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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lets talk about Human Rights...

  Human Rights. A concept than upon hearing it, no one remains untouched. A concept for which many Struggles were given and many men have died. A concept that was the reason for the birth of movements and is the ultimate justification behind every act, even those acts that militate against it. 

 Johnny was from Texas, until one day he left his farm and went to serve the Armed Forces of his country. There, he heard for the first time in his life the phrase "Human Rights". He assimilated it. He thought "I am at the right place, in this place they love the Human being and fight for his rights and freedom. He learned to drop bombs and fire his gun. He even became a pilot! He was impressed because his marches weren't accompanied with songs about Country, Honor and Pride, but with only one phrase... "Human Rights"!

 Time went by and Johnny was proud. He did his part by serving the Army of his country, thus protecting her interests. That's what he believed in. And above all, "Human Rights"! One day he learned that duty was calling him. He rode on his plane and followed his squadron. He was overjoyed, because it was time to fight for those "Human Rights" he loved so much. He didn't understand why he went so far away though, so far away from his land and his People, but that didn't matter. He was about to fight for the greatest idea of his Age. Even if it was in Asia. And while he was lost in his thoughts, the orders came: "Fire!". He dropped his bombs and saw humans getting ripped in half, houses on fire and mothers running with their newborns on their arms. He remained calm. This was the enemy and this fate was the cost for his Rights. Few years later, he was called to fight again. He would free the People again, and protect his Rights. He went, but wasn't very enthusiastic, this was his duty nevertheless. Again, he was sent to the Middle East, far away. He dropped his bombs and witnessed hospitals being demolished, houses falling apart and the People that we was trying to save, running away.

 He wondered then: "Human Rights?" And observed that only one People's Rights he never went to fight for, or to set free. And that many Peoples that he went and liberated, end up as his enemies. He then remembered that long ago he read a newspaper he grandfather had, from when hi liberated Europe. It wrote that a People started a war with its dollars against a European nation. He didn't remember the name of the country, he was never good in history. Did it even matter? Another country like one of the many that his Homeland liberated, protecting the People's "Human Rights". He did remember how the people itself was. What a coincidence! Some funny guy once told him to not believe that the owner of the newspaper was from the same people. A "humanist" if he recalls correctly, a "pacifist". He met him during a demonstration where he requested from his Government to liberate a foreign People, to send an army to fight for his "Human Rights". Johnny was happy, because his banker was also in favor of this! He saw all these different people, -bankers, pacifists, ministers, humanists- forgetting their differences and uniting to protect those "Human Rights" with a such a selfless manner, that they didn't hesitate to sacrifice the lives of their fellow countrymen, not for their interest, but for an Ideal! The "Human Rights"! So Johnny fought again and again, he torched humans, leveled cities... He gave authority to his rulers, so that they in turn can offer "Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights" to the People. Sometimes Johny wondered... How could he fight for his Motherland, when he was so far away from her? And if he indeed fought for those "Human Rights", why was he ordered to burn alive those that he was supposed to save? And why did all those different people agreed on the importance of the protection of those "Human Rights"?

 He wanted to find an answer for those questions. He started reading. He learned that in a place called Kosovo, his country killed a lot of people for the "Human Rights". The same in a place called Vietnam. The same in Baghdad, wasn't this the name of the land he himself liberated? He learned that "Human Rights" are the right of the homosexuals to get married and adopt, but not the right of the heterosexuals to conserve their civilization and to grow in a world with healthy images. "Human Rights", in some places is drug use, a "Human Right" that is quite profitable for some. For their protectors... "Human Right" is the installments of black, yellow and other unfortunate people, that left their Homelands because of their "Human Rights" but not the Right of the native Europeans, White in appearance, to live in peace with their Civilization in their Nations.

 "Human Right" is, in the system of "Human Rights and Democracy", the right of the Capitalist to move his factory in foreign lands, where children, after fulfilling his sick fantasies, work endless hours for a slice of bread. And Johnny begun to see...

