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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Neither Marx, nor Rockefeller

There are two dominant systems - ideologies today, regardless of any sects arising within them. These are Marxism and liberalism, two ideologies which admittedly have many different internal movements, mainly related to the percentage of state intervention in the economy or the process of transition to a "classless society."

Despite the apparent differences, however, Marxism and liberalism are two sides of the same coin, since in the substantive issues, not only they agree, but are identical. Even in those that they seemingly disagree and blame each other, they could come together if they used the same "glossary".

At the financial level, both ideologies profess absolute sovereignty of an organization, which in one case is called a multinational company and in the other case a "party". This domination is in both cases accompanied by brutal violence against anyone who opposes the demands of the scheme, the dissident under communism had to face his commissar's revolver, while in liberalism unfair competition from multinationals, the hostility of the government and the laws and ultimately the usher transferring a command of foreclosure. The imposition of sovereignty of the liberal regime is certainly more complex and "velvet" , but ultimately what the common man is experiencing is not far off, or rather, to say it better, liberalism is in its essence even more brutal.

But there is also the issue of the honored values ​​of our race, the age-old timeless and coherent package of our nation, timeless companions of our People in the struggle for Fatherland and Freedom. And in this issue, this major national and social issue, Marxists and liberals, not only agree, but are identical. Homeland, religion and family values ​​are hateful to both these unnatural ideologies that are products of the same ideological root. Liberalism with it's universalism and Marxism with it's internationalism, cherish and promote the principles of globalization, ordering the dissolution of nations, the abolition of frontiers, the atheist materialist way of life and thought, and the prevalence of the worship of money.

The consequences of the forthcoming globalization are seen all around us. From the NGOs that are paid handsomely to sell inexpensively antiracism, to the gangs that pollute the neighborhoods of our country. From drugs plaguing the Greek Youth, to laws decriminalizing drug use and cultivation from the politicians and journalists preaching of "positive" effects. From the alleged fight of corruption by politicians, to the fact that they themselves are the first and best preachers of it.

Within the parliament for 39 consecutive years, there was a peculiar understanding between the parties. Illustrative example, the fact that even the most vehement "enemies", the most yawning "dissidents" have occasionally been able to work together in order to attack the Greek people through the governmental and ministerial chair. We see, moreover, daily news on the "differences" between left and right in the hymns of Mr Kammenos for Mr Tsipras and those of the second for Constantine Karamanlis, the elder, the "Archbishop".

The politicians with their "brothers", the contractors of misinformation, are conspiring against the Greek people, aiming not only money, but the very soul of the nation, the holy tradition, our language, our customs, any aspects of the Greek race. The response of the Greek people have already started preparing and has already made politicians loose their sleep and has put the international Zionist centers and centers of media propaganda to an unprecedented 'orgasm' of work. The geometric growth of the People's Association of Golden Dawn has caused panic in the political system. A ticklish detail on this is that all the channels ignore the rules of ESR(national board of television) for equally broadcasting all parties, and happily choose to pay, in times of crisis,the fines instead choosing to broadcast something for the People's Association only when they want to slander and defame it.

The assault of the system against us is our highest honor, as is their statement that we do not belong in their cleptocratic "arc." Not just politically and morally, also ideologically we are far abstain from those who, as the verdict for Tsochatzopoulos said, have "constant torque to crime". A crime that aims always to the People and in favor of the international speculators. The difference between the mainstream ideologies is that in Marxism the favored are the party members and the international bankers (as denounced by Bakunin), while in liberalism the favored are the "elite" and the bankers. It is our honor, really, that they are hostile to us, the servants of the bankers and the enemies of the People.

However, we do not expect or anticipate medals and rewards because we, as D. Vezanis said, are the "active affirmation of the Nation ', we have a duty to entrench our position and awaken - inform the people as to the true status of the political situation in Greece. To give the people, our own people, to understand that the fake dilemma between Marxist and liberal traitors of the People, has now an answer and a name. It's called Golden Dawn! Against all!"


  1. Have you heard of the Jobbik-Iran Alliance?

    Does GD have something like that in-place;



  2. Greeks are in a ruff position and as always a respectable one, because they once again have the whole weight of the world concentrated directly on their sholders. Throughout history the battles the Greeks fought and the decisions they made are the savior achevements of not just the Greeks, but the Germans, Romans, Poles, and all others. For example the Greeks fought off the Persians. If they had been deafeated, Rome may also be attacked along with present-day Macedonia. Eventually the Persian empire would have streched across all of the continent. They were the only ones to fight off the Persians, now their the only ones currently fighting of the Zionest. Thus, once again saving Europe. The only difference between the Persian and Zionest empires is that one follows an international regime.

  3. The EU monster has just started robbing the bank accounts of the citizens of Cyprus.
    Greece will be next and so on unless we halt them.

  4. I also call for a immediate removal of the Karl Marx statue in Highgate Cemetery which have been built against our will. But its time to burn the Communist books which is still doing today. Here are the videos.

    Not to forget that its 130 years since the death of Karl Marx. ;)

    Also take a read of this which shows the difference of the ideologies.

    We need a Social Nationalist government. But the government is taking our money away by enforcing more taxes on while they carry on browning Britain. Not to mention the totalitarian UK Government are giving luxuries to the rich and the non whites while us native White people are becoming more angry.
    I hope for Golden Dawn to rise in Cyprus because Cyprus is Greece, like what the Czech Nationalists been saying. http://youtu.be/aD9BwkU3DRk That really took the mick out of the Turkish football players. :D

    Time for a White racial uprising in Europe.

    1. I would like to see the Statue of Karl Marx and the statue of the South African terrorist Mandela removed, melted down and used to cast a statue of a murdered Briton or a displaced English family due to enforced multiculti.

  5. Excellent article... nice to have you back. Don't forget the article sent to you last month, we need hands across the water for this battle.


  6. Golden Dawn moving forward...consolidating its position.... then moving forward yet again.
    The road is made shorter with every step taken to ultimate success, Golden Dawn returning Greece to the Greek people.

  7. good to see you back !

  8. We the English are with you.

    For simply writing this text, I'm now a person of interest to the authorities, yes, it is that bad. But hey, who cares what they think or feel, it's what we the people want,need, true democracy, a say in our nations actions, events.
    good luck in all you do.

  9. Thanks for another great post Golden dawn.

    Every time I visit this site another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

    When you have secured the safety of the Greek people you must reach out and help the rest of Europe.

    Our politicians have sold us out and normal people like me don't know where to turn.

    Just knowing that you are fighting and gaining ground day by day keeps me going.

    I know this nightmare will end when the Golden Dawn spreads across Europe.

    Thank you.

  10. Now they are stealing cash accounts of Cypriots.
    Whats next?

    The finantial terrorists should be put in a mega-trial for crimes against humanity in particular crimes against europeian peoples.

  11. The financial terrorism against Cypriots has been used by the Jews for years starting with the Rothschild family and continued ever since.
    The Jew is the Demon of all humanity and as I get older it becomes clearer plainer and more apparent to see, they make nothing, but practice their parasite ways on the rest of worlds working humanity, greed, corruption and exploitation is the trade mark of the Jew, but their end is coming.

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