brings results. The issue of the sinecure of Ms. Tina Birbili, the "gardener" of ex-PM George Papandreou, was brought up in the Parliament after comrade Panagiotaros tabled a related question. Ms. Birbili was assigned by the ex-PM as the head of the Permanent Representative to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This particular lady, for 18 months, was enjoying vacations in Paris with all the expenses covered by the Greek taxpayer. This assignment was the gift of Papandreou for his "gardener" once he revoked her from her position in the Ministry of Environment in 2011. On the comrade's questions regarding the privileges of Ms. Birbili, the Minister answered with evasive and ambiguous wording, never referring to the payments she received from the sweat of the Greek People (the linked document is the official answer of the ministry published by the Parliament, where the minister only describes the requirements of Ms. Birnili's position.). According to publications, her monthly income surpassed the amount of 7500 euros, an amount that was doubled with the addition of various benefits!
 For those 18 months, this lady was residing in a luxurious estate of 300m2 , near the famous Champs Elysees, an estate that was rented by the Greek State for 8.000 euro a month! The government, after the public outcry and political pressure of Golden Dawn, decided to send this luxurious "tourist" back to her home. We do wonder if this would have happened if Golden Dawn never brought up this issue in the parliament...


  1. The corruption in many Western countries leave me breathless.

  2. The Solution:


  3. And so the decision is yours. Will you press to stay in the EU, and watch as Greece becomes a small and insignificant part of a harsh and unforgiving new Continental empire? Or will you move and stir yourself to freedom to forge a new and passionate destiny for your country's independent future? All citizens must consider whether they wish to endorse the burial of a great and civilized nation, or whether they wish to halt a process which they never asked or voted for, or were even asked whether they wanted, which has brought about misery, decadence and ignorance, and which threatens to abolish one of the happiest, fairest and kindest societies which has ever existed in this imperfect world."

  4. "The European parliament and the commission are allies against the member states. Together we have to prevent the member states from taking back power." President of the European parliament, speaking on BBC Radio 4, July 1999

    "When we build the house of Europe (EU), the future will belong to Germany." Helmut Kohl, speaking in Germany, unaware that reporters were present.

    This is essential reading know your JEW EU::


  5. Most see the European Union of today as an inefficient conglomeration of states run by self-serving career politicians anxious to guarantee their survival by safely nesting in the EU's cocoon of endless bureaucracies. Many don't really see a threat at the moment. They believe that an integrated Europe makes sense; that it would prevent any chance of a third European war; that it is the modern, forward-thinking way to go.


    Welcome to CTE.


    1. There has been 50 wars since WW2, and America has taken part in most them. The people are being conned

  6. All assets should be stripped form this scum, to repay what they have stolen from the tax payers and people Greece.

    Politicians hold them accountable responsibility has become a central part of world politics, where do they come from these corrupt politicans and beurocrates? Is it not from the mediocre public? They come from the society that breeds them and nourishes them.

    They are the embodiment of common man's degeneratng values and civic sense. Unless every person changes to some extent we wil never see corruption loosing its teeth.

    MPs who have bled the country all these years should be made accountable, confiscate their assets, putting their stolen wealth to the benefit of poor.

  7. Asset forfeiture program is needed; asset forfeiture is the confiscation of assets associated with the commission of a crime like treason or government corruption. It can be real estate, vehicles or currency with custodial imprisonment.

  8. Lagarde of the IMF is under investigation by the French Authorities for alleged financial irregularities, her offices have been raided by the Gendarmes.The EU monster is just one big corrupt club where they don't file accounts for 20 years and billions go missing/unaccounted the MEP's don't pay Tax on their earnings and their expenses are that of royalty!! and now they are stealing from the bank deposits in broad daylight.
    The corruption of the EU is worse than anything seen before.

  9. Brave Comrades get thrown onto the wall in the line of Duty


  10. Wasn't Sarkozy's collar felt as well. They are all crooks

  11. Lagarde and Dame Ashcroft -- two Rothschild Banking Trust agents fulfilling 100% of their New World Order duties for the wire pullers. Too bad somebody can't kick 100% of their ass.

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L9W46pfvik