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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Golden Dawn intervention on the Public Electricity Company HQ

 Comrades Ilias Panagiotaros, Christos Pappas, Ilias Kasidiaris and Constantine Barbarousis arrived on the PEC HQ this morning and protested against the Harac (heavy tax) and the unrealistic settlement options the Company provides in case the civilians are unable to pay. At the same time, the PEC forgets to claim the huge debts several major political parties own to the company. The Harac is a tax added by the PEC, as part of the austerity measures voted by the Memorandum Parties. It was rendered unconstitutional, but the PEC kept requesting the payment of the tax. As if this wasn't enough, the PEC decided that 500.000 consumers should pay the Harac a second time, an outrageous provocation.
 The dispatch of the MPs initially entered the HQ, demanding from the administration to reduce the settlement costs and increase the time certain disadvantaged groups are given in order to pay the bills, since those groups are the basic victims of the crisis. Afterwards, they searched for the Sales Manager... but since he was on vacation, we spoke with the next one in the command chain. The Golden Dawn spoke on behalf of 30.000 poor households and demanded that they get their electricity back. It is disgusting to see Greek workers living in poverty and on top of all that to have no electricity due to some petty debts, while major political parties and companies that owe tens of thousands have the alternative of ridiculously cheap settlements.


  1. It is refreshing to see a group concerned for the well being of ordinary Greek people and fighting for democracy...if there is such a thing and hindering the Marxist take-over of Europe.

  2. The rest of the European countries should follow goldendawns footsteps,grow a pair & act with the courage of your convictions, there's no room for complacency any more,the E.U. are systematically destroying Europe,we don't want to be next!

  3. hahaha I found my new hobby, watching Greeks get all fired up XD couldn't understand a word but you could tell that guy just got owned lololol

  4. Fantastic to see someone actually doing something!

  5. The Golden Dawn have done a very good job by confronting the boss of the power company!

    At least White Nationalists have the guts to argue the zionists like them!

    It will end up Spreading to Europe.

    Check this out as well.

    No Surrender and White Power

  6. Martin Smith of the Socialist Workers Party of the UK who is also a leading member of the UK government sponsored Unite against fascism is attending an anti Greek demo in Greece on the 14th of Jan , he is a rapist that has escaped justice in UK , I hope that Golden Dawn migth bump into him and let this marxist know what you think of rapists read this link and good luck to our brothers and sisters in Greece http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261220/Socialist-Workers-Party-held-sharia-style-court-exonerate-party-member-accused-raping-female-comrade.html

  7. All over Europe energy prices are being artificially inflated, much by EU Fake Climate change taxation. It makes me sad our people, in Great Britain, haven't a match for Golden Dawn to stand with and up for those being driven to poverty and despair for Marxist political and NWO purposes.

    Now all across Europe we see the Workers parties for what have become, a part of the political system that would make us all slaves. they have shown that people mean nothing to them compared to political gain. The only meaningful socialism exists in Social Nationalism. All the people together, all working for the common good and all reaping the benefits.

    Stand tall the true Greeks and be a beacon for the decency and fighting spirit all European nations need!

  8. How did the incident end ? The government lackey, a pusillanimous desk warmer and pen pusher was given until Friday by the GD to restore the elctricity.