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Monday, February 11, 2013

A cynical confession.

The Minister of Civilian Protection proceeded to make an announcement that doesn't just describe his personal opinions, but it reveals the intentions and the dark plans of the tripartite Government.

 This clown, that pretends to be the minister of Civilian Protection, lost his sleep due to the rapidly growing popularity of the positions of the Golden Dawn with the multiple-times betrayed Greek People. It isn't possible to otherwise explain this obsession and commitment to outlaw the Movement of the Greek Social Nationalists.

 The "democratic" minister, during an interview, completely neglecting the will of almost 500.000 Greeks that voted for Golden Dawn last June, called the Party "antidemocratic", proposing to outlaw it. But since Golden Dawn is a legal political party recognized by the High Court and additionally has the support of 1.000.000 Greeks (according to the polls) he considers necessary the existence, in a new Constitution, of criteria that will automatically outlaw parties that advocate racist ideas! This Right-wing head of a Ministry that has only one concern, to repress of the activism of the Social Nationalist Movement, joins the "socialist" partner of a pathetic Government that is subjugated to the Troika, to achieve this goal. The employees of the international usurers are united in a common struggle, the isolation of the Golden Dawn, with their main objective being a constitutional coup, to prevent the creation, within the Parliament, of a majority with the participation of the People's Association.

 The minister stated: "The existence and action of Golden Dawn is not consistent with the principles of the democratic regime. In the context of the revision of the Constitution, we might examine the event of adding criteria that would prevent the creation of parties that promote racist ideas or deny the Holocaust".

 The minister, that according to his own statements is proud to have Masonic friends, is concerned about the "Holocaust"! Any reasonable man would expect that a Greek minister would seek some form of punishment for those that deny Greek genocides in Pontus and Asia Minor. But this is history written in fine letters for a proud friend of the Masons. No matter what, he daily proves that the only history he cares about is this of his Zionist bosses, that seek our financial and biological extinction.

 Back on our main issue here, it is indeed entertaining to watch the cold sweat that bathes those responsible for our misery. There isn't a greater pleasure than watching the former "fanatical" enemies uniting in an unholy alliance, only to prevent the inevitable: the Social Nationalist Revolution. They can see that the time our People will have his revenge is coming, they can see the arrival of the Nationalists! 

 The agony of the Regime is the best poll we could ever ask for. Why are our rulers so much worried, when Golden Dawn is, more or less, around 10%? Or maybe they are worried because the Movement is already over 15% and keeps on rising?


  1. The Zionist have spoken! Oh wait, no ones listening to them anymore.

  2. They tried that here in Britain. They froze bank accounts, they attacked us, they used leaked lists of members on the net. They are worried, but stay strong, and stay focused. Mostly... stay as one organism, and they can't do a thing.


  3. So the party /movement they fear they just ban and yet the flip side is the ousting of many leaders in North Africa and the middle east, gaddafi,Assad etc in favour of the muslim brotherhood.
    These corrupt monkeys just keep moving the goalposts, it is time for the Greek people to see for themselves how these corrupt monkeys are only in it for themselves and that they obey their puppet masters at the detriment of the geek people, none of them care about the suicides, about the poor struggling Greeks, they care more about persecuting people who deny the holocaust and they care more about the needs and requirements of muslims and immigrants than they do about the greek citizens, to the Greek people I say the time for the real revolution is now before they ban Golden Dawn and before you are forever sold in to perpetual slavery, before your country is overrun with illegals.
    "It is better to die on your feet than live forever on your knees"

  4. The State will ban GD, what will it do then?

  5. Immigrant = a “future welfare recipient,”or “Future Criminal” And why are the persons (politicians) of the tripartite Government still alive? They have no right to be! Oppressing innocent people for monetary benefit. As define by those who would dictate and regulate our behavior in our homes and our businesses stealing their power from our liberty.The ideology of the left is laden with hypocrisy, today we're having reversed racism in Europe, seriously! Eradicate those that would try to crush the GD NOW.

  6. I am an American of Geek origin. After studying Greek history one with several civil wars and conflict with a numerically strengthened foreign enemy in most battles, I suppose it is fair to say that with such a historically superior background, Greece should had became an empire based of of scientific discoveries and of great engineering long ago. It was most likely division amongst the Greek population that caused the opposite. The far-left are a blind-eye towards one of the most important goals despite economic succession, and that is the unity of all of the Greek population. What good is a political party that cannot bring us all together? What value is there in a culture that is divided? VOTE FOR THE GOLDEN DAWN.

  7. Keep up the good work golden dawn. Wish we had you in the UK.

  8. Democratic regime?? More like DEMONIC regime, this regime must stand down or there will be RIVERS of BLOOD.

  9. The mask is not only slipping it has fallen off. As it begins to dawn that the game is up they upturn the board scattering the pieces. If they cannot win following their own rules then they will change the rules. Then in a last ditch attempt to scare the people away from Social Nationalism by rousing the guilt complex they wheel out that tired old tale of 6 million, that like an overused garment is wearing thin and full of holes. Though what these overfed overpayed leeches have not reckoned on is that when people are hungry they are frighteningly strong and you proud Greeks are so very strong. With the twin cords of Race and Nation bound together to form the only socialism that can truly work,namely, Patriotism, can a people reclaim their rightful heritage and decide once again their own destiny, through the defending of their homeland and the protecting the purity of the wombs of their womenfolk,the carriers of the future on through time from womb to womb. This truth is eternal, for these things men have always gone to war justly, Land and Women. Blood and Soil.

  10. The three pigs that hope to save their bacon........NO CHANCE!