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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One more fortress of Resistance

Hundreds of Greeks were present today on the opening ceremony of our new offices in the city of Nafplion. It is another major city, Greece's old capital, and the opening of new offices there will allow easier communication and support of the citizen.
 After the ceremony, Golden Dawn members and citizens of the area marched around the main streets of the city.  A pathetic minority of SYRIZA MPs attempted to organize a counter-demonstration. However, they were quick to hide once they witnessed the massive march.
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  1. The pathetic minority of SYRIZA MPs attempted to organize a counter-demonstration,this only goes to prove that if they cannot organize a counter-demonstration how do you expect them to run the country? They were quick to hide once they witnessed the massive march in support of the GOLDEN DAWN, and if they are running now? Just wait, let them think they can get away from the punishment that they will soon face for the treason they have committed against the people of Greece, hang them high!

  2. Mpravo re!! That's where I'm from, I'm going to visit the office next time I'm in Greece SIGOURA!!!! (for sure)

  3. The first liberated capital of Greece is Nafplio!! Kolokotronis had a house just down the road, and further down is the ancient city of Argos....I love where I'm from !!

  4. Every day that passes the nearer the Greek people get to the dream of a political party for the people, that serve the people.
    A Golden Dawn government will soon be a reality, then the work can begin to put Greece back together removing corruption and traitors that sold out this beautiful country to the EU and the Bankers.

    1. We still have a long way until we liberate the officials of the public sector from the corrupt, degenerate, Zionist way of thinking. I only hope that Golden Dawn will indeed form a healthy government and State on the ruins of the old one.

  5. Great, I hope every Greek Island have its own Golden Dawn Branch!

    We need a Golden Dawn in Britain because nationalist parties are in splinter groups which will end up going nowhere. Like yesterday only a handful of nationalists turned up to counter the Anti-White lefties illegally blocking roads to demonstrate outside the Greek Embassy. Because the nationalists are not organised enough to get many more people countering the reds. Its all because of the Nationalist splinter groups.
    This is what we need in Britain to unify all Nationalist parties... http://thebritishresistance.co.uk/thenatoctopus/2211-the-nationalist-octopus-an-introduction

    Please Golden Dawn help us. :( I just wished for a pan European White Nationalist party to save the White people from tyrannical government that want to flood non whites in White Nations. I hope Golden Dawn open up branches in other White Nations as well. We need to get rid of the Government of the United Kingdom, The monarchy and the Bankers in order to fully get our country back!


    1. Totally agree with your observations regarding the Nationalist being fragmented throughout the UK, the BNP is just a joke, just try writing something substantial on the site it will either be edited to death or just not published at all. But it gives N Griffin an income.And heaven forbid that you in anyway criticize N Griffin or BNP policy.
      Gone are the days when news papers would publish and be dammed.
      We need to urgently get the Socialist Nationalists house in the UK in order, time is slipping by and this can only be to the advantage of the corrupt government of the UK, the consolidation of all Nationalists throughout the UK is imperative if we are to advance in the way that the GOLDEN DAWN has.
      The situation is getting desperate because after the 2014/15 Brussels will have total control of the UK, this means that there will be nothing the British Government can do, as Brussels will be the controlling everything, and we will have lost everything to the EU and Germany.

    2. Definately. The BNP went downhill since the scandals came on during the 2010 General Election. Nick Griffin have destroyed the BNP like what he did to the NF in the early 80's.

      The BNP is finished in my books and the splinter National parties go nowhere now as it will not be able to defeat the Marxist Labour block vote.

      Time that we need to destroy the United Kingdom (the ruling side) Because it have deeply betrayed the White native people of the Island.

      But Scotland Government wants to divide from Britain like what they done to Ireland? No way.
      I want a pan British Isles Nation run by Social Nationalist Ideology.
      On that demo, only 10 nationalists turned up whilst the 100 anti Whites turned up. This shows why that we need a Golden Dawn and the Nationalist Octopus to be implemented now.

      I wonder if Golden Dawn is going to open up a branch in Britain so they can help us with the problems we got? :(

    3. Theres anti-German stuff on the BNP site but never the truth.

  6. Great to see the biggest hope of Greece (and indeed, of all the Western world since WW2!) continuing to expand in the cradle of our civilization!

    Keep up the great work, guys. We can never underestimate the international banking tyranny, their military & financial power, its allied press, all of their lies AND one of our biggest obstacles: our brainwashed brothers themselves.

    If I can give any help, here's a verbal one: always fight as if you're losing and never relax to the slightest, even when things seem to be going well. The party is simply fighting against overwhelming odds. To just free Greece will be very hard, and if it's going to expand in other countries, every possibility has to be taken into account. Nonetheless, at the moment it should of course be focusing its attention on the home country.

    I'm also curious about a few things: has the party taken any lessons from the 1968 military regime's defeat? Does GD think it was a legitimate government working for the country's interests? If so, has GD taken notes of why it lost, so as to prevent a downfall equal to the one it had in 1974?
    Finally, in the case Golden Dawn does manage to seize power eventually (which year are next elections, BTW?), does it have some plan as to when NWO inevitably starts attacking the emergent power from all sides (like it did on Russia in 1917, Germany and Japan in 1945, Lybia in 2012 and Iran now)?

