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Monday, February 18, 2013

The "Photo of the Year", the depiction of the Zionist atrocities.

 The Press Photo 2013 prize was awarded to the Swedish photographer Paul Hansen. This horrible picture depicts two little brothers, killed by Israeli bombardments against civilians at Gaza, the dead bodies of which are being carried by a team of mourning and angry Palestinians.

 The brutality of this photo revives the memories of a continuous war crime committed by the Zionist State, a war crime for which the world organizations, the NGOs and the international independent authorities have nothing to say. The two year old Suhaib Hijazi and his three year old brother, Muhammad, were killed during the blind bombardments committed by the Jews on the city of Gaza. Those brothers are two more victims of the impunity and misanthropic hatred of the Israeli butchers, on which the international community turns a blind eye, actively confirming the reality of a Zionist world control. This control has reached such heights, that if anyone ever exposes Israel for its crimes, he will have to face the coordinated attack of international organizations, state authorities and of course, the Media, as an instigator of antisemitism! No matter how much they try to cover the Zionist crimes, this picture is an undeniable witness of the Judaic atrocities.
 This is the criminal State with which the Greek government, and more specifically the "patriotic" party of "New Democracy", persists to cooperate. The Samara government is already working with them to device ways to hurt the People's Association of Golden Dawn, that dares to expose to the Greek People the truth about the massacres of the Palestinians in Gaza. We couldn't expect anything different from the Greek pawns of International Zionism, who through the despicable Memorandums, attempt to financially massacre our People.
  The biggest responsible for the continuation of the Zionist terrorist policies are the United States of America. It is known that the foreign policy of the former is always in line with the wishes of the powerful Jewish lobby, which has recruited, through many different methods, many U.S. government officials in every government sector, in order to promote the Zionist protection plans of Israel and global Zionist enforcement. Relevant to this fact is the recent visit Tsipras payed to his American-Zionist mentors, to receive instructions on how to face one of the biggest enemies of Zionism, the Golden Dawn.
 The Social Nationalist Movement could not turn a blind eye on the Zionist cruelty. It's the duty of all Free Men to shout the Truth on top of their lungs. And the truth is that there is an outrageous silence that engulfed the international community of the so-called humanists, when faced with the constant war crime in Gaza.


  1. Just as Germans for generations to come will have to bear the burden of Nazism, so Jews for many generations to come will have to bear the burden of Israel’s merciless assault against the Palestinian people. Just as Germany’s name is now inextricably linked, not just with Beethoven and Brecht, but with Hitler and Himmler, so the Jewish people’s name will now be inextricably linked, not just with Marx and Menuhin, but with Sharon and Shamir. Israel’s terroristic war against the Palestinians had also besmirched the memory of the six million Jewish martyrs.

    1. What exactly was Hitler guilty of, defending his nation from the commie jew bolshevik hordes?
      Nice try Herr judenrat but no thinking German bears any burden, only pride.

  2. Whats the difference between Jews and Nazi's.....SIMPLY NON !
    It has made cruelty and corruption the norm.


  3. Israel is digging it's own grave. Every decade Israel bribes, manipulates and lies. Excepting bribed and threaten politicians, the world has grown to despise Israel and the pro Zionists that support their crimes. One day suitcase nukes will exist.How many of these would take Israel out? A couple, and Israel is a big black hole with a bunch of whinny Jews asking WHY?Everybody is trying to tell you NOW before it is too late.Narcissism is hard to cure.
    The world will mourn Israel one day....... for a day.

  4. Twenty million Russian civilians were exterminated by Germans and 8 million of Poles died at the hands of the Germans , but how come we only hear about 6 million Jews all the time on regular basis supported by movies (Schindler's List, Night and Fog etc,etc) almost 70 years after the war? It's only evoked purpose to victimize Israel.The Zionist jews of Israel are treating the Palestinians like the jews were treated in Germany if a world is ruled by jews, and you're against them, then what do you expect? You have no freedom, and you certainly have no freedom of speech.

    1. What planet are you on?killed by Germans?Do some research idiot.You will find that most of the killing can be laid at the door of the Commie Zionist Jews,especially in Poland.