 That in this world, everything inhuman and anti-humanist is surrounded by the cloak of humanism. That those darn "Human Rights" are nothing but the mightiest weapon of the "Chosen" of his time. The weapon with which they kill Freedom, Beauty, the Right of Nature, Man... And he started running around like crazy, crying and cursing himself because he never wanted to speak up. He talked to his compatriots and many more. A meaningless effort. He was deemed a "strange one". And unfortunately for him, he was indeed Strange. The others? Robots tuned from a cruel device, living dead, zombies that repeated: "Human Rights". He decided to go on a trip on the land of his ancestors, Europe. He went to France. No difference. Only Jean understood him. Together they went to the land of the Teutons. Only Jan was alive. Together they went on the City of Greece. Only Giannis was standing on his feet. They found him under Acropolis when dawn was breaking. They went to more and more places. Everywhere, the same situation. Few where truly alive. And they gave an oath, those few, those strange, those hunted and cursed by the "Chose". To fight for what is Just, that is above those "Human Rights". And with one voice they shouted: "Against their world, our Ideas. Against our Ideas, their "Human Rights". With us? All those Alive!"

Because the rest aren't just cowards, but idiots as well...


  1. On the 19 january anti-whites groups all over Europe and in Athens will demonstrate against Golden dawn.

    I suggest everyone reading this get ready for a few days of E-activism, mainstream media will surely post tones of false and lying articles about Golden dawn during this event.

    So post as many messages as you can in mainstream media articles commetn fields containing this link :


    That way many people can get a chance to read and educate themselves on Golden dawn. Instead of relying on mainstream media.

    1. sorry did not see the Your comment will be visible after approval.

  2. The ringmeisters in Die Kapital in Brussels must be getting very concerned to have to bring their foot-soldiers on the streets of Europe.The plan for a ONE EUROPE has been going very smoothly with the occupied territories having been divested of their regional Status and of Regional identity. First to go was European currencies and at present Brussels decides Europes Fiscal policies of Taxes, expenditure and if agreeing to the banks draconial conditions might get a loan which they will NEVER be able to pay back. Go Golden Dawn!

  3. Heil Comrades!!!! i just want to say that a book called "The Art OF War" would help your fight against our enemy, i see you guys could learn a lot from this book. Heil Victory!!!!

  4. This is how the UK media reported on the commies demo, perhaps you could tell us the truth and real numbers that attended. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21106156

  5. so I heard about that rally lol how'd it go? there's no info I can find of a protest rally,

  6. The traitor Stratoulis has accuse Golden Dawn party members of violent attacks on immigrants, and on himself, but we know the truth of the fraudulent charges, just a cheap childish ploy to discredit the GOLDEN DAWN.

    The traitor President Karolos Papoulias, the centre-right leader has pledged to keep the country in the euro, Greece will become a satellite state of Germany? Do the Greeks want this, to be a satellite state of GERMANY? I think not.
    Nikolaos Mihaloliakos say it is time for those that betray Greece to be afraid. The GOLDEN DAWN leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos warned. "We are coming. We are Greeks, nationalists, and we will allow no one to doubt this.
    Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros,says “Two-thirds of Greek voters backed parties opposed to the EU/IMF deal,” A major majority of Greeks have voted against the bailout and against the austerity, which will make it very difficult for the EU or IMF to call for yet more austerity here.
    There will be hard times ahead whatever , but if Greece leaves the EU there will eventually be a new and better life ahead, but staying in the EU, the hard times will go on for decades, till finally Greece becoming a satellite state of GERMANY as Germany strips Greece of any, and all resources.

    Germany's Angela Merkel (Hitler’s replacement) the German chancellor says that the Greek debt reforms were of "utmost importance". This is because if Greece leaves the EU, the German EU dream of ultimate power throughout Europe will be over, snowballing to Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and the EU will be finished, and Germany will have to find billons or just go bankrupt!

    For Greece, it amounts to a political revolution as the country has been run by either one party or the other since the 1970s. Greece now placed into a period of intense political instability - and by extension the euro-zone as a whole. The success of the new-right Golden Dawn party indicates how comprehensive a rejection of the political mainstream, the bailout and austerity there has been, and not before time.
    Greece’s role in the EU is being dominated by economic scare stories which are just a smokescreen; the real question is about self-governance and democracy, running Greece’s own house, its own affairs without interference from Germany or the EU.

    Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment would you capture it or just let it slip? You can do anything you set your mind to.

    1. The British do anti-german politics in greece ? Iam a national thinking german and this is false flag what you talking about germany. They are selling our companies for years to french, US and british investors and people like Angela Merkel are zionist pigs, real germans are hating those guys, but we arent powerful enough at the moment, to do something against it. We would work with the Golden Dawn together (hand in hand) at any time, we dont want the EU and we dont want turkish imigrants who are taking slowly over germany (at the moment about 2.3 millions in here). In Germany its the same problem than you have, the media is tricking us together with our politicians, they are all zionists.
      Dont be stupid and think in germany is everything okay...