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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Massive Christmas food distribution

Golden Dawn organized yet another Social Solidarity festival proving that the Nationalists will not lose their spirit no matter the challenges they face.
 The participation was -unfortunately- massive, exhibiting the tragic financial situation the Greeks are struggling to survive in.
 Under the presence of every one of our MPs, and with complete order and discipline, many tons of dairy products and food, as well as clothes and other basic need products were distributed to more than 5000 compatriots that attended the distribution despite the bad weather conditions. The distribution lasted many hours.



  1. Good to see Golden Dawn rise in the polls again.

  2. This is one of the reasons that as a libertarian I love Golden Dawn. They are constantly involved in volunteer work helping their own.

  3. This is very brilliant what I am seeing. It will make the Greeks Christmas better with the gifts from the helpful Golden Dawn. The left wing xenophile anarchist reds will never do it as they are working against the interests of the white race. Plus the reds condone the actions of white genocide as well.

    By the way in England a Greek Orthodox school is having a problem... so heres a link http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Muslim-family-taking-Thornton-Heath-Greek/story-17646844-detail/story.html

    Can you please forward it to the Golden Dawn officials so they can know what's going on in the Greek Community in England.
    Plus all nationalist movements Europe wide are fighting to save the existence of the white race. We need to destroy the tyrannical governments and start a new government with a social nationalist ideology.

    Thanks. keep up a good work and Merry Christmas for all White patriots of Europe, Australia and North America.

  4. GOLDEN DAWN leading by example yet again, the question must be asked had not the free food have been given out by GOLDEN DAWN would well over a thousand Greeks have starved?… The answer is YES! This is while the current corrupt fat government politicians do nothing? GOLDEN DAWN will win the day by exposing the truth and setting an example to the rest of gutless Europe that you can force change against the corrupt EU and the genocide that is being perpetrated against the white races by using the foulest of tools, that of forced multi-immigration by the EU, to the detriment of all. ALL HIAL GOLDEN DAWN.

  5. This is great to see a well organised Social Nationalist group helping the people with an orderly and well organised distribution of resources.Hail Golden Dawn all power to you.

  6. Bautiful... rise up the Nordic tribes again.


  7. Superb! Truly! A beacon to the world of National Socialists! Bless you all, your actions are groundbreaking and heroic.. Hail Europa! 1488!

  8. Best wishes to all the Golden Dawn people!

    I hope that soon all of Europe will rise up against the liberal-left traitors.

  9. I bet the Leftists only give out food to the illegals, and step over the bodies of their starving Greek brothers to do it.

    I will come for a holiday in Greece when you are in power.

    That would be cool!

  10. This is beautiful! Thank you. Glory to Greece and its tenacious people during these harsh times.