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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Divide and Conquer

 Clockwise from top-left: Scottish, Catalan, Cretan State and Padanian flags.

 With the ongoing war of the international usurers and rulers against the traditional values and the Nations, it causes much surprise to witness the rise of a peculiar "nationalism" with the blessings of the System. We are talking about the European secessionist movements and the efforts of some intellectuals and university professors to strengthen the opinion that a Nation does not have a racial structure and is not based on blood and common heritage, but it is just a social construct, that represents financial interests.

 We can easily see that the System itself promotes those movements: Tony Blair as the Minister of Great Britain promoted the idea of an autonomous Scotland with a related referendum and strengthened the Scottish National Party, a party that is located between the lines of social democracy and promotes the vision of an immigrant-friendly and multicultural Scotland without any discrimination or boundary. A party that is intensively pro-EU, in favor of the monetary union and in favor of seceding from Great Britain for clearly financial reasons, because it believes that the benefits from the oil of the North Sea should be enjoyed only by Scotland. A party that has Humza Yousaf for its representative, a Muslim with a Pakistani father and a Kenyan mother. This party and its peculiar "nationalism" is promoted by the MSM in any way possible, even with Hollywood films.

 Similarly, Catalonia an area-symbol of the anarchist antifascist struggle even before the Spanish Civil War, carries a different national identity, that is based primarily on her cultural and linguistic distinctiveness, her leftist past, and -not surprisingly- the financial prosperity of the region, the wealth of which is above the average of the rest of Spain. So, the secessionist Catalan movement stands against the Nation-State that spends the money of the Catalans, but is open for every immigrant and strives for an independent Catalonia with the European Union. Due to all of the above, the attention the Catalan secessionist movement receives is completely understandable, especially thanks to the famous football team "Barcelona", that didn't became famous accidentally or for strictly football reasons.

 The same apply for Lega Nord: The rich italic north (Padania) civilized and therefore multicultural, leftist and democratic and therefore antifascist, rich and therefore progressive, seeks autonomy -of course within a United Europe- to stop feeding its southern lazy and conservative compatriots.

 We talked about the most famous of the secessionist movements -because secessionist / separatist / regionalist movements can be found in every European country- to point out that the System promotes and uses a pro-EU, antiracist, financial, secessionist regionalism, a faux-Nationalism, to undermine and destroy the Nation-States, to annihilate any resistence against the oncoming globalization of the multinational corporations and the Capital.

 As such, we are aware of the reason we see multiple efforts to destroy the Greek national heritage, with ridiculous lies: The rich island of Crete, with oil and natural gas and other minerals, suddenly wants autonomy, the Turkification of Thrace goes on without any retaliation from Athens, EFA-Rainbow keeps mobilizing in Macedonia, and we recently heard about efforts that aim for an autonomous Icaria and Septinsular Republic! We can see that those movements that represent only the agents behind them, enjoy constant Media attention, are embraced by our political parties (the Ecologist Greens have been involved in and essentially adopted EFA-Rainbow) and find loads of money and supporters for their propaganda campaigns.  All those movements, In Europe and Greece alike, come from the same decision center, serve the same interests, have the same goals and use the same means. That's why they are easily exposed, and they will be defeated even more easily.

Video: Numerous propaganda efforts that promote an "independent" Crete.
By promoting on a subconscious level the symbols of the future the Zionists want,  
the masses end up believing that this future is the natural continuation of things.

 Now we will talk about the second category of kosher nationalists, one of the means the authoritarian system uses to promote the first category we talked about above. We attribute to this category a separate value because it existed long before the rise of the secessionist movements, and because due to this category of people the essence of the Nation is slowly falling in oblivion.

 So called "prominent" academicians, internationalist faux-intellectuals, with the pretense of cosmopolitan democracy and multiculturalism, are struggling with books, articles, and political activism to distort and destroy the patriotic spirit of the European peoples. They are spreading, with the help and full support of the political system and the Media, the Marxist version of the Nation, as a cultural construct of the bourgeois State.

 Even though it acts as an opposing view while it actually is its complementary, a new school of thought was born in Greece those last years. Its supporters are serious intellectuals and thinkers, that identify themselves as "nationists" and refute the Marxist worldview. The nationist school of thought defines the nation as a pre-modern subject of historical and cultural acts that is not subject to the State, but it preexists and and takes precedence over it. However, this school of thought rejects Nationalism, accusing it of being a "heresy" that is the polar opposite of National-Nihilism, calling it National-Racialism.

