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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Analysis: Behind the attack on Cyprus

 By Ilias Kasidiaris

 The tripartite government decided to support the despicable. usurious attack against Cyprus. It also undermined the bankrupt banking system of the country with unknown consequences for the future of Greece. Complete submission to the destructive policies of the European Union can only bring misery to the Greek People.

 What the Golden Dawn has been claiming from the first day of the Memorandum has been triumphantly confirmed. The this policy has only one purpose, the financial destruction of the nation. It brought no benefit to our economy. The supposed deficit reduction is just a magic image: It was reduced not by the income generated by production and the growth of the economy, but by cuts. If the Financial Minister fired everyone with one night, we would have a huge surplus and reach the level of Switzerland.

 As for Cyprus, the situation is even simpler: all this fuzz is about finding 5,8 billion Euros. Even the most ignorant know that the usurious attacks of the EU will cause a bank-run with innumerable consequences, not just for the Cyprian banks, but also for other nations of the South with a destroyed banking system. The damage that they will be called to pay for will be far greater than 5,8 billion. Yet they made this decision, primary for two reasons.

 According to a writer on the "New York Times" and a Nobel prize winner economist: "Cyprus is considered to be a tax haven, especially for the Russian businessmen. This means that the country has a huge banking sector, and rescuing it without "haircuts" would also save Russians of questionable integrity and morality. The big problem though, is that the haircut isn't only about big foreign deposits. The haircut of the small, local deposit is a bit smaller, but it is still important. The Europeans are holding a bright sign, that writes in Greek and Italian : "It's time to run to your banks"."

 The situation is a bit more complex. The Germans don't do this only to hit he black heads of the Russian Mafia. Or to simply attack the tax haven "Cyprus" to upgrade the German banks to safe storage places of the capital the Southern nations hold. Their goal is to prevent Russian expansion on the Eastern Mediterranean. It's not just the Mafia that launders money on the Cyprian banks. Gazprom proposed to the President of Cyprus "all or nothing": "I will give you the billions you need and I get in control of the Cyprian natural gas deposits". The Europeans live and breathe for the Greek-Cyprian deposits and try to cut off the Russians any way possible. The industry of the North has two options: It can either stay dependent on Russian energy or freeze. Like deus ex machina, Greece appears. The energy deposits of Greece-Cyprus will soon become the force behind the industry of the North and antagonize the Russian industry and the natural gas trade.  This explains Gazprom's interest on the Public Natural Gas Company.

 A Greece and a Cyprus with devastated economies and populations will be easy targets for the big oil companies that their states themselves call. It's anything but random that everybody "found out" about our energy deposits immediately after our subjugation to the Memorandum, and that the Cyprian economy, which was strong few years ago, collapsed once they started surveying the Cyprian ground for natural gas. There is only one solution: To resist the usurers and make good use of all the natural resources of our Nation for the interest of the Greek People. The usurious attack against Greece and Cyprus was the goal of the World Jewry: The deposits of the unified deposits of Greece-Cyprus will be the factor that will adjust the international financial game the next decades.


  1. The attacks on Cyprus aren't only against Greece and cyprus, but also against Syria.

  2. World Jewry--with a list of leagues, organisations, congresses and institutes as long as your arm to control all aspects of U.N., business and insure big profits roll in for big oil, drugs and weapons. And it is so easy when you have your hands on all the controls. Just keep injecting poverty, immigration, drugs porn etc., to guarantee the goyim are flat on their backs--begging bowl in hand to Kosher leaders eager to rake in more loans to banktupt Euro governments from IMF /ECB Zionists puppets.

    Rothschild control has been here for over 200 years; in full control of America since 1913. In the 1930s depression, thanks to the Rothschilds agents House, Hoover, the Dutch jews Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) Billions of dollars were wiped off the money suppy to cause a huge contraction as the bankers sold off the U.S.A. gold stocks.

