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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The anti-racist march of January 19th

 The "anti-racist" march and concert on our capital was indeed fully equipped. The march, organized by Konstantinou, the fanatic leftist of "AntarCIA", with the help of SYRIZA, the red mayor of the city, Kaminis, and all the pro-immigration institutions one can think of. It was a demonstration that had everything, besides people, since it gathered around 3.000 protesters from literally all over the world, most of them were illegal immigrants! And it literally had everything.

It had an afternoon Muslim prayer under the guidance of a rabid muezzin and the cries of "Allahu Akbar". What were the "enlightened" doing then? Perhaps they even thought about bowing and praying with them... but with so many fanatic Ottomans around them, they gave it a second thought.

 It had African "dances" and festivities, under the sounds of the... tam-tams, that instead of being played by Blacks, it was played by SYRIZA's "maidens", dressed in black (!) and African skirts.  The sound of the tam-tams was exactly what was missing to completely transform Athens to an African city.

 It had the presence of the... newborn revolutionaries of the famous Arsakeian School. Surely, Golden Dawn will never be found within the halls of that particular school. You see, it is an expensive private school, a school for the rich bourgeois. Golden Dawn, a movement of the Greek Working class, will never be found withing the walls of a school that breeds Capitalists, so they should not worry that much about her expansion towards their neighborhoods...

 It even had doubles of Bin Laden, that gave our Athens an exotic color, that reminded us afternoons in Kabul, Islamabad, etc.
 Overall, the "anti-racist" march added a pleasant note on our miserable daily routine, and i daresay that it was something our city needed. Those marches are contributing to the restoration of the national conscience of the Greeks more than anything!


  1. You should equip all the Golden Dawn members in armor, spears and horses, show them how Greeks deal with invaders XD
    That video on you tube where you guys infiltrated the antifa base was hilarious as f*** XD

  2. Great article! This sounds like something that would have hurt them in the eyes of the Greeks rather than help them.

  3. Good article as ever. Only one criticism, the word 'χρώμα' translated into English is spelt 'colour'.

  4. Deluded middle class white lefties,rebelling against mummy and daddy, playing at politics,involving themselves in a fight which is not theirs and shooting themselves in the foot.
    They think they're fighting the estsblishment. They are the tools the zionist/marxists use to destroy from within the host nations.
    Where were the Greek representatives in that little jamboree? Ah yes, focusing on real problems like finding food with which to feed the people who really do belong in Greece.

  5. Multicultural media has writtens articles about this event, if you got 5min to spare, please google "Golden dawn" and spam the link to this site into every comment field you can.

    That way people can find thier way back here and actually learn what Golden dawn is all about.


    For more precision to find new articles you can also select the option in google : "Search option -> Time" so you see only articles made the last few days.

  6. The Greek Working class watching this parade of immigrant scum joined by the Arsakeian, a school that breeds Lefty Capitalists has only had the effect of making the Greek Working class MOVE EVER CLOSER to the GOLDEN DAWN, so let them keep coming with their parades of immigrant scum and parasites going through the streets, it only reinforces what the Greek people already know that change is necessary, that the Greek people have been exploited and will continue to be exploited as long as the current government polices continue in regard to the EU and immigration.

    I like to watch as the traitors & treasonous wriggle on the hook, at every attempted counter move against the GOLDEN DAWN they only play right in to the hands of the GOLDEN DAWN. As stated “Those marches are contributing to the restoration of the National Conscience of the Greeks more than anything!” The Greek’s are at WAR, this is a reality and the GOLDEN DAWN will win the day.

    Regarding the EU, in Britain we pay in 50,000,000 million pounds a week to the EU! Now if that money was held in a British Bank account, and not paid directly into the EU until the accounts /books of the EU have been audited, as the accounts /books of the EU have never ever been audited since its conception, then this was repeated throughout the European countries that make up the EU. The EU would collapse!

    It is beyond belief that this audit has never been instigated or carried out? As everyone knows that if you are in business of any kind then you have to have your books/accounts audited or you are just shut down! This has lead to the theft of billions and billions of euro's! Abuse and corruption is prevalent though out Brussels EU; it is also strange that only one country seems to be holding its head up out of all the countries in Europe, being GERMANY? While other countries are struggling?