    Of course, you don't have to answer anything specifically. Much thanks.

    1. I hope once GD seizes power, the first thing they do is to used their state power to print money and flood all nationalist parties of Europe with more economic help then they can handle, money has always been the main problem of nationalists parties, we never hade any ultra-rich sponsors like the anti-white organisations, no George Soros or Goldman sachs funds us like the left.

      But if a nationalist party seized power over a state, they could fund all other pro-white parties in Europe with massive amounts of money, and it would still not be a drop in the water in the state budget, just imagine, instead of sending tens of millions of euro to african states, those money were sent it to pro-white organisations instead.

    2. That'd be great, of course. At the moment, they should concentrate their efforts on seizing power in Greece so as to create a strong core of liberating power. What I fear will happen is that, if GD gains the majority in votes, the elections will be fixed. There's no telling what'll happen if things go that way, but I wouldn't surprised if it happened. The worldwide tyranny and their useful idiots leftists are capable of stepping into any low, while at the same time claiming to "defend democracy", which doesn't even exist in reality. Even if keeping democracy at any cost could be considered a noble goal, it's simply not working in Greece, or anywhere for that matter, at least not for the local people. It is, however, working for the forces that be. Trying to maintain a system that represses people under the feel-good name "democracy" isn't any different than doing the same under totalitarianism.

      Right now, let's all wish the best to Golden Dawn. If in the past, when there was no foreign ethnic danger to Europe, we would quarrel and have frequent fights amongst ourselves like brothers, even if maintaining somewhat the blood ties, right now we have all to at least help the one who has been beaten up so much that he decided to fight back the bully, so that he can then help us in return

      Here's what I can help with the most:
      People, look up persuasion techniques online! Read the book "The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini, and use those tricks everywhere, even online, but mainly in your life to counter the smear and outrageous lies that surround the very movement that is seeking to free Greeks and Europeans! Work your family and friends up from bottom to the top (NEVER directly if they're far from being aware), until they're hit with the epiphany of truth. Also, never allow them to fall into despair, always back them with hope. There's no fightback without hope. Even if we're ultimately destined to fall, we must give hell to the enemies of humanity.

      Always keep up the fight!

  7. We need a Golden Dawn in Germany.

  8. Europe needs fifty Golden Dawns, or preferably, one mighty Golden Dawn for the whole of OUR continent. I would rather we be governed from A patriotic Greece than Brussels.

    1. Damn straight, greeks have shown how stron their blood line is through out history and gaining independence, people give them too much crap, it's not their fault foreigners have usurped their jobs. We must strike now for the good of greece and all of europe or else we stand to lose everything we hold dear and of what our ancestors fought for.

    2. Me too, me too. They kinda started western civilization so it would be an honor XD we need it everywhere in Europe to drive out the Marxist scum and immigrants. Greeks have shown through history how strong and conservative of their culture is.

  9. Hail the Greek Dawn, Hail Golden Dawn build an army of Greek Golden Dawners.

  10. Much respect to you Golden Dawn from New Zealand!

    We must all get on a consistent message, sound is a powerful tool!

    Africa for the Africans

    Asia for the Asians

    White countries for EVERYONE?

    Anti-Racist is a CODEWORD for Anti-White!

    Please take a look at whiterabbitradio (dot) net for more information!

  11. I don't think State funds transfered from a party to another country's party would be a good idea. Party funds are another thing, but GD actively supports limiting the amounts of state money the greek parties receive (which btw are enormous considering the circumstances). First, Greece is unofficialy bankrupt and all funding goes through Troika's monitoring & approval. Second, if GD rises to power, Greece shall return to it's national currency, but in this case Drachme would be so devaluated it would hardly serve as a 'fund' to any european. Third, it is a basic matter of principle: Even if a GD Greece managed to develop a strong economy to support other nationalist movements (and assuming such a thing would meet major public approval), that would still create a condition of dependence towards Greece from the part of the receiver. But imho, dependence is not what we want to have among European Nations, or even nationalist groups. Isn't economic dependence rather what the globalist EU does right now? If the greek story had a moral, it is to never make someone (a sovereign nation in the case of Greece) dependent of international funding. The nationalist approach rather is for any nation to be sovereign and independent, living proud and on it's own means.

  12. Based on a respectable observation, resulting from the extreme amounts of finnancial turmoil comes a more fulfilled amount of realization amongst the Greek mind. Now a responsible portion of Greeks can take clear notice of the painfully miserable truth which goes against the ideologies of multiculturalism and cultural diffushion. That is when immigrants of inferior cultural societies are recruited by the far left democratic liberals to serve as reserves for missing workers of an economic system due to the advancement of that civilizations people in education and business. Therefore, the less business vaulued jobs that do not require a respectable education such as a construction worker or a street cleaner will be occupied by forienors. Thus, creating a new population consisting of foreigners only. In Europes case, with a low fertility rate and high foreign peoples fertility rate, this population whitch at first will be a minority has a chance at becoming a majority despite them being non-native to the European land.