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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Capitalism, a system for a chosen few

 A not-at-all insignificant question is how all those politicians and "experienced" and renowned economists couldn't predict the present financial crisis in order to take the necessary measures and reduce its painful results that we face everyday in this hard life.

 Lets return to the past for a bit. One can conclude that the economically liberal system of laissez faire laissez passer (Capitalism), the "open markets", only benefited the ruling class and the interests of those that
diachronically live like parasites on the expense of the workers, inside each respective global financial system. Economical liberalism can be traced back to Adam Smith, the main representative of this school. The industrial revolution brought huge changes and made Britain a hegemonic power (Pax Britannica). One of those changes was the so-called "free market" system that was adopted by Britain and it was claimed that the system was in line with the ideals of the Enlightenment. The advocates of this system supported the claim that increasing commercial deals between the nations would work to prevent the declaration of a war, because a war would bump on mutual interests generated by Capitalism. Thus world peace would be strengthened and the free market would find a way to ease the inequalities and injustice on the expense of the weak in this planet.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Europe under occupation!

Aaron Dugmore, 9 year old. Another victim of an undeclared war. Nobody will ever hear in the media of Mass fraudulent or read in the progressive tabloids, for the white angel who "left" ending his life due to daily threats and terror practiced against him by a gang of Asian pupils in his school, in Birmingham of England. In this school where 75% of students come from different minorities, little Aaron was targeted by Asian students because of the white color of skin! Threats with a plastic knife and the promise that the next time it will be a real one, forces the white boy to hide in the playground during lunch. ''Whites must die'' cried the racist dark skinned classmates. The mother of the little boy,repeatedly turned to the school's principal complaining about this fact, but he replied that she chose this school, accepting this way the discrimination against the white students and inciting the spirit of multiracial society, faithfully obeying the dictates of the new world order.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two political victories

1) Papandreou and the Lagarde List


 District Attorney Diotis "ratted" on Papandreou and Bika (Commander of the National Intelligence Service) confirming what Golden Dawn claimed from day one: That the Lagarde List came to Greece through secret agencies and was covered up with Papandreou being the first and the main person responsible. During the examination of the investigation committee, comrade Kasidiaris was focused on pressuring the commander of the NIS, where he denied any accusations of participation in this scandal. Then the comrade accused him of lying, of disorientating the investigations and that he is an agent of the United States. Now, with the Diotis testimony, the lies of Bika and the participation of Papandreou are confirmed. New Democracy and Syriza remain silent, because those two parties together covered up his involvement, and voted against the formation of an investigation committee to hold the ex-PM of the IMF and the Memorandum accountable for his actions.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Massive protest against the MEGA TV Channel

Many are at fault for the country's current situation, for the crisis that isn't only financial, but also a humanitarian crisis. We do have our share of responsibility, mostly because we watched the sepsis, false prosperity and sybaritism eating the flesh of the Nation, and we did nothing other than sit on our couches. Everyone is a fault for Greece's predicament, but the biggest share of responsibility hold the Mainstream Media and their political clients.

(Read more for photos-video of the protest)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

World Jewry begging to get Golden Dawn banned

An anti-Golden Dawn demonstration that took place in Salonika, an initiative of the Municipality, and was "honored" by the presence of the Mayor, the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and important Jews, like the the president of the World Jewish Congress and the president of the European Jewish congress.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Analysis: Behind the attack on Cyprus

 By Ilias Kasidiaris

 The tripartite government decided to support the despicable. usurious attack against Cyprus. It also undermined the bankrupt banking system of the country with unknown consequences for the future of Greece. Complete submission to the destructive policies of the European Union can only bring misery to the Greek People.

The Ancient Greek Salute

"The salute will be given with the vivid extension of the right hand with raised fingers and the palm on the height of the right eye, modeled by the standard Greek (Dorian) salute."

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/eon-iwannhs-metajas-chairetismos-binteo

Our Nationalism

"The term and concept of Nationalism is general and does not necessarily contain a specific model of political government. It is a generality and so both its acceptance, or rejection without clarification is often an energy flimsy and frivolous. "

Therefore, an urgent need to define our own nationalism is emerging. The nationalism in which we, the Golden Dawners, believe. Our Nationalism has nothing to do with the "Jacobin nationalism" that was the outcome of the French Revolution. This "nationalism" that demanded the overcome of the old world for social and economic reasons and in many cases achieved this by using the Idea (and Biological Reality) of the Nation. Yet at the same time resulted in leveling and destruction of traditional structures of the community, such as the Physical Hierarchy, or order and respect for Archetypes.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kite workshop for children by Golden Dawn

 The offices of the R.O. of Evia-Viotia were filled with children and laughter last Saturday.With many participants, the Social Solidarity team set up a workshop to prepare kites for the traditional kite-flying custom of Green Monday. The children were taught how to construct kites like their forefathers did, a practice that is lost in this consumerist society.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Neither Marx, nor Rockefeller

There are two dominant systems - ideologies today, regardless of any sects arising within them. These are Marxism and liberalism, two ideologies which admittedly have many different internal movements, mainly related to the percentage of state intervention in the economy or the process of transition to a "classless society."

Returning to duty

Greetings to all of our comrades and readers. This last week was a week full of troubles, technical and personal, combined with the spam-attack of some petty leftists resulted in delaying the translation of so many and important news. For this, I want to apologize to the readers and the donators thank helped to run this Newsroom.

We are back now, and we will continue the fight to spread the message of Golden Dawn and Social Nationalism throughout the Zionist Occupied World.


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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Technical problems

Due to ongoing problems with my PC, translations will be delayed.

Stay tuned for more news about the Golden Dawn soon!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A "shocking discovery"

One more groundbreaking document for Golden Dawn's illegal and murderous action is publicized by the British Channel-4. Few months after the Jews of BBC exposed our "karate" lessons for our members, this story has been playing on local and international media. Here, foreign journalists, have infiltrated in great secrecy a cafe to expose the crimes against humanity committed by the Golden Dawn.

The costumers, one of which was a candidate MP on the previous elections, became aware of them and their role, and decided to fool around with them, by making pretty obvious jokes. In ridiculous questions like "Does Golden Dawn kills immigrants and leftists?" the middle-aged men respond : "Not only do they kill them, they torture them, turn them to soap, use their teeth as beads and sell them on the flea market" and so on...  And this is presented by the yellow press as a "shocking discovery", once again.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

They are illegally postponing the municipal elections, because of Golden Dawn!!

A law, voted on 2010, that merged many municipalities states that municipal elections will take place every 5 years, on the same days of the European elections, effective immediately. So, the next municipal elections will take place on the June of 2014. However, we hear within the Parliament, and through the pro-government Press the existence of a scenario to postpone the municipal elections until June of 2015, defying the law.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Scandal! The Greek Parliament hired Blackwater for protection!

 A revelation that exposes the Government and the Presidency of the Parliament, was given to the public by the ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos on a Canadian newspaper. Mr. Chrysanthopoulos stated that "Academi" (the new name of the criminal mercenaries of "Blackwater") will be in charge of guarding the parliament. This is his exact statement: