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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Task Force in control of Greece's deposits

Unfortunately for the country, the surrender of our hydrocarbon reserves to the Troika is rapidly moving on, thus revealing what the Zionists really want from Greece.

  Reportedly, there is an organized plan underway to submit our hydrocarbon reserves to the Fund for the Exploitation of the Property of the State (TAIPED), which will be used as a mediator between corporations and the Ministry of Environment to make sure that the revenues from the exploitation of oil and gas deposits goes directly to the coffers of the TAIPED, which of course is controlled 100% by the Task Force of Horst Raichenmpach and ultimately by Germany!

  And since there is not a legal background to do something like this, TAIPED's administration is preparing to propose changes to the rules, through a legislative act, so that itself, rather than the Ministry of Environment, assumes management of the local deposits. The TAIPED insists on international invitation to tender for investors seeking to exploit the deposit of Kavala and its transformation into an organized storage space, rejecting the investment proposal of Energean Oil & Gas, EUR 400.00 million which for years was located in the area and manages the oil and gas deposits there. Under the pretext of carrying out an international tender for the exploitation of a depleted underground gas storage in South Kavala, TAIPED managed to slow down the mining operations in Prinos, with the unrealistic argument that we must first have an international tender for the underground reserve and publicize the conditions of the deal and then the send the renewed concession of Energean Oil & Gas to be ratified by the parliament. In other words, the TAIPED took control of the legislative work of the House.

The bottom line is that now TAIPED, namely the Task Force, namely Germany, are trying to completely control the process of concessions and then the oil and gas production of the country. The Zionist Occupational Governments will not rob Greece's wealth.


  1. And as they show their hand to be one of thievery and tricks in a vain attempt to fool the people with their legislative chicanery, which has always been their hallmark, the more their position is weakened in the minds of the people who begin to see clearly their real motives. And the greater the strength of Golden Dawn. Keep forging forward.

  2. There's an oil reserve in around south china sea where the US has military forces, quite a large one at that and now china is trying to up their forces in the region too. It's just a big game to them. All our oil and gases in New Zealand go overseas and we wonder why we can't sustain our nation without loans? Heck, we're only a country of 4million >.>

    And to top it off, with the earthquakes in Christchurch there has been a shortage of labor workers, get this, they want to bring in Chinese to do it, and if history shows, once they come here, they stay. They don't mind getting paid less either so it's all a win for them >.>

    The only shop I know that hasn't had/still has Asian owners is just across the road from me, apart from that it's all Asian. And our largest city is turning into a little India. Tough times are ahead of us, I share your pain -.- keep on the push Golden Dawn, once we have em by the tail there will be no place to run, traitors will be punished.

  3. It's just EU acct stripping with Germany leading the thieves all the way via the EU. But for the GOLDEN DAWN they would have succeeded.

  4. What are you talking about germany is robbing you ? The people in germany see nothing from the money, the capitalist earn with europe, we just spend our taxes to the european union, which give it to the banks of youre homelands and germany get more and more in debt. They just trick us, so you get angry on germany and we get angry on you because we have to give you more and more from our taxes, we never see again. German social nationalists will stick together with the golden dawn if they want to, we got the same problems as you, its a trick from the media, so we dont see the real enemy!