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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Ideological war of the 21st Century

 Oswald Spengler, one of the largest and most unappreciated thinkers of the last century, argued that cultures are moving in cycles of prosperity and decline within space and time. At the end of each cycle a civilization closes the circle, thus ending the period of decline, and another one begins its own life with its own period of prosperity. Everything indicates that we are at the end of such a cycle, a cycle that lasted two thousand years and will be crowned by the death rattle of the Western civilization. When talking about the death of a culture, we refer to the disintegration of the value system that created it, which means that all the implications of this value system will inevitably fade away.

  The ancient world was declared officially dead in 529 AD by the decision of the Emperor Justinian to close Plato's Academy and put the gravestone on one, for many centuries, decadent way of thinking, that of Socratic and Pre-Socratic philosophers, who had already given their position to the new dominant ideology. Immediately after that, the dominance of "decadent movements" started. We are living during the end times of the reign of their ideological children, which during their "youth" split the world in two, and then joined their flesh to form the global Zionist government, the world domination of darkness.
  Communism and liberalism, those two ideological children, as mentioned above, with their victory during the great Ideological war, established their dominance. Now they are showing their true colors, revealing what every independent scholar already knew. That those ideologies really are children of their father and identical in everything. The despotic, tyrannical communism handed over the reins to an equally tyrannical and unnatural internationalist Leftism that wants and tends to unite with its right brother, the cosmopolitan liberalism to surround the People. The ultimate goal of the above is Globalization, their unification to one ideology that promotes the death of ideologies, the death of idealism, the death of Man.

Oswald Spengler
  The real question of today is whether the ruling class will manage to seal their "trap" and kill real, natural, national culture concepts. The bitter, for them, truth is that the culture, that is going to die soon is their own. The value system that gave them birth and nurtured them is living its final days, no doubt. Evola made a distinction between wars that had some significance by naming them Holy Wars and categorizing them to two levels. One level is the Greater Holy War, already raging in our time. It is the ideological war that has already begun in Europe, between the forces of the system and the forces of change, between the world leaving and the world to come. It is the War that every man conducts against himself, the inner war. The other level is the Lesser Holy War raging on the battlefield, the materialistic war.

 We are certain that an old world is dying and a new one is dawning. This is not only a Greek issue but a global issue, since it will define the new dominant world situation that will affect us all. The real issue is what will be the World that will emerge from the flames of ideological war of the 21st Century, a war for the moment, does not seem able to reach the stage of the Lesser Holy War and is confined on the space of the Ideas. It is, indeed, good to delay this Lesser Holy War as much as possible, in order to strip the current system from its supporters, thinning its lines. The System would like to give a battle it knows in advance that it will win, thus prolonging for some time its sovereignty and postponing the inevitability of death. It is not a conservative, but a realistic observation, it is the strategic option that anyone would choose if he saw that his opponent is steadily declining by himself The purpose, after all, is victory and not just a relief , as the system wants.

 What is, however, exactly the system that dies? We should firstly be aware that in order for a system to gain global power, it must first and foremost  completely deconstruct the former. It should distort its concepts and make them hostile to the ear. This is what the falling Regime did, and this is what should be done now. I will mention an example given by the "philosopher" of the current regime, the Jew Karl Popper, in his book, "The Open Society and its enemies", says Plato is a "propagator of the fundamental model of the totalitarian state", commonly known as a "fascist under development". With this in mind the reader must know, in advance, that within the value system of the system that falls, he will see concepts that tend to take a "religious" content. Concepts that no one will dare to criticize.

 It is in fact the deconstruction of the bourgeois civilization that was born in the West, namely the U.S. and Europe, including consequential, such as democracy, the markets, the deification of "human rights", the "tolerance for diversity",  "equality" and more concepts inclined to acquire religious status. We are talking about the worship of modesty and the hostility against anything really special and superior. About the spread of internationalism, as it began to be applied since the end of the Ancient World. But this whole system came to an end because they arrived at an ideological quagmire, it was discredited and continues to be discredited in the eyes of the People themselves. Which is only natural, since the system had rotten and weak foundations.

The World we live in today, was created to provide a smooth transition from the ancient world, but that transition was neither smooth, nor ever it convinced anyone it was smooth. There were some exceptions: some ignorant, ideologically neutered people and others that had something to gain in turning a blind eye to the obvious absurdity of the bourgeois antinational democracy. Let's just examine bourgeois democracy, the "sacred monster" that must in no way be threatened. Bourgeois democracy is, according to the writings of the aforementioned categories of people, the descendant of the Golden Age of Pericles and Athenian Democracy. Thucydides, who lived under it, said «εγίγνετο τε λόγω μεν δημοκρατία, έργω δε υπό του πρώτου ανδρός αρχή», which translates to [a government] "that was called democracy, but in reality was the government of the first citizen."
 Overcoming the initial sham of the system we can see the problems that beset our country, but also the global scene in its real form, as products of a system that has existed for many years. The economic crisis and massive immigration, to give one example, are perceived as different problems, but in fact are the two sides of the same coin, of Capitalist practice and liberal anthropocentric rhetoric used to justify the first. The technological revolution of the last century and the resulting mechanization of the production lines caused job losses, which in combination with the overpopulation of the planet led to a logistical difference on the value of the man-hour, worldwide. A difference that capitalists with the auxiliary support of their "anti-racist" collaborators would like to soften. Thus the Capitalist Oligarchy, conducted wars in overpopulated areas, activating the "capitalism of disaster" that nourishes giant corporations, pushing this way populations of crowded areas with low man-hour value in other areas where man-hours were more expensive, aiming in averaging out population and labor costs, while also making a "anti-racist" step towards globalization and the death of Nations. At the same time, they where "democratizing" the specific areas, which means they opened the markets for the loan sharks and the Capitalist.

