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Thursday, February 28, 2013

George Soros: The patron Saint of leftists

A shocking discovery (for those not "initiated" in the global political backstage, which is 99,9% of the People) s presented by the Wirtschaftswoche Magazine: the famous Jewish international Capitalist George Soros was the man that arranged and paid for the visit of Tsipras (Leader of the Coalition of Radical Left) to America, through then "INET" institute. and uses the americanocommunists* to serve his interests - and the interests of the international usurers. If it is good for the Capitalists it is bad for us!**
 *this term is broadly used in Greece, because of the Coalition's similarity and love for the American "liberals".
**Soros' involvement with the anarchists, and particularly Indymedia (Independent Media Center) is well known in Greece and other Nations, among the "initiated".

Here is the article, signed by 3 journalists:

«Another member of INET, Thomas Ferguson from the MIT, was part of a panel in New York with representatives of the Greek leftist party "Syriza", since it was invited in a discussion with the Law School of Columbia University. The president of the party, Tsipras, presented his thoughts about the greedy Germans, his fears for a new Adolf Hitler and the new fascism in Europe. He also had besides him his financial advisers, Giannis Milios and Rena Dourou. Their visit was co-funded by the think tank Soros has at his disposal, the INET. Why is Soros the sponsor of an anti-capitalist demagogue like Tsipras, that attacks Germany? Does he have the same opinions? His partners from Wall Street talk about this only to cover up the story. It seems like many are afraid of his influence. In some conversations with his managers, we can often hear "Soros want's to take revenge on Germany"».

It looks like Syriza was benefited from the mythical amount of money Soros won by betting on the fall of the yen!


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