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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who really wants Britain to stay in the E.U.

David Cameron

They are being proven false we are proven right in every way, every day. Greece can, despite the laws the "confident" MPs vote, emerge from the deadly embrace of the Zionists. For the Greek Nationalists of Golden Dawn, Europe has meaning and usefulness as an association of independent and financially cooperating states. Any alternative that brings violation of our national sovereignty, or provides an opportunity for the people to succumb to apathy and relinquishes our right to be in charge of our house can not be accepted. It is not just Greece that gradually and painfully opposes the growing jurisdiction of the E.U. According to a poll that saw the light of publicity on 13/1/2013, 63% of Britons, wish for a referendum to be held, to decide Britain's future in the European Union ...

  The conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, is expected to announce, in his long-awaited speech probably on January 22, the renegotiation of the participation terms of Britain in the EU, as it is entitled according to the terms of the Treaty of Lisbon, after the general elections of 2015 and a referendum to decide whether the country will remain on the E.U. Cameron, a Christian, with Jewish ancestry, with a wife also of Jewish ancestry, is under pressure by the "New Beginning" group of the parliament requesting that 130 and more jurisdictions return to the UK authorities. It considers those jurisdictions to be fundamental to the preservation of national democratic sovereignty, including Justice and Law Enforcement. Characteristically they say, "40 years ago they sold us the idea as an association of a common European market and in the process it evolved to a superstate."  Nigel Farage's party, which is also under pressures, is expected to come up second in the European elections of 2014, leaving the third place for the Tories.
The U.S. State Department has expressed its displeasure for a possible referendum. And the German Ambassador in London warned that if Britain tried to renegotiate, she should leave the European Union because alternatively she will dissolute the single market. There is no choice, as he said, "in or out", but the choice is between "out and out." In other words, the protectors of democracy in the world, those who point their finger to Greece, the Greek people and all the citizens of the Southern Europe pejoratively called "PIGS", don't want the People to express their opinion in Britain, the home of modern parliamentary democracy.

The threats regarding the single market dissolving are empty, since there was no question regarding the dissolution of the Union when countries like Britain, Denmark and Sweden decided to abstain from the euro zone. Leader of those support Britain's future in the European Union are two MPs of a certain racial identity . One is the leader of the Labour Party, Edward Miliband, son of Polish-Jewish immigrants, whose father was indeed a Marxist college professor, and the other, the recently declared Lord Peter Mandelson, former minister of the Labour Party and former trade commissioner in the EU, son of the advertising director of the Jewish Chronicle newspaper, known homosexual, who in his youth was a member of the British Communist Youth.
But in the Greek reality as well, an old acquaintance, former Foreign Deputy Minister under Simitis, member of the European Commission of Human Rights and a number of NGOs and current President of the Administrative Court of Europe, Christos Rozakis - Rozenstein, had the mission to calm us down. In his statements he is trying to convince us that remaining in the E.U. is a sign of sovereignty and the outcome of national conscience (!) the appeal of Greece to the IMF.

  "But we forget that these intrusive events are the result of the dominant, exactly, willingness to join two demanding organizations, which, with our acquiescence, are performing a task of gradual global or regional integration. Participation in such schemes is an expression of sovereignty - such as concessions of national jurisdiction - as the State which decides such an international route usually count the pros and the cons, and acts accordingly. " And he reassures us that "always in accordance with the law, items such as ancient monuments and buildings dating back to 1453, are safe from being seized." The Greek Judges won't resist, won't protest, they remain silent when they witness the Greek Justice being dishonored by the usurers . MPs of the tripartite government are calming us with empty promises.

The Nationalists are not willing to remain silent. We believe in a Europe of Nations and not in a amorphous Europe enslaved to the bankers.


  1. Damn straight, that's why Golden Dawn gets so much support from nationalists from other countries, we actually WANT Greeks to get Greece back. It just shows, even after all our blood stained past we will still unite under a common goal, we've always united, it doesn't take a political state of oppression and fascism like the EU to make us do it. In fact, it's made us hate each other more, at least the non-nationalists anyway :P It's at least made anti-EU parties unite :)

    Heck, you've got Russian nationalists telling the Germans that they don't owe anyone anything anymore and will stand with them in their fight to get Germany back and Russians getting Russia back. Now isn't that sweet? lol We all know we come from the same ancestry, have individual views and opinions which built our nations, but we'll unite if need be.