 So, more loyal to the Christian Orthodox tradition, they perceive the Nation as the sum of culture that is generated century by century, inseparably connected with Greek Orthodox Christianity. For the nationists, the Nation is a cultural and religious complex, without racial roots, that stems from the Eastern Orthodox state tradition, without the ancestral legacy of the blood, without the continuation and unity of the common Greek origin, without a spiritual connection with the land of our Forefathers.

 They are promoted by the system as well, because this school of thought erodes the meaning of the Nation, making it an easy prey for the international Zionists. What they furiously denounce as National-Racialism, is nothing more than the collective of our common blood, our Motherland, that proves that the Nation exists. The Nation is not shapeless, or even a beautiful cultural figure, the Nation is the Dead and the Unborn.

 All the efforts of the European dictators and the servants of the markets aim to deconstruct the Nation-States and the social communities in order to replace them with a nationally colorless and culturally impoverished federation of states, with a fake national identity but in reality defined only by their financial interests and transactions, without a tradition. Mixed societies and people without a memory is the future the National-Nihilists and Tyrants of Europe dream of. We will stop them!

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/ethnismos-kinhmata-autonomhshs-opla-sta-cheria-ths-neas-tajhs


  1. The SNP originally had fascist elements involved but were quickly arrested. Now the party is crawling with Communist sympathizers. Amazing.

    Having a talk with some of my Scottish family, they are quite livid that people can move there and benefit from the welfare system with out assimilating to Scottish culture. When it comes to Race they seem quite blind on the subject.

    Scotland needs a Golden Dawn. Get that Caledonian blood riled once again!

    1. Britain needs a Golden Dawn, splitting the UK up into little fiefdoms won't save us.

  2. The SNP are currently Marxists running the show. Even through the Zionist media call them SNP and Plaid Cymru Marxists as "Nationalists". sickening.

    Partitioning of nations is not my thing. I want unity in the Island of Britain. Scottish Independence is part of the divide and conquer what the globalists want. But I am a republican because I lost faith with the Monarchy. But as I am part Irish. Ireland still retain its "British" heritage. But it caused barriers like communication problems but its not much. But thankfully for the Common Travel Area which the British Isles have got. But since I am against the UK monarchy as they have betrayed the White People of Britain. It makes me confused about the Scottish Independence. But the Marxists and vile socialists want the Independence to happen. Even through Scotland have its own ghettos as well. When is it time that the UK government to dissolve so we can have a new government which serves the interests for white people only.

    But at least the divide and conquer issue is not a British Issue. It's a European issue as well. The only independence I support Northwest American Republic which is a homeland for Whites only. http://northwestfront.org/ But America is too big to take it back as they have to start from a small white homeland.

    I am for British Isles Independence and against independence of any areas in the Isles. I am for White unity.

    White Pride world wide!

    and Kosovo is Serbia!

  3. And so they begin the looting of Greece, the selling of assets to their friends at the lowest possible price.
    Greece has held talks with Qatar over the sale of the Astir Palace in a deal that would mark the first outright sale of a property in the country through the government’s 50 billion-euro ($67 billion) asset disposal program, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

    Representatives of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Co., part of the Persian Gulf country’s sovereign-wealth fund, discussed the sale with Greek officials and the resort’s owners when Prime Minister Antonis Samaras visited Doha last month, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private.

  4. Off topic but today marks 100 years since the liberation of Ioannina, Epirus, Greece. Zito i eleftheria.

  5. Not to mention as what i saw on the zionist news that the students have a large no vote. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-21539995

  6. When one side of the argument is censored, it is easy to perpetrate a fraud on the majority.

  7. Everyone must see and spread this:


  8. Catalonian "nationalists" are anti-Whites, as this article exposes.

  9. Scotsmen here, very good post BEWS.

    Here's some more info on ourside of things.

    SNP like Sein Fein are Marxist Republican Socialists, just like Spain prior to the Civil War, here are links on the Scottish "Nationalists" Party aka SNP and some links comparing Spain and the Republican Socialists vs Real Nationalists (Falangista's) and how the two match up.





