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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kite workshop for children by Golden Dawn

 The offices of the R.O. of Evia-Viotia were filled with children and laughter last Saturday.With many participants, the Social Solidarity team set up a workshop to prepare kites for the traditional kite-flying custom of Green Monday. The children were taught how to construct kites like their forefathers did, a practice that is lost in this consumerist society.

 The children were taught the whole procedure, they built and decorated their kites, they played and had fun, taking their creations back at home. We will be happy to see them again on Green Monday and share the art and joy of flying a kite with them.


  1. The ones in power in Greece are now losing by the hour! The EU has tried to destroy and ravage the Greeks, but the Golden Dawn is turning the tables on the EU and is the starting point for all of the European Social Nationalists to wreak their revenge on those that have robbed and betrayed the people of Europe.This rapid upsurge in politically motivated repression, state-sponsored Marxist thuggery demands a positive response We move inexplicably forward to White Rebellion, Revolution, and Ultimately CIVIL WAR
    The things I treasure most in life, cannot be taken away.

  2. Quick question... The Golden Dawn plans on increased carbon and Agricultrial production along with livestock, and fertilizer for support of the Greek dream of national idependence. In the meantime An empire rises to the east looking for raw materials including those carbon deposits within the Agean sea. It is expected that unwanted tensions will result from the disbutes between the two nations seeking those deposits. How will the Golden Dawn take use of their military in response to this possible upcoming war between the two nations?

  3. Very Good. A youth not control by the jewish influence. Germany once had this but know look at them, all of Europe knows now they fought for the wrong enemy. the time is coming for the Greeks once they free their country of the vile immigrants and get rid of the zog controlled government and freeing their people from jewish control and influence will be the start for a beginning for the Greeks and hopefully once other people see how great you guys run a zog free country then others will want the same cough Germany cough Britain cough France cough any others zog controlled.

    Heres a video about jews its called "The External jew" its an hour long, its really good. i highly recommend this video for all brothers and sisters that knows the threat.


    the day is coming were are patience has had its finally limit and now were gonna shut their dirty, lying jewish mouths!!Hail Victory brothers and sisters of Europe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Parasite politicians the reprisal of the Golden DAWN is coming courage is adversity's lamp.

  5. If Iceland can cast off the yoke of cruel bankers and world shapers any country can do it just needs one country to start the ball rolling.

  6. Youth is future. Future is nationalism.

  7. > "The children were taught how to construct kites like their forefathers did, a practice that is lost in this consumerist society."

    That is so true. We all lost how to construct and create many things ever since we became dependent on buying goods made in China from Multinational corporations.