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Friday, January 25, 2013

IMIA 2013 - A day of rememberance

Date: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 - 19:00
Location: Imia Monument, Vassilis Sofias Avenue (Map below)


The Committee of National Memory regularly since 1997 organizes this event to commemorate the tragic events of '96 at Imia, where Christodoulos Karathanasis, Panagiotis Vlahakos, and Ektoras Gialopsos were killed in action.
  It was then when the bloody Greek territory without a fight was declared to be a "gray zone," and the Greeks were given orders to stay away from the State itself.. A betrayal that seeks punishment punishment. The fallen seek vindication. The tragic night of our national humiliation and betrayal, on the night of 30 to 31 January 1996, the only people who complained were 100 Golden Dawners that spontaneously gathered outside the parliament , and conceived the slogan that became our most famous battle cry: "SCUM, THIEVING POLITICIANS, SCUM WE WILL BURY YOU INSIDE THE PARLIAMENT" .
 This year for one more time, tens of thousands of Nationalists will honor the memory of the fallen heroes!


  1. NWO rule no.567 Thou will not strike
    Greek riot police carry out pre-dawn raid on striking workers at Athens subway's operations center, police say - @AFP

    1. Not true, these strikes are quite meaningless and the vast majority of greek people condemn them. GD was very wise to not take parts in this during the past couple of days.

    Children of the northern sun
    The final act has begun
    Wake up to the reality
    Of the passive host we have become

    While we feed the parasite
    Invading hordes multiply
    With fewer milky babies born
    There's nowhere left for us to hide

    Laden with guilt and battle worn
    So divided and misinformed
    Be brave enough to believe
    The darkest hour preceeds the dawn

    A continent steeped in history
    Heroic conquest and victory
    Our roots so deep and strong
    Form the dais for our destiny

    Europe is our birthright
    Prepare your hearts to fight
    With words with fire and sword
    But first of all we must unite

    A pan-european alliance
    Racial heritage its science
    To realise our shared dream
    Of the great golden renaissance
    Odinsson '13

    1. The previous words are probably very much like the ones Vercingetorix sent out from Gergovia with a plea for revolt from all the tribes against Rome. He was the son of Celtillus, an Auvernian nobleman. His first move was to sent ambassadors out to neighbouring tribes, and he soon had the Senones, Parisii, Pictones, Cadurci, Turones, Anlerei, Lemovice and the tribes of the northern and north-western coasts attached to his cause, in addition to the Carnutes, who had started the revolt. Vercingetorix was appointed the supreme commander of the newly united Gallic army.His dream was to unite all the Western European tribes under one banner and against Caesar.

    And the sooner the better,

  4. Good luck my Greek brothers and sisters!

  5. Greek unions condemn government's forcing metro workers back to work as resonant of 'authoritarian rule' at gunpoint no less.
    When is the Greek Spring, anytime i should think.

    1. The unions in Greece are mere political tools, so don't be so quick to judge.

  6. Picture of Imia monument:

  7. It appears the Reds are arming themselves, what will GD do to defend themselves?

    The police won't help that's for sure..

  8. If I were the Greeks I would be very careful, any threat to the solidarity of the Marxist Empire and Nato planes just might take out the TV Station and then strafe Athens, you know like do a Serbia on you.

    1. There is no need for NATO to be put forward, since Turkey is the big bully of the neighborhood and it can well be used for anyone going against certain interests to be 'put to his senses'.

      For example, there's a lot of talk going on recently about the oil and gas reserves south of Crete. Assuming Greece doesn't include the 'right' people into the proccess of aquiring those reserves, Turkey can always get a green light for creating another incident like the Imia one, putting Greek government under extreme pressure. The same if, say, a government is elected that hasn't 'approval' from overseas. Turkey's agressiveness in Thrace, Cyprus or the Aegean can be regulated according to how 'good' a kid Greece is, to certain decision-makers...

      As a matter of fact, this mechanism (fear of war as a means of enslavement) is already incorporated and manifested into the leftists' arguments. For example, they say: "GD should not be put to power, because they cause more tension in Thrace, and this could lead to a Turkish invasion like it did in Cyprus."

  9. The Dutch right wing Geert Wilders, Salman Rushdie (writer) are marked for death and many others also, this is the typical Muslims response that is always forthcoming when Islam is exposed for being just a death cult, as that is what it really is.
    The ignorant Muslims obviously think that they are the only ones that can have this choice, so it’s about time the tables were turned, by marking many Muslims in the same way for death which would easily be implemented as whites out number Muslims at this present time, however with the breading rate of Muslims is increasing at a hell of a rate as they colonize countries by sheer weight of numbers, then we must be the ones to strike first.
    The enemy occupation, for that is what it is, and the need to wage a guerilla war against these parasites that are flooding in to Europe becomes a necessity and mandatory if the white races of Europe are to survive. Destroy and shatter any and all operations that are Muslim forcing them out of Greece and Europe.
    This unfortunately is the choice that has been forced on all white Europeans by the EU and constant corrupt left wing governments in the last 30/40 years, we need order not chaos, the formless and disordered state that is at present being forced on Europe is by the EU, Bankers, and multinational companies whose only concern is profit at any cost, it must be stopped.
    This is clearly the way the GOLDEN DAWN see things and they must be applauded for their stand, this means that the GOLDEN DAWN are leading the fight in this war for us all across Europe and all Social Nationalists throughout Europe need to assist with help of all kinds, arms, money, and support.

    1. Geert Wilders is a Zionist Stooge he is the enemy.

    2. He's part Jewish too, but I guess he's the best chance we have, Muslim's have numbers, Jews don't, either way both will leave.