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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Ministry of External Affairs under the guidance of the Turks

The Kurdistan Worker's Party(PKK) characterized as "a terrorist organization"!

Golden Dawn has reminded us many times the danger of the consequences that this crisis may have on our foreign policy. Our fears were confirmed with the Minister's of External Affairs last night statements, where he announced as that Greece, for the first time, will list PKK as a terrorist organization! It is clear that Greece's public opinion does not agree to this characterization, which among many things, also betrays the timeless dogma that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The worst thing is that everything points out that the Ministry's sudden change of heart is due to pressure from the West. And one can't be easily convinced that this pressure came from the EU without Turkey's involvement. This arises from the apologetic tone of the statement, and the fact that it was made in response to a book presentation, "The Anatomy of the war in Kurdistan," written by a Kurd and leader of the PKK, Murat Karayilan, that was held in the War Museum of Athens. The representative of the Ministry said that the people that gave the conference room to the Kurds were punished!! Those facts are extremely worrisome if we find out that the pressures on the Greek side came from Turkey.

State MP, Christos Pappas, asked the Minister during the parliamentary session:
1) What reasons led to this shift in Greek foreign policy regarding this issue?
 2) Does the Ministry believe that opposition to the demands and the struggle of the Kurds and the PKK to get their civil rights recognized is in line with Greek interests, and if so, what arguments support this belief?
 3) Did the Ministry faced official or unofficial pressures by the Turkish diplomatic authorities to cancel the book presentation or change its location and date?? 
4) Does the Minister believes in the logic of servility to maintain peace in the Aegean? 
5) Will he request the prosecution of Kurds located in Greece if they are fighting for the recognition of their nation? 
6) For what reasons did the Ministry recognized the Islamic dissidents of Syria as "freedom fighters" (that are persecuting Greek-Orthodox Syrians, murdering priests and destroying Orthodox temples) and the fighters of PKK as "terrorists"?
7) Does the Minister consider that the imprisonment of tens of thousands of Kurds by the Turkish state and the conditions of their detention are consistent with internationally recognized human rights?

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/sto-arma-ths-tourkias-to-ellhniko-up.ej-charakthrisan-tromokratikh-organwsh#.ULntUeV24y4


  1. Frankly Turkey should be split up, it's occupying De-jure greek land, Iran, Syria and Greece want to have a word with Turkey, why not work together to ensure it?

    1. No one will ever dare to split Turkey's borders. The PKK is no different then Al-Qaida. Many Turkish citizens of Kurdish background unanimously reject PKK seperatism. Turkey has many ethnicities living in it's borders and they believe that no one has a right to split Turkey's borders. That includes members of your organization G.D. Turkey even had a ethnically Kurdish president too (Turgut Ozal). By the way, how can a right-leaning organization like Golden Dawn support a Communist organization (PKK). There is some irony to that.

  2. Yes i agree, Turkey has to realize that the ottoman days are gone and that selling out to NATO and ZOG won't change that. They have to learn their place, and somebody has to put them into it.

    That being said, while i enjoy the reports of GD activism on a local political scale the most, these kind of news remind us all of the fact that GD can and will come into power because they have the clear and vivid answers which democrats have not.

    Hail to the Golden Dawn!

  3. "The director of the Greek Ministry of Defense's War Museum was removed from office on Saturday following a statement by Turkey declaring its disappointment on the promotion last week in the museum of a book penned by one of the leaders of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)."

  4. Fuck Turkey and FSA/ISIS/Al nusra! Turkey supports those terrorists in killing kurds and Christians, and yet they claim organizations like PKK are terrorists? Hypocrisy!
    Most of the 40 000 killed in the Kurdish-Turkish war is KURDISH civilians by TURKISH air force!

    MHP bozkurt; You're lying and only parroting what your propaganda media says. Most Kurds want independence from that genocidal nation known as "Turkey" (which occupies Kurdish, Greek, Pontus greek etc land)!

    Sincerely from a Kurd!

    God bless Greece and Kurdistan!

  5. God bless G.D and kurdistan!! Fuck turkey and all arabs.