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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Threats from the party responsible for the crisis


Golden Dawn responded decisively against the announcement of PASOK's president, Mr. Venizelos, that he will start an initiative to expose the "unconstitutional" character of our Party.

 The failed politician that before he ruined his party played a major part in ruining this country, is daydreaming about outlawing the Golden Dawn. During his speech on the Organizational Committee of the Conference of PASOK, Mr. Venizelos said that he will present an initiative "against racist, social, xenophobic violence and against neonazism" that will "expose Golden Dawn's unconstitutional character".
 Of course he and his colleagues never said anything about the Communist Party of Greece, that officially and on national television declared that they have no respect for the constitution. And why would they attack their own agents? Their job was to fulfill the wishes of their Freemason and Zionist masters, and to enslave Greece by debt. Now that they partially achieved that, they sent that ruined party to fulfill a last mission: Eliminate any resistance.

Our response:

Golden Dawn is a legal political party, recognized as such by the High Court, and has the trust of more than a million Greeks. PASOK is a party of corruption, bribes, conspiracies and the memorandum, condemned by the Greek people to live at the marge of public life. If Venizelos and his gang want to "outlaw" Golden Dawn, they better hurry, because soon they will have 0% and be without a party, offices or MPs to entertain us with similar ridiculous announcements. Some of them won't even be free, because they are already involved in huge scandals of corruption and squandering of public money.

MP Michael Arvanitis said during the opening ceremonies of our new offices in Amaliada:

 "I spoke last night with him, and this overweight traitor -because he lives in a house of traitors- dared not say a word, but instead he turned over to his MPs and said that he will start a war against Golden Dawn, to outlaw us - we will be waiting him!!"
MP Constantine Barbarousis quoted an ancient saying : "Lots of sadness gives birth to great madness"
MP Ilias Panagiotaros reminded Mr. Venizelos of the crimes and scandals his party is responsible for.


  1. Now they really start to fear you, so you must be winning the peoples hearts. Live long and prosper Golden Dawn, social nationalism will oust the traitors and set Greece free!