    Also if you want to see where we are today, heres some infomercials made recently by the biggest soft drink manufacturer in Scotland promoting Scottish Genocide openly and with a big smile on there faces.

    A Bruzil Lullaby - latest IRN-BRU advert


    And this fine article on the issue was written by a patriotic Englishmen living in Scotland so disgusted by it, see here - http://independent-british-nationalist.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/scottish-sun-irn-bru-call-on-scots-to.html

    Keep up the good work BEWS, lots of love and support from your Brothers in Scotland/United Kingdom, Give Golden Dawn our support!.

  10. Oh and a sidenote, the SNP are heavily pro-EU(SSR).
    Its Marxist "Former" Labour Party members (Labour party of course now under the leadership of the very Jewish Ed Miliband....whom had to get a Nose job due to "sleeping/Snoring" problems....lel) keep the moderate middling masses of politically inept middle-class supporters at bay on the whole issue by bullshitting them with the same old Mainstream Political hook-line and sink "we'll have a referendum on the EU".
    Same very thing every other party has said on both the "left" and the "right" for decades and the second they get into power.....BLOCKED..."sorry we're in, nothing we can do about it now *whistle*"

    The SNP also at the last minute lowered the voting age to 16 so that more and more Braveheart watching, basement dwellinng neckbeards can go out their in 2014 and "stick one to England" (Despite the fact that its been the heavily Scottish dominated Marxist Labour Party thats been in power the last several governments and the fact that all these same areas are the shit holes that they are becuase they're exclusively Labour party storng holds (Glasgow being the biggest) and they have no one else to blame but themselves).

  11. Funny guys...

    And what about Greece?
    Isn't Greece just a fantasy "big" european union of old greek city states?

    Do you think Athens and Sparta had much in common? Neither blood nor heritage!

    All is a social/cultural construct!

  12. Indeed. As a conscious nationalist since my adolescent years (mid to late 1990s, when nationalism as a political concept was arguably at its lowest ebb, due to world circumstances at the time) I eventually came to view, particularly in light of our Serbian experience (I am Serbian) what I perceived to be the difference between "positive" or integrationist nationalism; and "negative", that is essentially - feudalistic, chauvinistic and above all, self defeating nationalism.

    The so called "Independent State of Croatia" is the par excellence example of a case in point. Its roots reside exclusively in Vatican-jesuit megalomania; an accumulation of several centuries worth of what can be aptly described as a tragedy of real Shakespearean character, which culminated in an entirely ONE WAY directed monstrous fratricide during world war 2, on the part of the nazi sponsored "Croat" ustashe brigades. Arguably THE ultimate, most bitter and foul hornet's nest of the Vatican, in history. Just consider how mute and powerless the Vatican was when the Orthodox Christian populations of Asia Minor were being exterminated by Ottoman Turk remnants in the early 1920s; then both blindness and deafness was feigned when the systematic genocide by mass executions and mass starvation, was beginning to take firm shape in the bolshevik-communist dominated former Russian empire, in the 1930s.

    Only this was just the beginning on the long road to who knows what, because these no hopers ended up embracing naziism in Germany like it was the second coming, especially with the monstrous way they acted in the old Kingdom of Yugoslavia. So basically the modern state of "Croatia", an entirely fictitious historical nation, was only really made apparent by virtue of contemporary modes of state crafting and, very sadly, by Serbian acquiescence to what proved to be a retarded "pan slavonic union", especially since it then only applied to southern Slavs and not all Slavic peoples from the Dinaric mountains to the Urals, as should have been the case, in order for it to have any hope of working. Like this we ended up having a half baked "south slavic kingdom", yet without Bulgaria included in the fold, but also and more pertinently - built on a rootly incompatible western style political platform ("paliamentary democracy").

    In short, "Croatia" became the hub from which were apparently discerned a good few other "nations" or "nationalities" no one ever heard of before. Like "Slovenes", "Macedonians" and "Bosniaks". There are even fringe elements within Romania today breaking into the main stream there, by claiming native Vlach communities of eastern Serbia to really be of Romanian origin. In fact, I was told myself once by a young lady from FYROM of Vlach origin, how she acquired a Romanian passport purely because she was a Vlach!

    The amount of opportunism appears to be endless as well as ridiculous, but like the author already wrote this is why the perpetrators are easily exposed and for that reason they will be defeated more easily.

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