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Monday, December 17, 2012

The streets are Ours


Video and photographic material from Golden Dawn's march against the State's Anti-White discrimination tactics 

 More than 5.000 Social Nationalists marched on the Streets of Nice and Korrydallos. The State and Parastate failed miserably with their pathetic antiracist counter-demonstrations. No TV channel dared to cover our great march, as their payed attention to the anarchists and the illegals immigrants, daring to state "they couldn't march, because Golden Dawn's counter-demonstration prevented them". It was only natural for those liars to call our arranged march a "counter-demonstration".

The "anti-racists".


  1. You should post more pics of the Freaks, those reds are creeps.

    good work.

  2. This leaves the option of a good contingency plan.

  3. I find it deeply ironic how left-wingers attack Golden Dawn offices and members without provocation, yet are the first to claim oppression and victimhood whenever they are met with resistance.
    These people are the epitome of hypocrisy - labeling their enemies as "racists" and "fascists" while having no qualms about throwing Molotovs at them when no one is looking. They really don't need marches - true fascists are as close as the nearest mirror.

    Take your country back from their filthy paws, Golden Dawn. Take it back.

  4. Why is it that reds are freaks no matter which country they live?
    Is it because they hate themselves so much that they hate their own people?
    Great to see the normal people of Greece marching through their streets whilst the red freaks hid in the shadows.

  5. Fuck the red filth-hail the dawn.

  6. Hail Victory!

  7. The leftist,marxist traitors in Europe will hang in the near future,make no mistake. Stay trong,Nationalists,our time is coming!! 14 words DASREICH.