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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Nationalism

"The term and concept of Nationalism is general and does not necessarily contain a specific model of political government. It is a generality and so both its acceptance, or rejection without clarification is often an energy flimsy and frivolous. "

Therefore, an urgent need to define our own nationalism is emerging. The nationalism in which we, the Golden Dawners, believe. Our Nationalism has nothing to do with the "Jacobin nationalism" that was the outcome of the French Revolution. This "nationalism" that demanded the overcome of the old world for social and economic reasons and in many cases achieved this by using the Idea (and Biological Reality) of the Nation. Yet at the same time resulted in leveling and destruction of traditional structures of the community, such as the Physical Hierarchy, or order and respect for Archetypes.

Also, as "nationalism" is presented in many cases the expression of the desire of a people for national independence. But this is not all nationalism is about. It is not just one goal that closes its circle when achieved. Our Nationalism is above all Race, Blood, Biological Reality. A dimension on the way we see things is not an option for us, for our Worldview in relation to the concepts of nation and race. For us, simply, Nation is a conscious Tribe, that has knowledge of its mission and destiny. Our nationalism believes in the physical community rather than a citizenry with individual rights. It believes in a group of people with common Origin firstly, from which Language and Culture results, figures that are respected only within the context of physical-biological reality. Our nationalism does not believe in the sovereignty of wealth and in a supposedly "free" economy. The welfare of the people is certainly a good purpose, but never an end in itself and an imposed necessity. We do not believe in social inequality, or that money should be the criterion by which we prioritize everything in a society. Even the thought of this is a blasphemy for us and a violation of every concept of good in this world. We see the prosperity of the people through a Socialist community (having nothing to do with Marxism) as Oswald Spengler's wonderfully describes this concept of "Socialism" in his monumental work "The DECLINE OF THE WEST".

"We must give Socialism a meaning, as the desire that outweighs the interests of all classes, as a system of noble thought and sense of duty, holding the community in good condition for the decisive battle of history, a battle that is also a battle of Law against money. "

The law referred to by Oswald Spengler is nothing other than the organic state, which is the expression of Nation-Race. When the German philosopher and historian wrote the above during the interwar years, the cosmogonic battle between law and money had already begun. Money, which eventually emerged victorious, the capital stock that is, and has currently no borders, has now dominated everything and takes a form of power within the famous "globalization". Regarding this, he prophetically wrote:

"The machine with its human accompaniment, the real queen of the century, might succumb to a stronger force: money! money that is however losing its sovereignty and thus we are approaching the time of the last conflict, where culture (civilisation) takes the final form: the form of the conflict between money and blood. "

We already live in the era just before the collision of "money" with "blood" and what the masters of money mainly want to achieve is the destruction of the Merit "Blood" and to achieve this they aim at the medley of peoples, World intermarriage, the destruction of every national identity. Will they succeed? Nobody knows. But Oswald Spengler foresees a new era of Caesars, which will give way to the current impasse of the White Race, which inevitably is the body of Greek culture nowadays. He writes: "The arrival of Ceasarism, crushes the dictatorship of money and its political weapon of democracy."

Our Nationalism, therefore, is something much deeper than a political movement, something much deeper than politics themselves. It is, above all, as mentioned earlier, a worldview through this very physical reality of Race and a reversal of any distorted image that has dominated the world today under the rule of the unjust plutocracy.



  1. Golden dawn speaks for so many of us. An inspiration. May they go from strength to strength. God bless Golden Dawn.

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