 Cynical as it may sound, this is the reality of how the ruling elite views the world now. As numbered slaves and financial statistics, which they should control. As a result, labor left the fields, stopped serving the needs of the Race and became indices, markets and the law of "supply and demand". As such we arrived at the "capitalism of disaster", which requires disaster to keep its corporations running, its loans to the banks in order and the "financial crisis" away. So we got waves of illegal immigrants, because we can't have wage inequalities in a world with prevailing ideologies like "the workers have no country" or "capital has no homeland" as the two sides of the same coin are saying. In the world of "equality" there can be no inequality.
 Ultimately all these reflect how one "sees" the truth in the world, how he perceives it, how he interprets it and finally how he acts once he understands it. It is the prism through which man sees Life, Death, Art, Psyche. The prism through which he sees himself and his relationship with those around him. The prism that faces God and His creation! All of these are dying and others will rise anew. This  is what Spengler saw,  what Nietzsche prophesied when he said "God is dead" and Liantinis accurately explained saying "Man is dying". But does he? No, he just changes for one more time in history. Just as symbols can't die, but change meaning, like the rune death ςασ encircled and became a symbol of peace. Τherefore, his "will to power" changes in the interpretation of Nietzsche's ontology from the Heidegger worldview, the nature of the being itself change.

 What is the new way of things to come? Will it be the the Chinese mass of post-communist neocapitalism? Will it be the tough Russian anti-liberal? Or is it something new or refurbished? The truth is that this is not known to Man, who can only speculate and struggle. It is worth mentioning at this point, one of the greatest thinkers of our time, of Friedrich Nietzsche, who when speaking about German philosophy of the late 19th century and more specifically about Leibniz, Kant, Hegel and Schopenhauer, said: "We all return there today, in these fundamental interpretations of the universe invented by the Greek spirit, through Anaximander, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Empedocles, Democritus and Anaxagoras. From day to day we become more Greeks, firstly in our perceptions and our assessments,  just like Greekish ghosts. But hopefully one day we  will become normal Greeks! This is what I always will expect from germanism! ".
 Everything shows that one of the possible transformations of society, with large prevalence trends across Europe, is based on the fundamental values ​​of Nationalism and its social policy, Socialism. With the Societies being under attack by the globalized front , the consciousness of Men has already started waking up. The first strongholds of ideological War of the 21st Century have already fallen. But we must be cautious when fighting this war,  because like the standard war, the same rules apply . It needs commitment, hierarchy, discipline and strategy! We systematically and without any hesitation, deconstruct the dying regime and realize its fears. It's Achilles' heel is exposed and has already been targeted by the spearhead of the Golden Dawn.  
Hail Victory!


  1. About damn time too.

    I can't wait to see Greece in it's former glory.

    This is reminiscent of the poor state Germany was in until people decided to do something about it. They were warned, deny people their democracy while having a false visage of democracy(EU) and people will fight back. Revolution is sometimes the only way.

    Good riddance, it's time we got our national identities and values back, and have a true united European council without a political state like the EU poking their noses in everything we do.

    Free trade, and acknowledgment of one another and their difference in views is still obtainable without conflict, it's just knowing that you shouldn't try to change another people and their views in their own country and flooding their nations with people who obviously know nothing of their host nation.

    Any European staying in another country at least make efforts to integrate, learn their language and respect their customs.

    Non-Europeans make no effort for the nation, so why should we give them the courtesy of babying them?

    I laugh when people can't name a successful nation built on diversity. Just shows it is impossible.

  2. " At the end of each cycle a civilization closes the circle, thus ending the period of decline, and another one begins its own life with its own period of prosperity."

    What worries many of us is what will take its place.

  3. Regards from Latvia!

  4. Neoliberal/neo-Marxist American Empire:


  5. Throughout Europe Social Nationalist are watching Greece, and the work of the GOLDEN DAWN the reason being that we need to learn how to move forward from those that are doing so. And make the GOLDEN DAWN AN INTERNATIONAL FORCE THAT PROTECTS WHITES FROM THE PRACTICED GENOCIDETHAT IS BEING PERPETRATED AGAINST ALL WHITES THROUGH OUT EUROPE.
    This year will bring instruction as well as method that I hope will energize Europe into getting back its values its land, heritage, and pride which has been so removed by the treasonous politicians and EU.

    GOLDEN DAWN lead by example and we shall follow, we must win, and have to win, by whatever means otherwise all will be lost, there is but one chance left!

  6. http://conservativepapers.com/news/2009/09/16/traitor-comrade-obama-to-give-illegals-health-care/comment-page-1/#comment-54914

    This is how communists work, they replace a culture with a new one so they get votes, either by replacing the population or mass murder of those who stand against them.

    Native Briton's are already becoming a minority in Great Britain. It is no different than the genocide in Tibet. This is exactly why Obama is pushing to take guns away from American's. Nothing worse than fighting a country with an armed populace, and once they remove those weapons they'll be screwed royally just like the Russians when the soviets took over. Make sure you have guns people, lots and lots of guns.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-aq9B7ym-M Best wishes from England. Ζήτω η νέα αυγή!

    1. lmao.

      "You should control when your women are allowed to speak"

      "...THIS IS SPARTA!!" *kicks Muslim into a big hole*

      Sounds about right to me xD

  8. Good luck Golden dawn, god bless you.