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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Struggle - Faith - Victory

At the dawn of the New Year, without rest, we keep following the Road of Duty and Virtue. For us Greek Nationalists set aside wishful thinking. Instead of calling others to act, we act ourselves and provide an example to a People that is on the verge of destruction and poverty.

 To be more precise, our People has long gone beyond the bounders of poverty. Thousands of our countrymen have ended their lives, filling a grave of more than three thousands dead. These dead, will be a permanent burden on the consciences of the leaders of the post-dictatorship Republic that through the signing of Memoranda, sentenced them to death.

 Conscious of the evils the Metapolitefsi loaded on the backs of the Greek people, a suffering which the People's Association of Golden Dawn foresaw and warned about them, we stand by his side. But no one can claim that the Nationalists remained silent during the times of materialist prosperity. It was that time when our people experienced the capitalist myth, the heavenly era of banks and loans. It was the time when we the Golden Dawners, few but like Lions, talked about Homeland, Faith and Freedom. Our people, however, had sold out its soul to the Mammon of Money, making international Zionism the ruler of every aspect of life. For the people, the people who listened to the  religiously militant propagating media, we were nothing but the extremists, the fascists, the scaremongers.

  But who were those "priests" of the journalistic sewer that cared enough to insult and smear the Popular Nationalist Movement at regular intervals?  Do they do whatever they do, because they really care about the Greek society? In no way whatsoever! Their only concern is to maintain the status quo, the Regime of misery and Betrayal.
  They never felt, nor will they ever feel, the pain and agony of thousands of Greek families who daily experience the impact of the Memorandum. Now, they stand just as far away from the People, as they stood during the time in which they prospered along with their parliamentary masters. They pretend to be the judges of all things, while in fact, they participate in nothing other than the betrayal of the Greek People.
 It is enough to just remember the fake dilemmas, which were raised by the journalists when the Papandreou Government invited the International Monetary Fund to Greece. ''But if we don't go to the IMF to obtain financial support, there will be no money to pay wages and pensions'', said the ''wise'' old men of the Marxist post-dictatorship democracy.
 While everything went according to the plan which was conceived by the Zionist international moneylenders and was executed by the parliamentary leaders of Greece, an imponderable factor was presented once again in the long Greek tradition, that one factor that can change the course of history . The Greek consciences were awakened and the flame of the Resistance burns bright once again.

 The Social Nationalist Movement was that factor. When the polls started to indicate a new wave among voters, then and only then, the MSM were instructed to reconsider their stance on the issue of the Memorandum. Then some voices came forth and spoke about the violation of the Constitution, the economic failure of the Memorandum and the need for greater democracy ... The operation to disorientate and confuse the public opinion was initiated. It's objective was to halt the momentum the Nationalist People's Movement had between the ranks of voters.

 The MSM attempted to highlight new political formations that although were against the Memorandum, they were nothing but painkillers offered to a seriously ill patient. In most cases, those formations were the offsprings of the womb that gave birth to the post-dictatorship paradox. This paradox consists of the universal prevalence (ideological, political, moral, and cultural) of the Left in Greek affairs. and it is indeed a paradox, because it was the Communist faction that lost the Civil War of 1944-49. It was the faux-patriotic and pretentious Right that handed the losers power, and gave them the right so seek vengeance for this loss and the collapse of their Marxist dreams.

 The attempts of the media to raise barriers against the rise of the Golden Dawn, did not yield the expected results. This effort, includes the "Independent Greeks"(National Liberals), the party of Mr. Kammenos. The political project of Kammenos was mostly a creation of the State, which managed to deceived ignorant people that would otherwise support the Nationalist Movement, but failed to curb the power of the wrath the Greeks felt, which desperately sought relief.
As for Mr. Kammenos, he is a child of the Right Wing, and as such, the majority of his party's members consist of disappointed officials from the Karamanlis era. The ideological and political nakedness of this party, was exposed after the elections, when conflicts began to erode its foundations (Many MPs have left the party).

The example of the "independent Greeks", prove why the Popular Nationalist Movement, is and will remain unscathed from the attacks of the parliamentary system. Because quite simply, our unity is not based on a temporal convergence of our economic and political interests. Our Unity is not a product of ideological partnership between different ideological currents.
 The unity of the Social Nationalist Movement, was forged in a long war with the Leftist and Rightist forces of the Regime. The unity of the nationalists, emerges from the greatness and the National and Social Idea. For this reason, the nationalist unity, is and will be the necessary perquisite for the Movement to prevail over its enemies. This is the grand mission we wish to accomplish for the New Year: to forge the Greek Unity, through the Nationalist Unity!

 Unity requires one key element which should not be missing from any Comrade. The basic and fundamental element of unity, is Faith. It was Faith in the sacrifice for the interest of our People, that gave a proud and glorious death to King Leonidas and his men. It's the Faith in God and the Empire that helped Constantine Paleologos fight  the ultimate battle valiantly, on the walls of Constantinople. It is this same Faith in our Homeland and our People that overflows our hearts and seeks freedom from the Zionist shackles.
 Nobody is ever going to sacrifice anything, if faith doesn't light the way. Look around you and witness the multitudes of cowards who wish for the collapse of the regime that dominates us yet they avoid to join the struggle with us. Why do they flinch? Because they lack the faith, we have. Until now, they placed their faith on money and expensive cars.

 For us Greeks Nationalists, however, the meaning of the Struggle, can be summarized in one sentence:
If you do not make sacrifices for your Ideas, 
then either you or your Ideas are not worthy.
  While the bourgeoisie were growing up in a world rotten and entirely decadent, in a world of Antiheroes, foreign to the traditional Greek way of life, in a materialistic world where the  the values ​​and ideals of our Race have disappeared, the Golden Dawn was the secret school of racial consciousness and struggle. The Regime spawned self-indulgent, cowardly Neo-Greeks. The Golden Dawn gave birth to Greek men and Greek women, with Faith and Will. This is a qualitative difference between us and them. And history has shown so far, that war is not judged by just the instruments each side has, but by the faith on the Struggle and the will to completely crush the enemy and achieve final victory.
 Additionally, we the Golden Dawners are opposed to the selfishness and individualism of the bourgeoisie, we put ourselves in the service of a higher ideal, that which is called the Social Community. This was-and remains-the substance of the People's Association: a Community of common Blood, in which we cultivate a spirit of individual sacrifices for the benefit of the whole. Therefore, it becomes clear, that the People's Nationalist Movement, is a community of duties and not a community of rights.
 That is why our movement will never be a party of civil servants, a party of the ensconced and cowardly middle class. That is why our movement will not be altered by the "wise" old men of the post-dictatorship bourgeoisie. That is why the Movement will never wear out!
In this New Year, we nurture ourselves with the Values ​​of Social Nationalism. Then, we come in touch with our people, declaring our intention to crush the enemies of our country and our Social Community. We raise our flags high and every time we face an obstacle that stands in our way, we remember this:

Today, sow the seeds of National Resistance.
Tomorrow, reap the fruits of Freedom and Victory!
Evangelos Karakostas
Regional Organization of Livadia


  1. This is awesome, you guys are really pulling through and showing how serious you all are and more people are following, I'm quite excited myself that Greeks will finally get their homeland back, just a little more time. Hopefully this all starts a chain reaction through Europe so you'll have more security with more Europeans following the cause and protecting the nations. The filth that plagues our media and streets will be gone, it's just a matter of time, Europe will be secure. Hail to a new Revolution!

  2. GOLDEN DAWN returning power to the people. All HAIL GD!