  5. The Mel Gibsons of the world are right in saying Jews deliberately using their power to take over the world the Jews when they came to America, the one place that ever really let them have as much power as they wanted, and suddenly they’re taking over they own a whole freaking country..the world being next.

  6. What sort of aid is/Will GD give to the Palestinians?

  7. With every passing week, another nail is hammered into the coffin of world zionism. Thank you for publishing this, I doubt it will appear in any of the MSM or ZOG press...

  8. I'm surprised as victims of fauxtographery yourselves you didn't see through this Pallywood production. The whole thing looks staged and even if it wasn't why is the western press obsessed with Palestinian victim hood. What about the far greater number of Victims of Muslim crimes? What about the Coptic Christians in Egypt where whole congregations of men women and children are targeted and get blown or burnt alive. Likewise in Nigeria, Thailand etc. the list is endless. You call Constantinople Greek land that hasn't been reclaimed but this was exactly what Israel was to the Jews (i.e. Zionism- A movement for (originally) the reestablishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in Israel.) So I think your obsession with Zionism is rather hypocritical. My father witnessed some of the Turkish atrocities during the Greek holocaust in Asia Minor at the age of 12 he saw Greek pregnant women being slaughtered by the Turks. These killings were not collateral victims but the real targets of Turkish ethnocide. How many victims of bombing of Dresden or Hiroshima and compare this with Israel bombing. Have you ever considered the Jewish victims of Palestinian aggression? Or is a Jewish baby not worth the same as a Palestinian.

    1. The Muslim Brotherhood is controlled by the Zionists, they are Al-qaeda, which are puppets themselves.

    2. That is the stupidest thing I ever read. Muslim brotherhood controlled by Zionists? Are you retarded? The muslims beheaded millions of Greeks, Armenians and other Christians over the centuries. And Jews. And now the Jews control them? They control Turkey? You are a moron.

    3. Anonymous, you'd better check out the number of Jews and Donmeh that could be found among the Young Turks, responsible for the killings you mentioned. Also,check out who was Duke of Naxos in the 16th century and helped built up the Ottoman navy.

      And if you don't believe that the Muslim Brotherhood shares interests with the Zionists until now, just consider these facts:
      -They were a strong opposition to Nasser who waged two wars against Israel.
      -Their government is now closing the tunnels to Gaza with greater zeal than during Mubarak's dictatoship!

      Don't you realise that Christian Palestinians have suffered since Zionists came in the region?
      The Turkish AKP, which is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, is only verbally attacking Israel. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, they have collaborated with Israel to support the rebels. And guess what? Syria's Baas regime has long been a haven for Christians in the region, which is now in jeopardy because of Islamist rebels who rejoice with Israeli bombings (as you can witness in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMH7mmAC-bI).

      Now, maybe it is time to take time before calling people retarded.

      It is just as immoral when an Israeli kid gets killed than a Palestinian one, but you have no reason to call that Gaza picture a montage. The expression "Pallywood" you use is disgusting and smells of fucking AIPAC.


    So Britain now leading the world, has the wonder of diversity, beauty, equality, peace, multiculturalism now. ….. Plus all the wonderful advantages multiculturalism has brought to our shores “female genital mutilation” , Muslim grooming of underage white girls, “racism”, Sharia courts, Halal food, electoral fraud, voodooism, bush meat, drug-resistant tuberculosis, Saar's, gang rape, child brides, pedophiles, mugging, acid attacks, carjacking, suicide bomber etc etc.

    And yet now another exotic import from the Indian sub continent. We now have caste discrimination! All these words completely alien to Britain pre-mass immigration. A country so distorted, divided, criminalized, colonized and hell to live in.

    And exactly who is responsible for these wonders? The British Government of Zionists traitors, the last 40 years to the present day continuing the genocide of White people .

    We now move inexplicably forward to White Rebellion, Revolution, and ultimately CIVIL WAR in Britain.

  10. I suppose the only reason why the Jews have not deported all Palestanians into concentration camps would be the non-Zionist medias to rightfully report these curropt actions to the general public like this newsroom itself.