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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The mess of the Leftist Universities.

Yet another disgraceful day for our Universities. A colored "trader" (of smuggled wares) sexually harassed a Greek woman outside the Athens University of Economics and Business. When she demanded an apology, he pulled out a knife and threatened her.
The woman asked help from policemen passing by the area. They stopped and while the woman was explaining what happened, a team of anarchocommunists came out of the University and with rocks, bats and Molotov bombs, they attacked the police officers, and in turn they retreated immediately.
Later, more police forces arrived at the area only to be attacked yet again. The policemen retreated once more, because the Civilian Protection Minister has strictly ordered that no officer enters university grounds. He wouldn't like it if the anarchists and illegal immigrants residing there were annoyed, since they are a useful addition to the "antifascist front" against Golden Dawn, a front that has the support of the "eternal rivals", the liberal "New Democracy" and the Maoist/Stalinist/Trotskyist/Eurocommunist/etc "SYRIZA". He also wouldn't like it if the smugglers were annoyed, because they are the victims of Golden Dawn's "racist" attacks, and therefore enjoy legal immunity.


  1. I am sure GD will arrive and teach them a lesson.

  2. Is there any way to try to talk to some of these people, maybe the lower level ones are simply ignorant. Issues with the reduction of the labor wage by increase of the supply of labor are very straightforward, and in the USA historical labor worker Cesar Chavez is an example of a non-White who understood this, and opposed illegal immigration on account of its impact on labor, which was to reduce bargaining power against capitalist owners over things like wage and work conditions.

    As recently as the late 1990s, people on the left understood these issues well enough to oppose the Globalist Neoliberal WTO (World Trade Organization).

    Most of the immigrants are not refugees but economic immigrants and there is no reason EVEN FOR A LEFTIST to oppose their orderly and humane deportation.

    I am sickened by how insane leftists have become since the WTO protest days. If Soros is funding them they should know he doesn't have their interests at heart; if he did he would not be supporting things to suppress labor's wage and bargaining power.

    Maybe there is some way to talk sense into some of them? Or maybe it is too late and I am naive.

  3. BEWS,

    Here is a simple yet often overlooked truth:

    Our enemies do not simply have to take over government in order to take over our societies. Our enemies take a "little by little" approach.

    Government is simply one aspect of society.

    If they have overtaken universities they have taken over a segment of society. A very powerful one, since University graduates usually go into government.

    Mass media can be powerful and they have taken over that as well.

    We can learn a lot from the strategies of our enemies. Golden Dawn is doing a great job by focusing on all aspects of society, not just government.