    Europeans don't need that 'tribe' shit, all I know is I'm European and I'll stand up for any nation of Europe not even of my own, to claim back what is theirs. That's what brothers do. Even if we have a tussle now and then :P

    If Britain leaves the EU it will be a major step forward in the right direction, it's a filthy sty of illegals, cowards and traitors. I doubt David Cameron will leave though, he is VERY strong in his conviction to Globalization even if it means the starvation of his people, it makes him rich to do this.

  2. Ancient monuments and buildings are safe? My arse they are, you put Greek ancient structures in Turkish territory, I bet they're pissing all over them by now with their backward ways just because they don't praise the false god 'Allah' and praise gods with a far better history and story, at least those gods punished pedophiles.

    I used to study and research ancient Greece and Rome all the time - I feel sick that such structures aren't in Greek hands.

  3. It is all smoke and mirrors, Cameron and his marxist cronies have NO intention of ever letting the people decide the UK's future membership, they are simply hanging on in there until 2014 when powers transfer to Brussels for ever!

  4. When Golden Dawn take back Greece for the Greeks it will be the end of the Marxist EU superstate and the return of a common market of sovereign European nations.

    Hopefully real Britons, nationalists, can force the hands of our leaders to give us the rights of all free men and women. With a true referendum we will be regaining the right of self determination.

    Keep up the fight kinsman we are not going without a struggle either.

    1. What is sorely needed is a new Socialist Nationalist Party in the UK. The BNP is spineless, yes a few demonstrations, a lot of hot air, but basically ineffectual, any comment on their main site it is edited to death or just not published? The BNP, UK, make a lot of noise about free speech, but don’t practice what they preach. N Griffin needs to stand down and be replaced with someone who has a bit more credibility, or even better a newly formed Socialist Nationalist Party like the GOLDEN DAWN with the same values and goals is the way forward.

    2. Its very true. Nationalist from America, to Russia, to South Africa, need the Golden Dawn to show that IT WORKS! The on-the-ground activism, the willingness to meet the left's violence, and the power of clearly representing the desires and interests of one's people.

      A Social-Nationalist Greece would be the launching pad of a European awakening. A place of refuge for our leaders, our intellectuals, and eventually our men classified as political enemies by the increasingly totalitarian "liberal" regimes of the west.

      Remember men, the Soviet Union did not collapse overnight. A long series of political, economic, and military blunders had to corrode its foundations before its people decided that Marxism was not the future path for Eastern Europe.

      The blunders of the West, and America in particular, are beginning to stack. It may become weaker under this weight, but like a cornered rat it will become more viscous in its final moment.

  5. Yes Cameron, despite his talking tough, antics, would walk Britain straight into the EU if he could. But he must play the game and his role. The Tories despite their initial objections to the creeping cultural marxism that has brought about the degeneration of British society and values, finally acquiesce to its demands. Labour and Conservative, two sides of the same zionist coin. UKIP, with their false hopes offer at best a delay towards a federal communist EU, and the resulting genocide of the White Europeans. The Land nourished with the blood of our forebears feeds us, and we shall never trade it for a few zionist shekels.

  6. Cameron is playing for time, how many times have the British people been teased with a referendum on the EU, lost count the man is full of BS.
    Germany is seeking the return of £200 billion in gold bullion from America and France, something is afoot could be war on the horizon.

  7. I call for the end of the Zionist EUSSR empire! They are definitely working against the interests of White People!

    The EU flag are NOTHING like a USSR flag. So i always boycott anything with that EU logo on!

    We never had a vote to be in the EU, But I bet the referundum to leave the EU is going to be tricky. But I want to destroy the entire United Kingdom Government and the same for the City of London bankers.

    Also Scotland wants to seek into being an independent country which is spreading disunity.

