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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This is how the System fights us! With black propaganda!

 With this black-and-white photo, that was subjected to pathetic editing, the MSM of the System organized yet another attack against the Golden Dawn. To convince the Greek People that Golden Dawners invaded the Panarkadian Hospital, they cropped and pasted four of our members from a recent rally of the Movement in Crete. Specifically, this photo comes from the episodic demonstration on the Irakleian Peninsula: The Golden Dawn Militia secures the block because armed anarchist teams were approaching our rally point.

The "Editor's Newspaper" took those Cretans and placed them on the interior of the Panarkadian Hospital, some 400 kilometers northwest of Crete. The same night, the "Alpha" TV station used this specific image to convince the audience that Golden Dawners violently invaded the hospital.
 This was the Regime's attempt to distort the Party's recent intervention. A team of Golden Dawners visited the Panarkadian Hospital to discuss with Manager of the Hospital, Helen Siourouni, about the issue of illegal immigrants being employed as exclusive nurses. The meeting was very constructive and peaceful, with the manager stating that "there is a common goal with the Golden Dawn regarding the problem of illegal employment within the hospital". This practice costs lots of money for the Greek people, as those immigrants declare no income. The result of their pathetic propaganda was to get this woman removed from her position, allegedly because she "allowed armed thugs to walk around the hospital".

   Golden Dawn's social influence is rapidly increasing, and soon will threaten the ND-Syriza power dipole. The Media are competing each other on who will manage to tell the biggest and best lie for the Social Nationalist Movement. THEY WILL NOT WIN! THEIR BLACK PROPAGANDA WILL NOT PASS!


  1. Poor woman, another unemployed Greek. Down with the oppressive current Greek dictatorship!

  2. Propaganda fail!

    "Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known."
    - Matthew 10:26

  3. They think they can get away with that?

  4. You need to hack the Media and get the truth out.

    They won't publish the truth.

  5. They are in the exact same positions in the two photos. How could one fall for propaganda like that? I suppose your political opponents are running out of ideas. Maybe the Golden Dawn should attack them (politically, not physically) while they counter attacks like these that are themselves miserable.

  6. Morons using Photoshop in an attempt fool people, how did they think that they could get away with this cheap trick propaganda?
    This is only confirming that the tyrannical corrupt Greek government is plainly scared stiff, the treasonous traitors will try every trick in the book; their attempts at BLACK PROPAGANDA will come back and ultimately hang them, and it can’t come soon enough.
    Take heart GOLDEN DAWN it just shows you are on the right path, and the Social Nationalists of Europe are with you all the way, stay strong and give no quarter to corrupt filth!

  7. I see that GD only need 7 points in the polls to win, I pray that they get them sooner than later for their Greek people that are suffering,GOD speed GD.

  8. "The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men"
    Now is the time to bring these evil men down from their thrones by any means.

  9. Keep up the good work people,all over Europe support for your cause is growing,take your country back from all of those tax dodging corrupt self serving so called politicians and kick out the parasitic immigrants,GOOD LUCK from Great Britain .

  10. As a fellow Brit I second the comment from Paz above.

  11. Hahaha stupid media, this is good for you guys to show their lies, one day we knew they would slip up. How stupid do they have to be to believe Golden Dawn would sully their reputation or waste time beating up immigrants? Of all in a hospital? Don't worry, this stuff was posted on #goldendawn twitter and people like "that is terrifying" but I set them straight posting both the photos saying it was photoshopped, met one of the Golden Dawn ladies on twitter talking about handing out news papers, this is good stuff, you guys seem to be in high spirits I am impressed with the Greek spirit, a quality we all should embrace and encourage to protect Europe.

  12. Russia Today news reporting about the immigration in Britain.


    Help us Russia and Golden Dawn. I want our government gone! and the non whites kicked out of our Island!

  13. The ZOG puppet controlled USA & their Zionist masters in the state of Israel. God's chosen ones; founded upon terrorism & maintained through terrorism.
    Yeah how's that working out for ya?
    So far Egypt for example. No Western friendly secular dictator anymore and things are just going wonderfully there aren't they? Muslims basically shit where they eat on so many levels like in Egypt, Syria and Tunisia and in turn blame the whole world for their endemic social and economic problems.
    They spread over the world like a disease and work like universal cock roaches with prophet Mohamed as there god.To conquer,eat & destroy everything they find.
    Golden Dawn the only ones that have an answer and the strength to turn the tide.

  14. Golden Dawn is currently the best hope for a (fairly) peaceful, political solution to the ongoing genocide-by-immigration being committed against the white race worldwide, and especially in Europe.

    Golden Dawn's success is very important. It means that, just possibly, the ever-increasing number of whites lining up to fight this genocide may succeed without having to move to the next stage beyond politics, i.e. technology. (One technological option is ethnic biowarfare, which I hope we would never be forced to use).

  15. 4 people have just committed suicide this past week in Spain due to austerity (banksters)measures, is it not about time the people of Spain,Italy and Greece joined forces and removed their puppet governments and their countries from this abomination of the European Union, Germany and France's economies are on a downward spiral which means things will only get worse.
    Stop immigration, stop the EU and stop these zionist pillagers.

  16. They are telling lies because they are afraid of you and they know that people approve of your real actions.

  17. And who is ultimately behind the scenes supporting these lies? THE JEWISH PROPAGANDA MACHINE.


    Just look at the latest theft of money from Cyprus Bank accounts, do you need any more proof?

    The Jew parasite needs total elimination from the face of the earth; yes they are the chosen people to ..... eliminate

  18. Every age has a time of cleansing from evil.
    The only thing that has changed from archaic times is a word,
    the word changed from slave to worker.
    When any person in position is asked to retrench / sack a
    fellow worker under the arms of profit, and these people take the step to sack
    with no consideration of a person’s livelihood these people are already lost to evil,
    for they have no empathy.
    When money is more important than life, you have succumbed to evil.
    The time has come to re-educate the human race in honour, love &
    May it start with Golden Dawn.