  3. The Jew is the demon behind humanity , the longer the Bankers & EU can keep this austerity rip off going the more money the parasites will make...... It needs bring to an END NOW!
    When, and only when, the body's hit the floor of the ones controlling and propagating this corruption through out Europe will they start to back down and realize that the game is up for this scum.

    1. with this stupid " the Jews are to blame for everything nonsense you are letting the large majority of the Banksters go. There are many Jews who are are prominent in banking but the New World Order banksters that run things are predominately non Jewish. the makeup is primarily the long established families of the aristocracy, the former kings princess dukess and counts of Europe and they are all quite happy to escape scrutiny while you blame everything on the JEWS. Stop playing into the hands of the enemy!!

    2. To Anonymous March 25TH 2013.........
      Of course one must give credit where credit is due, but weren't the banks involved in the American financial crash of 2007-2008 all Jewish, please correct me if I am wrong.

      Here I list Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Which of these banks are not Jewish? As an after-thought are not the Reserve Bank of America a front for a consortium of extremely wealthy and influencial Jewish bankers and do you know the names of any of the board of governors?

      No? That's OK because neither does anyone else.

  4. Better the Russians with all their resources and nationalist surge than the usual suspects.

  5. The ulimate irony? Cyprus has the only Communist head of state in all of Europe; no wonder they love Russia so much....and the proceeds from Russian blood money in drugs, diamonds, oil/natural gas etc. The Soviet has always been Kosher. Modern Russia (if you can call it that) is still a mafia state run by Jewish gangsters.

    There is a great book entitled "The Best Enemy Money Can Buy" from Antony Sutton. A brilliant read; whenever Soveit trade official came to the USA clutchinga shopping lists fot missle tech and the macines to make them, MIRVs (their missles were so primative they couldn't hit a barn of manure) they always got what they wanted; thanks to the Hebrews in the US government. The Americans would have pulverised the Bolsheviks but that would have been vetoed by the Jew TOOL President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

    Nothing like paying billions of tax dollars to dig your own grave.

    1. You are the wormtongue jew tool around here.

    2. wormtoungue is right. Make up whatever ridiculous fantasy comes to mind, disregard any facts, and publish it as a diatribe against "the Joooos" on a web site where there is no moderation nor fact checking. If you want a reason why the Banksters won't use Nuclear weapons as their tool for depopulating the earth Chernobyl should give you a really big clue. Nothing can live there very long before receiving enough radiation to guarentee an eventual agonizing death from Cancer. The banksters want to wipe out the " surplus population" (us) in a way that will leave the Earth livable for them, not condemn themselves to a lingering death. They are insanely murderously selfish, not stupid, like anyone who swallows whole the garbage Mr Coon has written.

  6. WorldOrder Oil companies tell ripped off UK consumers to "Freeze in Hell"


  7. I hope its going to be the start of Golden Dawn for Cyprus. It's time to get rid of the Zionist run banks and start running a full on nationalised economy and start getting our country back!!! The REAL Dictators are the Marxists, Liberals and Zionists! And they are illegally occupying the governments of White Nations!
    Cyprus is Greece!!!!
    Kosovo is Serbia!!!!
    Scotland is Britain!!!!
    Ireland is British Isles!!!!
    Catalonia is Spain!!!!

  8. Go with Russia I say to the people of Cyprus/Greece, your future lies with Russia.The wormtongues of the West only seek to exploit your people and resources.

  9. I fear this will result in uproar on the streets of Cyprus:
    "Cypriot president Nikos Anastasiades ‘warned’ close friends of the financial crisis about to engulf his country so they could move their money abroad, it was claimed on Friday."

  10. Golden Dawn For Cyprus Now!


  11. Best we let our brethren in Cyprus know that 4.5billion euros left Cyprus a week before the levy was imposed.Who was warned to get their money out and by whom? Not the ordinary citizens but rich people with friends in high places!!
    Italian media said 4.5 billion euros left the island in the week before the crisis

  12. Taxi?