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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Social Solidarity Program, "Doctors with Borders"

Golden Dawn has proven multiple times that she is the only political party to keep her promises. In few days, the Social Solidarity program of Golden Dawn will reach new heights with the creation of the "Doctors with Borders". After the food distributions, the blood bank and the employment office, the S.S. program will cover Greece's needs on Health and Treatment departments. Of course the service is available to Greeks only.
All doctors that want to take part in this effort to help our compatriots, especially now that the Public Health sector is diminishing, can contact the responsible Counselor of Health Care of the Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn requests from all the members of the Greek Society to contribute for the greater good of the whole.


  1. I hope this request is met by many, your fellow social nationalist brothers and sisters around the world would also like to help if we may, how about a donate button or the means to contribute.

  2. That is a good idea...Money can be raised by selling a pin button with the golden meander and the leaves of GD. Just like the one shown on this page in blue under the word PROFILE.And please, make instructions clear about the details such as dimensions, size, how to order,etc.If you could produce a pin for 2.00 (maybe less) and sell it for 10... that is a profit of 8... You could use e-Bay until the kikes kick you out or else ask the Nigerians for assistance... I am sure they can find some contraband pins :-).