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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The general idea of the New Economy

Συνεργασία: Το κτίσιμο του νέου κράτους
 Golden Dawn is slowly getting closer and closer to taking power. And once she has power, she will reform our way of living. To make this possible, a New State will have to be built above the ruins of the old one. The People has to know what exactly the New State will be. For this purpose I will present my thoughts on this in the form of propositions, especially when it comes to the general idea of the New Economy.

 It is evident that the modern state exists as a "money pump", that takes away the wealth of the People and gives it to the banks. It is evident that this function must stop. Instead of funneling taxes to the banks and then forcing itself to borrow from other nations in order to function properly, a road that we can all see where it leaded, the State should use those funds exclusively for its own function, something that would end the need of running to international usurers for loans. As for the banks, at the time they are not hurt because they have enough surplus value from the difference of the interest rates of loans and deposits.
 Going now a step further when it comes to the banks, the State should push for the convergence of those rates. This would eventually lead to the nationalization of the banking system. The reason for that action is the need to strip the banks off their surplus value, an important asset for national economical growth. Certainly, once the nationalization is achieved, the New State has to resign from any attempt to reconstitute surplus value, using growth as an excuse. This will be done automatically now that businesses can get cheaper money from nationalized banks, as well as abundant money, since deposits will skyrocket.
 It goes without saying that once the banking system is nationalized, the creation of money out of thin air should stop. This way, the New State won't be able to rob anyone with the nationalized banking system, and transactions will be harder to make, a blessing for a national society (See Lycurgus and his heavy and hard to use iron coins) As for the businesses and their surplus value, that currently only the Capitalists reap, they will have to offer something for exchange to the society for the cheap and abundant money they receive. This something will be the fair sharing of the surplus value between them and the workers that will be represented by the State itself. And the most fair way to split the surplus value between Capital and Labor is 1:1. Note with this surplus value distribution way, the New State's income will completely surpass the taxes of the workers, thus they will need to be abolished.
 Finally, as a means to protect and to further strengthen national production, the New State should oppose the Free Markets through a system of high tariffs on imported goods. This will eventually lead to the Nation's full self-sufficiency regarding basic need products.


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