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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Massive protest against the MEGA TV Channel

Many are at fault for the country's current situation, for the crisis that isn't only financial, but also a humanitarian crisis. We do have our share of responsibility, mostly because we watched the sepsis, false prosperity and sybaritism eating the flesh of the Nation, and we did nothing other than sit on our couches. Everyone is a fault for Greece's predicament, but the biggest share of responsibility hold the Mainstream Media and their political clients.

(Read more for photos-video of the protest)

 The MSM are the forces behind the spread of the viruses of Cultural Marxism and white guilt. The MEGA TV station in particular, decided to air the Turkish show "Fatmagul" on Independence Day, spitting upon the graves of the thousands that fought for our freedom. Turkish shows on Greek TV is a widespread phenomenon the past years, and of course serve certain interests and plans. Such provocation wouldn't not go unnoticed by Golden Dawn.

So, Golden Dawn called her members and supporters to protest against the puppets of the Regime, those that manipulate the public opinion. Another reason that urged us to protest was the role of the Media in our political life. The distortion of truth, the propaganda and mudslinging against Golden Dawn, the millions of Euros they owe to the State, the brainwashing done in favor of the Memorandum and the EU, the glorification of traitorous politicians, the corruption of the souls of the Youth with the promotion of disgusting role models, all the actions focused on turning the Greeks into slaves.

We stand against them in this financial and psychological war. And if some people say that we are being sprayed then that surely happens through our TV screens. This is a fine opportunity to prove that there are some people left here to fight for the Ideals of Social Nationalism.

  And so we marched against the corrupt Media!

  Thousands of Greeks marched on the central offices of MEGA CHANNEL. Many RCU squads and Police buses protected the pro-Memorandum channel from early this morning. Hundreds of policemen were mobilized for this march. All these just to air their Turkish serials and then broadcast their news, news that always promote the plans of our Nation's destruction. MPs Germenis, Iliopoulos, Zaroulia, Matthaiopoulos, Michos, Papas, Panagiotaros, Lagos and Kasidiaris saluted the protesters. Lighten torched turned the night into day. Nationalist slogans rocked the atmosphere, and a Turkish flag was symbolically burned. It was a fine response from the Greeks for this unprecedented insult.


  1. Fight for what is right. The Greek people deserve no less!

  2. In the uncomfortable feeling provoked in a number of readers of this text by the very mention of the word "Jews", there is provided the first lesson in media indoctrination and brainwashing!

    We must show people that Jews are the racist aggressors, not the victims of racist aggression. We must use the Jews' own propaganda to our advantage. The Jews have conditioned people to react without critical thought to certain images. If we associate those images with Jews, then people will react as they should to the hostility and murderous aspirations of the Jewish People.

    The Jews have promoted the notions of multiculturalism, diversity and egalitarianism. We should show people that the Jews view themselves as if superior to all others. We should encourage people to unite against the common Jewish enemy.

    In this way, the Jews' cries of racism against all other people will not ring true. While the Jew is pitting blacks against whites and Muslims against Christians, we should be uniting all people against the hostile Jew. They will have no defense and their hypocrisy will condemn them to the fate they wish upon all others.


    1. Your accusation that the NWO is controlled by Jews is a traitorous diversion to Nationalism. and to the thousands of people of Greece, MURDERED by the Nazi and Facsist Invasion in WW2 Acoording to idiots or agents provocateur a small racial grouping of less than twenty million people hold the entire world of seven Billion in its thrall. Grow the F*** up or at least go away !!

    2. Perhaps you should view the structure of every Government ever and the Apartheid to understand how a small minority can have power over the majority. What a stupid claim.

  3. What a fantastic sight. In Britain, we use the internet as a shield, argue with each other, and end up fragmented and lost. i see a time when the true Greeks will probably have many amongst you from here in Britain, as we simply cannot be led, nor stay together more than a couple of years. Well done for showing us all how it's done.


  4. It's a funny old world mate, as the Cockney likes to say....President Obama has sealed his fate with a kiss between his masters and the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. Of course some were not fooled when Erd the Nerd stated thus: Zionism was a crime against humanity or some BS like that; true logic, but Erdogan was stayining in the World Government gold...er, fold, he ALSO states Zionism was just like fascism or anti-Semitism. That really pissed Bibi off. Time for kiss and make-for Turkey and Israel and forget those poor suckers gunned down on the boat lift to Gaza. This is probably as good a reason as any to explain the Turkish TV flood in Greece.

    A funny thing happened on the way to the forum...before "YoMama" (Obama) visited Israhell just last week, an article of interest on his old chums at Colombia University law school came to light. You see, in a nut shell Columbia is padded out with Zionist Jews for many decades; all Ivy League law schools in America are almost 50% Jewish -- think of it; just like Germany before and after World War 1. When you control the financial, judicial and executive branches of government you really have the power. Not all the Jewish law students stay in the U.S.A.,-- some are just living Jewish lives in Tel Aviv. But one thing stands out...

