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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A "shocking discovery"

One more groundbreaking document for Golden Dawn's illegal and murderous action is publicized by the British Channel-4. Few months after the Jews of BBC exposed our "karate" lessons for our members, this story has been playing on local and international media. Here, foreign journalists, have infiltrated in great secrecy a cafe to expose the crimes against humanity committed by the Golden Dawn.

The costumers, one of which was a candidate MP on the previous elections, became aware of them and their role, and decided to fool around with them, by making pretty obvious jokes. In ridiculous questions like "Does Golden Dawn kills immigrants and leftists?" the middle-aged men respond : "Not only do they kill them, they torture them, turn them to soap, use their teeth as beads and sell them on the flea market" and so on...  And this is presented by the yellow press as a "shocking discovery", once again.


  1. well it was kinda obvious he was joking.But leftists propaganda is...leftist propaganda

  2. The media is the biggest, baddest, most evil tool we have to melt and utterly destroy. Hail Golden Dawn, you are an inspiration to the whole world of European Nationalism.



  3. "Jew media = BBC British Channel-4" Living in the UK we are now fully aware of the jews proper gander machine (BBC) which is also used by the Government to hide the corruption that is being perpetrated throughout the system ... and anyone that takes it seriously is mentally defective or subnormal.
    The jews and the left will always play the dirty cards, for sensationalism, anything that will give them an edge. However it will only came back to bite them in the ass. Stupid M*****R F******S.

  4. THE JEWISH RUN/CONTROLLED PEDOPHILE BBC system “is rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach”. in order to punish all alleged and fabricated crimes with no victims......Love thy country, hate thy government.
    They will do anything to keep their powers, including murder.........Of course, as ever, its all about the money.
    Meanwhile Israel is set to deport? Over 100,000 Africans who legally emigrated from Ethiopia.
    You will never hear the BBC condemn Israel,never....now ask yourself WHY.


  5. BBC is nest of pedophiles.
    who still believe in them?

  6. Usual hysterical leftist nonsense, what is the difference between a Jew, Joan Rivers telling a joke about Jews,germans and ovens and a Greek playing to the reporters.
    The media also like to show a black person with tribal or civil war scars and blame it on Golden Dawn which is what we have come to expect from the British media, Lies,lies and more lies.
    The real haters and criminals are the ones supplying muslim terrorists in Libya and Syria and currently murdering children in the middle- east with their drones but yet they seem to think a joke or a racist comment is a far greater criminal offence.

  7. I personally thought they were great, especially to that Garlic selling immigrant lol.

  8. Channel 4 claims to be a “strong alternative public service voice to the BBC”. In reality it is further to the left than the BBC. It spews out cultural Marxism and promotes multiculturalism. Lead news presenter 65year old Jon Snow is married to a 37year Zambian Precious Lunga. It’s a poisonous arrogant organisation which regularly denigrates British history and incites hostility against patriots and nationalists.

    1. Absolutely right. I mentioned this and wrongly said Peter Snow but it makes a good point...they are like bugs that proliferate all over the place. You have Dan Snow with his twisted image of history and holohoax agenda, with Peter and Jon. If they were in America they would be paid up members of AIPAC and the ADL and any group associated with "open borders"

  9. They seem to be setting Greece up for intervention by other European countries.

    There are lots of murderous despots around the world that Channel 4 could expose. Yet doesn't.

    They wont even campaign for young white victims in Britain.

  10. Saw it on our TV in Australia. Lovely presenter said shortly we will be giving a report on Greece's Neo-Narnsy Golden Dawn a report by Channel Four. BBC or Channel four they are all the same. What utter crap the report was about. A chap was talking and smiling about making soap out of immigrants and etc etc . They let this chap waffle on obviously he was joking just to annoy the interviewer, perhaps the interviewer was too stupid to realise this.

  11. This question was put to the wrong people of the wrong country!

    This question should have been placed to and asked of the Israelis....

    "Not only do they kill them, they torture them, turn them to soap, use their teeth as beads and sell them on the flea market" and so on.

  12. This is just another example that shows that Golden Dawn are having a positive effect, not only on the lives of ordinary Greek citizens, but also on Nationalist groups globally. Keep up the good work and stay safe, from one of your many friends in the UK.

  13. It was channel 4 and John Snow who was trying his best to brainwash the white British public into thinking that Golden Dawn are a bunch of thugs attacking these ethnics. And that we should rather embrace these people and let them take over our country and destroy our culture.

  14. I found the video entertaining "Take your Garlic and go to hell!" LMAO

  15. Greece Agrees to Give Up All of its Gold to Obtain Latest Bailout
    The devil is in the details. In this case, the details require Greece to give up all 111 tonnes of its gold in exchange for the latest bailout.
    As far as the banksters are concerned, Greece with its 111 tonnes of gold are merely a practice run for the main event: Portugal with 382.5 tonnes of gold, France with 2,435.4 tonnes of gold and Italy with 2,451.8 tonnes of gold.

    The so called head or leader of Greece is a Goldman Sachs plant
    "What's really amazing is that the sheeple in Greece are just going to watch their country be ground into the dirt. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

    People of Greece: Storm the castle and lynch Papademos, throw the banksters out on their collective asses and give the ECB the big middle finger like Iceland did. What have you got to loose? You're going to starve anyway. It is better to go out in defiance than to become a slave. "

  16. I see Giorgos saying to his Greek friend, "lets take the piss out of this BBC journalist, are you innit?"

  17. The usual looting by the usual suspects -

  18. The will to conquer is the first condition of victory and GOLDEN DAWN will see VICTORY.
    This will secure the heritage of the great Greek nation of people, and stop the attempted genocide of another white race by the EU.

  19. It is quite amazing to me that a Democratic government of a European country who once boasted an Empire, whose rich culture and magnificient history stetches back thousands of years would employ a thuggish American mercenary group of killers to assist in controlling their own people.

    I can only assume they are forced to do this as they do not have the support of their own people and are forced to bring in a foreign mercenaries paid for by their own taxpayers to assure their criminal government stays in power.

    and THIS is democracy when the voice of the people is stifled? It smacks of the days of Soviet terror.

  20. Leftards do not understand sarcasm and take every joke seriously.

  21. People need to know the "agenda" of the channel 4 Marxists that run this channel. First they have always been Jewish owned owned and operated. I don't back muslim emigration anywhere, they should be home fighting for the rights of their people to overthrow the zionist dictatorship that destroys there homeland.

    There was an member of the House of Lords that was censored in the UK for saying that "Jews" ran the media. Now there is a big fight with a new bill to CONTROL the press and even blogs on the internet and International websites with servers in the USA or Ireland like Facebook and Twitter.

    Freedom of Speech? What a joke.

    It does not exist...at least not in Europe.

    Peter Snow of Channel 4 news is a total Marxist Communist working for the NWO elite and draws his blood money from diversity and backing multicultural death as a weapon against white people.

  22. Over the last 10 years I have been investigating the crime of September 11, 2001. It is not a conspiracy theory: Israeli Mossad / Shen Bet with dual national traitors planted the thermite explosions that brought WTC 1, 2, and 7 down. Israelis were fore-warned on 9/11. Out of 4000 Israelis working at the World Trade Center only one died on 9/11. Mossad are a danger to the e ntire world--Mossad terror is always false flag.

  23. Both saw in Adolf Hitler defect.This disadvantage those who say something on that German national hero ....Who loved his country and served his people and his mother's name history books Germany .....Glory to Hitler and immortality to date المجي the the

    Iraq - from Fallujah