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Friday, March 1, 2013

Scandal! The Greek Parliament hired Blackwater for protection!

 A revelation that exposes the Government and the Presidency of the Parliament, was given to the public by the ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos on a Canadian newspaper. Mr. Chrysanthopoulos stated that "Academi" (the new name of the criminal mercenaries of "Blackwater") will be in charge of guarding the parliament. This is his exact statement:

"Recently, the Greek government came to an agreement with the successor company of Blackwater, to hire mercenaries that will guard the Parliament. In a Democracy however, you don't need to guard the Parliament."

The Private Military Contractor "Blackwater" was renamed to "Xe" and then to "Academi", a practice used to get rid of many accusations of the past. Specifically, the PMC caused an outrage when she was accused for the murder of 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad, and 2 of her mercenaries are accused for the murder of 2 Afghans in Kabul. It is worth noting that Blackwater had to pay a fine if 42.000.000 $ to the American government, in order to cooperate with them. This settlement happened to avoid criminal persecution, after multiple reports of broken agreements with her.

It is clear that we are facing an unprecedented and provocative decision of the Greek Parliament, that is against our National interests and puts the life of Greek civilians in danger. The Greek government doesn't trust the Police or the Army for her protection, and this raises multiple and critical questions.....


  1. This document PROVES that it was the Jews who convinced America to come into the World War II on the side of the UK in exchange for setting up the state of Israel.

    Page 27:
    "It has been repeatedly acknowledged by the British statesmen that it was the JEWS who, in the last war, effectively helped to tip the scales in America in favor of Great Britain. They are keen to do it - and may do it - again ... American Jewry waits for a word - a call - from His Majesty's Government. The formation of a JEWISH fighting force would be that signal."

    The Jews are ready to put brother against brother once again. We must resist joining the fight against Greece. I am ASHAMED of the American mercenaries!

    1. this site is suppoesd to be about Greek nationalism. every time an anti semite puts in some lie like "the jews bargained with Britain to convincew the USA to come intto the war in exchangew for setting up Israel" which is s shear bunch of nonsense that totally ignores the fact that it was the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor that brough the USA in.next thge british government OPPOSED the setting up of the state of Israel. it wanted to continue the mandatew and retain its power in the region.
      Ridiculous easily disproven lies like this only help convince the watching world that the banksters lies about how the Golden Dawn are a bunch of Neo Nazis are true. The person who wrote this was probably a mole seeking to inflame Greek patriots into reacting with diatribes against the Jews. Beware people who would manipulate and side track you. Your enemies are the central European Bankers who wish to submerge the Greek nation into a new version of the Roman empire.
      Don't get sidetracked by manipulators or agents provocateur.

    2. The US needed an excuse to enter WWII, so they provoked the Japanese .
      Was also talked about in Oliver Stones Hidden History Of America.

    3. Easy to refute your claims. US had been forewarned of a Japanese fleet heading to PH by Australia.

      Read The Secret Polish Documents.

    4. The dealings of the UK and the Zionists before the war accelerated after Hitler gained power, a man who initially cooperated with these aims in order to oust the Jews from Europe:

      "The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland."

      More on NS and Zionist cooperation: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v13/v13n4p29_Weber.html

      Diplomacy between NS Germany and Zionist Jews was demolished, some of the complex reasons for this are listed below:



      This could have been because some Jews are religiously zealous about continuing their existence in the diaspora, or just for some economical reasons of the secular Jews...
      However, after the war they cemented these political statements in this book written by the Jew Kaufman:


      Now as to the jewish factor in banking:

      CEO of Goldman Sachs:
      "Blankfein was born in the Bronx borough of New York City, to a Jewish family"

      Chairman of Federal Reserve:
      "The Bernankes were one of the few Jewish families in Dillon and attended Ohav Shalom, a local synagogue"

      United States Secretary of the Treasury:
      "Lew is an Orthodox Jew"

      Former president of ECB:
      Categorized in "French Jews".

      Want me to go on?

  2. If the government hiring foreign mercenaries to protect parliament, because they don't trust the police or the military doesn't wake up a few thousand more Greeks I don't know what will.

  3. Its amazing. The lines are being re-written, old nationalities are dying and new ones are arising to break free from this decaying empire known as the West.

    I'm an American, but I come to realize with each passing day the hollowness of that word. I feel more camaraderie, more pride, more love for the Greeks of the Golden Dawn than I do of my "fellow Americans".

    Its sickening!: blackwater American guards being sent abroad as mercenaries for a corrupt plutocratic leadership.

    If the Golden Dawn ever took upon foreign volunteers, I'd imagine the number of real Western men who'd throw of anonymity to serve real European ideals would be astonishingly high.

    Golden Dawn is the spark. God bless the Golden Dawn.

  4. Mercs? They are easy to deal with, they are wannabe John Waynes.

  5. The politicians are terrified and in fear to bring in Blackwater scum for protection; they know the game is up. This is the time when Greek Armed Forces & Police will realize that they are being pushed to one side and replaced by criminal foreign mercenaries that are being paid huge sums of money, while they get their wages cut back to subsistence levels.

    This will ultimately make Greek Armed Forces & Police see that the treasonous traitors are selling them out as well as the country. Subsequently realizing that Golden Dawn is the only solution for truly saving Greece from the corrupt thieving Zionists that have pillage the world for so long.
    The Greek Armed Forces & Police will all joint together and shout ..ALL HAIL GOLDEN DAWN!


  6. You need to buy Sniper Rifles to deal with this.
    Is the only language they understand.

    1. Get heavier weaponry, they pack some heat.

  7. Don't wait any longer, Greece.
    The opportunity won't last much longer.
    If you are going to act, the time is now.

  8. Stop the Blackwater Jew Army now!!!

  9. Ther is maybe asome EU laws against them using mercenaries or them being armed.
    The fact that the so called corrupt Greek Government does not trust it's own police force or army speaks volumes and didn't they already sack all of the Greek Armed Forces Generals because they feared a military coup.
    They don't trust the military or the police and the people hate their Government then it is time for the Government to go, make them go and make them go quickly.
    The police and military can help the people since even the Government don't trust them, the military and the police can take them out arrest them, try them and if required execute them.

  10. Don't kill any of them unless you want the U.S. army knocking your door down. Don't become another Serbia. God bless Golden Dawn.

    1. They will come knocking when GD wins, it's inevitable, but this isn't 1990's anymore.

  11. Great piece. I thought they were going to pull something like this.

  12. Solidarity from Sweden! We mobilizing our kind to fight the Jewish system here also!

    Hail the Nordic Resistance Movement!

    Hail Golden Dawn!

    Hail the rebirth of Europa!

    Hail the rebirth of America!


  13. Take the high ground, Action NOW remove the government NOW by any means
    The clock is ticking take control NOW!.

  14. soldarity to golden dawn from india we have a similar movement here and next year election narendra modi the hindu nationalist will come to power and teach the secular parties and muslim scums a lesson ....hail golden dawn...

  15. Golden Dawn provides the only future I want to be part of.

  16. There is ample proof that Blackwater was infiltrated by the Israeli Defense Forces as the extreme technical knowledge needed for road side bombs (IEDs) was beyond most Itaqi capability. Israelis killing Americans to further their own political terror agenda is nothing new -- taxpayers footing a trillion dollar war bill on the bullshit kosher war on terror is...

  17. John Thomas AllcockOctober 4, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    Hiring mercenaries "to protect parlament", is an act of treason by a government elected by the people. It's bthat simple. Let the peiople in Greece know this. Their government has sold them to the zionist NWO for 30 pieces of silver.
    Nothing could be worse. They must be overcome.