    Somebody had the bright IDEA to re-introduce Obama when he is in Israel to his old Jewish law school students from Colombia. Here is the rub: NOT ONE STUDENT out of about 25 or so, remember him at all; (OBAMA!!) A bit of a downer! And they go on to describe how even a student like Barack (a black man) would stick out like a sore thumb at Colombia University Law School, even if he tried to hide in the library all the time!. WHY don't the Zionist students remember seeing him?? Answer: Because he was NEVER there. Nothing racist just truth -- Colombia had very few black students in those days. Obama's University records have never been released because they don't exist for a straw man.

    Barry Satoro (or whatever his commie name is) never attended Law school at Colombia because he is a Psy-Ops mind controlled operative robot from the NSA finishing school. A tool, a shill from The New World Order Government. He has that blank stare of a puppet politico. Look at V. Putin. Make no mistake about it; challenge any one of them and you are a dead man.

    Obama will be right on board when the time is right for the kosher nukes to fall on Tehran..."bank" on it.

    Like Greece and all of Europe, America needs a revolution.

    1. I believe there is a reward out for anyone finding his Kenyan birth certificate.

    2. Obama went to HARVARD law school not Columbia law school. And he is no where as good a man as Putin who for all his faults is a patriot. The editor of this blog would be much better served if he did a little fact checking before he allowed IDIOTS to post.

    3. BARAK isnt that a jewish name?

  5. Why didn't they storm the building? Next time burn the whole place down.

    Good work!

  6. Superb, I wished it's the same around Europe.

    But whenever a White Nationalist goes on live TV, the satanic xenophile lefties tries to storm the building. I hope all the propaganda from the zionists end!

    You can start running a White nationalist TV channel. But you need the funds for it. Try taking over an existing TV station by the stocks.

  7. What is the new world order? It’s the world that has been pulled over your eyes to keep you from the truth by the Jew.

    It involves all government parties, orders, and corporations, secrete society’s different masks but the same Jew faces they rule by motto order out of chaos, divide & conquer they control the media, local government & invent money & raise materialism for the ignorant to praise. This is their power! They are the gate keepers & sooner or later someone will have to stand up to them, but where others have failed ..... Golden Dawn will succeed!

  8. White people ...Know your enemy the Jew for what they are, and what they are attempting, the genocide of you.

    The sexual exploitation of White Children by organized Jews


    Zionist Jews Engineering WW3 The Jew is the inciter of wars

    Jews may use lies to subvert gentiles (non Jews) Baba Kamma 37b (The Talmud))




    Jewish Internet Defense Force - If You Didn't Know


    Family Guy Jewish Psychological Warfare Propaganda Machine


    1. A Blog is known by the intelligence of its editor when it comes to editing posts. I have to ask the question. How do you think posting idiots like the one I just replied to advances the cause of Greek Nationalism?? or are you a double agent of the NWO??


  10. It looks like the Caliph's dog Erd the Nerd's mouth is watering at the thought of invading Syria. The
    Globalist Elite [Rothschild Mafia] are obviously getting impatient to get control of the Syrian national
    bank. Then it's only North Korea and Eritrea who they will have to find excuses to attack. This nonsense in Cyprus is only happening because Putin ejected the Rothschild Mafia from Russia. The
    Jewish-controlled media are waging a continual war against Russia. It's like two heavyweight boxers
    facing off.

    1. Nearly of all the troubles in Russia have been instigated by Jews, the Russia Spetsnaz should take out this scum including any and all Rothschilds. This would do the world a great service.

  11. enjoy:

  12. Turk flag burning is wrong. I think that all nationalists must respect all flags.

    1. Why would Greek nationalist for Greece and Greece only care for the Turkish nation? You do realize the Turks have attempted genocide aganist Greeks.

  13. The turkish flag will Never be respected by White Nationalists. It's the flag of vicious crimes, atrocities and genocides against White Europeans and against the western civilization. The list would be endless.

    1. Nationalism is not nonsense. Nationalists can not burning flag. Even if, the flag belong to Turks. The Enemies of the current european are leftist, proponents of multi-culturalism and immigrants. Not Turks.

    2. You seem to really like them.

      That muslim puppet-state of barbaric tribes of the East will never be respected by European Nationalists. Nor will their flag be respected. Their actions of burning, pillaging, murdering prisoners of war, raping and killing little children and women, and their eternal envy and hate for European Culture and Civilization will never be forgiven nor tolerated.
      Their ultimate goal is (and has been for centuries) the turkification of Mother Europe.

      p.s. that has nothing to do with them being from the East or with their faith.
      i.e. Iran had been an enemy for centuries but I respect them. They are men with Honor. They even showed respect towards (some of) their dead enemies.

      But turkey, Never.
      No respect.
      Google this: t67314 turkish crimes

      Never ignore your enemies no matter how many they are.

  14. Thank god for the Golden Dawn! Awaken Europe from this awful slumber and Marxist slavery! I am with you 100%!

  15. Best news from Greece in a very long time.

  16. To anon ....It was Columbia idiot. Drop us a line when you get off yoir lazy A-hole....you work for Obama coon? You take a hike kike.


  17. endzog blog stands 100% with Golden Dawn.