    But not as strange as when you see that the concept of the EU was Germany’s idea in the first place, being first put forward by the Nazis who wanted to control Europe, and obviously still do.

    It is now imperative that Social Nationalists throughout Europe consolidate themselves and join forces that will fight this WAR which has been forced on us all by whatever means, fair or foul. ALL HAIL GOLDEN DAWN.

    1. Is Arsakeian, a school that breeds Lefty Capitalists similar to the Londons School of Economics OR LSE?

    2. This isnt true, germany is under zionist control and no one of our people see something from the money, those capitalists are earning. You even telling some fake history shit, because Churchill first talking about one europe! Dont tell shit and do what these zionist want, to destroy germany a third time.

      german social nationalist

  7. God, this is sickening what the Anti Whites are doing! They are blocking roads and spouting out zionist 3rd world propaganda! Them type of people are the average brainwashed people and they must be gone! If them anti racists like White Genocide! They can move to South Africa and experience it there!

    Even through the leftist Occupy movements who illegally obstructs the footpaths in towns are anti White as well. I quite remember the Occupy London are telling people to join the UAF outside the Greek Embassy!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18p23-mE4e0 < This video shows one of the non white Occupy protesters telling a White person to stop raising the issue about race! Absolutely disgusting the Occupy group. The occupy group are bad as the anarchist and Marxists! The vile Jewish Marxist Communist Manifesto needs to be banished and its information deleted from the face of the planet!

    The lefties will be kicked out of Europe and they can live in a 3rd world country for all i care!

    Social Nationalism is the only ideology we need to run Europe and white nations!

  8. Idiot liberals that think the croc won't eat them.
    When these groups aren't marching together for antifa they are hating each other.

  9. BNP has written and article on Golden dawn on their news site and has linked to this newsroom. :)


  10. Yet further proof that mass immigration is zionist tool used to bring about a demographic shift and a political move to ensure the "replacement population" keeps on voting for the puppets, who usher in policies that favour these interlopers. The average lefty/marxist who may well march against the austerity measures seems to have difficulty grasping the fact that by supporting further immigration is aiding those who hold the purse strings and the puppet strings ie the troika and behind that the powerfull zionist banking families, who's plan it is to federalise Europe. First they need to destroy the Nation States. Using mass immigration and Austerity measures, crippling debt laden loans that destroy the economy though favour the immigrant worker who will work for only a fraction of the wage needed by a True Greek. The average lefty/marxist is caught up in a cycle that brings about their own demise.So by doing, shoots themselves in the foot. Good to see the majority of ethnic Greeks see right through the scam.

  11. These sub-humans stand no chance, whites always get their way, that is our ancestral right.

  12. Κάθε αλήθινος Άγγλος αγαπά την Χρυσή Αυγή. Ζήτω η όμορφη Ελλάδα!

  13. I would suggest the reader to look at the photo right under the ytube video. The kids holding the banner with the motto "neither in schools nor in any place" (rhymes with "smash the fascists in every neighbourhood") are the sons and daughters of athenian high society, schooled in one of the city's wealthiest suburbs (one would wonder at those kids' sense of the term "neighbourhood"). Rich youth finding their place into the ranks of anarchist mobsters in Greece, is not a rare phenomenon though- it is widely spread and dating since the mid-90s.

  14. Our European culture is far superior than theirs. Just listen to our music compared to theirs! African culture are pathetic and there unreliable policies for political and economic succession are miserable at the same time historically proven failures. Otherwise we Europeans would be migrating to their countries, while wrongly abondoning our own. Many Africans feel discriminated against but we are not racially superior to them we are culturely superior to them. THE MUSLIMS DON'T WANT CULTURAL DIFUSHION THEY WANT CULTURAL DIVISHION AND SEPERATION FOR SHARIA LAW!

  15. Illegal negroes in Greece have NO right to protest against our Golden Dawn?!

  16. Anti-racist demo = White genocide demo.

  17. Leftard: "Racist! This is Multiculturalism!"
    Spartan: "Multiculturalism??? THIS IS SPARTA!"

  18. When these groups aren't marching together for antifa they are hating each other.