    I want the EU logo banned like what the Baltic States have done to the USSR communist symbols and flags! I also want to call for the end to UN and EU.
    All i want is a Pan British Isles nation!

    All Zionist politicians deserve to be trialed and public executed, infront of live TV cameras!

    I only prefer National Socialist style of unity.

    The EU and the USA empire will come to an end!

    Long live Golden Dawn!

    1. Nationalist4UK..With you all the way my friend.

  8. It would not surprise me if David Cameron was assonated, in fact I look forward to reading his obituary, this man is a lying scum bag, he is the paper copy of that other war criminal scum bag T Blair, and both are one of the same. It is so refreshing to see a Social Nationalist party like the GOLDEN DAWN being so pro-active, doing what must be done and not turning away from it.
    This is unlike the BNP in the UK which is spineless by comparison having not really done anything pro-active, yes a few demonstrations, a lot of hot air, but as I said nothing pro-active, bit like a damp squid! If you make any comment on their main site it is edited to death because they are frightened to death or just not published? The BNP, UK, make a lot of noise about free speech, but don’t practice what they preach, and are unlikely to do much of anything in the future staying in the shadows?
    In contrast the GOLDEN DAWN tells it as it is, so refreshing to see Social Nationalists standing up fearless and committed to the return of their country to the Greek people; it’s like a breath of fresh air, ALL HAIL TO THE GOLDEN DAWN Europe needs more SOCIAL NATIONALIST like this if we are going to mend the damage done.

  9. The Satanic vicious Muslims harrassing British People on the streets. The Muslims telling the Whites to get out of the Muslim areas! Well its the Zionists who done all that! Help us Golden Dawn! We dont want an unorganised war! The lefties are pro Islam, anti White and Pro Jew.
    http://youtu.be/ixLds6hbvag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw2w7ACogaY

    Ed Miliband is a Satanic Jew as well. He wants to keep the Government of United Kingdom under the rule of the EUSSR.

    1. England:Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes intimidate British people.



      'Muslim Patrol' Sharia vigilantes take to streets in East London.Muslims are backwards filthy rapist pedophile scum.


  10. If we stay in the EU it’s bad for business, followed by more immigration and being further dragged down, if we leave the EU it’s going to be tough, but it will stop immigration and we stand a better chance with the common market. The GOLDEN DAWN in Greece is showing the way forward, we need to learn from them and do the same. 35years of corrupt British (EU) government is more than enough we need to rid ourselves of this continuing cancer by cutting all out, so we can begin to repair the damage done.

  11. Ideology of the left is laden with hypocrisy.We once thought that in its growth years of 2006-2009 the BNP would give this British nation salvation. But primarily through its inept leadership it has failed us. With only one tenth of the BNP membership of 2010, today the establishment media is happy to keep the BNP name in the public eye as a useful blind alley where they can coax potential nationalist support. The Griffin family are content with this as it will still provide some source of income.We need so badly a British Golden Dawn we need radical minded people to perform pro-active against the pro Islam, anti White and Pro Jew left.

  12. On the 19 january anti-whites groups all over Europe will demonstrate against Golden dawn.

    I suggest all reading this get ready for a few days of E-activism, mainstream media will surely post tones of false and lying articles about this event, so post as many copies of this link (http://golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.se/) to this site as possible on thos articles, so people can get a chance to read and educate themselves on Golden dawn.

  13. I thought at election time political parties were voted in to carry out the wishes of the people. We were even promised a referendum. Can we ever trust them again to promise a referendum prior to the next election?

  14. Hang on, the people have shown they DONT want "The renegotiation of the participation terms of Britain in the EU, as it is entitled according to the terms of the Treaty of Lisbon" they WANT a referendum on staying in or withdrawing from Europe. CAMERON YOU ARE A BLOODY TWO FACED LIAR.

    How many times do the courts find European jurisdiction takes precendence over ours. The EU will not be a 1000 year Reich it will implode well before then. People NEED a tribal and National identity. Tribal identity was given to our cave men and women, who do you think you are to give ours away? A ONE WORLD ORDER CANNOT EXIST, can't you understand that? Lisbon"

    1. Fetch the rope!