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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What the Capitalist oligarchy with its Marxist practice brought upon us

  According to evidence announced by the Greek Statistic Company (ELSTAT), one out of three Greeks lives under the poverty line!

 Specifically, in 2010, 16,3% of Greeks lived in poor circumstances, and this percentage increased to 22,9% in 2011. The same statistic today reaches 30%, and it is estimated that it will reach 35% in 2013!!

 When it comes to unemployment, exploded from 7,6% in 2008, to 9,5% in 2009, to 12,5% in 2010 ,to 17,7% in 2011. In September of 2012, it skyrocketed to 26%, and today is close to 30%! 28,4% of households are unable to pay their bills, and the percentage of families with children that depend on them and are under the poverty line reaches a whooping 43,2%!!

 The information published by ELSTAT describe only a part of modern social reality, and to disprove the claims of the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister alike, who recently announced successful negotiations with the creditors and prospects of improvement from 2013... The parliamentary dictators of our Motherland are lying, they are deceiving our People, in order to please the international usurers that are literally sucking the blood from our veins.
 The Social Nationalist Movement shouts in every direction: Neither are our Motherland or our People bankrupt! The Capitalist oligarchy with its Marxist practices is irreversibly and terminally bankrupt, along with the corrupt parties of this parliamentary democracy.

 As our compatriots turn their gaze on the People's Association, more and more of them will rally under our flags, recognizing it as the only chance of the Hellenic Nation to rebuild itself.


  1. One has to ask if the Social Nationalist Movement of the GOLDEN DAWN did not exist what would happen to the Greeks that are living on the bread line? Who would be helping them????? Not the parliamentary dictators or the fat cats, they want to see the white people of Greece die.Genocide is still genocide by any other name.The Hellenic Nation must support the GOLDEN DAWN for their very survival now.

  2. The deliberate malevolent genocidal neglect of the State for its own people, those responsible for this murderess criminal crime must pay the full price for their actions, nothing else will do! Hail GOLDEN DAWN the light of Justice!

  3. Is she just picking food left there on the ground or did some thug smash into her and knock her food out of her bag? Either way, I just can't help but want to help the poor lady :(

    It's heartbreaking to see Greece in such a state. The people are far stronger and respectful of their land than this pitiful state they were forced into. You wouldn't see litter at this colossal scale lying around in any European nation 50 or so years ago

  4. And yet the Greek Government are making sure the thousands of immigrants are well looked after. Also the corrupt EU would rather spend it's billions on countries like Somalia that are not even in the EU and that have never contributed a cent to the EU.
    All the Greek people you have nothing to lose, get with the Golden Dawn and bring this situation to an end, get equipped and bring down your compliant Government and bring the Traitors to Justice.
    When you start the whole of Europe will follow you.

    1. The rest of Europe is waiting for the signal.

    2. Indeed i look forward to the day the rays of the sun shine brightest over Greece and in hope i live that one day my family will also be able to return to Northern Cyprus which was taken from us and our families killed in the process.

  5. And still the EU want more and more immigrants to come and suck at the Greek teat.
    This only means one thing they want to destroy your country, they want to see the Greeks impoverished this means you are at war.

  6. Somalia is basically stable at this point according to the CIA World Factbook, all the illegal immigrants should be deported.

    So far as the goal of international finance, it is to break and control people by controlling the means of exchange (currency), even though the economic capacities and resources available to people mean that that doesn't have to happen. More they want to shift control over the real resources to themselves by manipulating the means of exchange.

    You need humane, orderly, and rapid deportation of illegal immigrants, border control, stronger limits against immigration, and a change of the money system.

    What might be ideal is to go back to your own currency, but stat in the EU otherwise -- working out an agreement like that of Britain which is in the EU but which has its own currency.

    In addition you want to stick the bankers with the bad debt, like Iceland did. Argue that Iceland did it, why can't we?

    Then you want a non-debt-based currency that is spent into circulation by the government, see these two links:


    The first link is an organization which involves people from Left and Right and would be useful for GD to attend also inviting some political moderates or even intelligent non-violent Leftists from outside GD. The point would be to fix money problems.

  7. 'In addition you want to stick the bankers with the bad debt, like Iceland did. Argue that Iceland did it, why can't we?'

    And like Argentina did,