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Monday, December 24, 2012

Madness - Mayor sues Golden Dawn for feeding poor Greek workers!

Μήνυση Δήμου Πειραιώς κατά Χρυσής Αυγής για την διανομή τροφίμων
We committed the greatest crime: We distributed food to 5000 Greek families
The New Democracy(national-liberals) mayor of Piraeus surpassed the leftist mayor of Athens! The Regime, terrified of ourexponential growth and solidification on the Greek Society, reacts with panic moves, trying to prevent our Social Solidarity Program from helping the Greeks, trying to make us break our promise of returning the People's money back to the People. After the failed attempt of some leftists to prevent the food drive in Volos, the Mayor of Piraeus filed a sue against Golden Dawn, because she used the forecourt of the Public Theater to carry out the distribution.

The Mayor, Vassilis Michaloliakos, made the following statement:
"Some people will have to understand that in Piraeus there is Law and Order. Nobody and with no excuse can illegally occupy areas that belong to the Municipality. Public areas can be granted to people if they ask for them, under the circumstances the Municipal Board defines. The social politic of the Municipality of Piraeus is practiced with consistency, based on the decision of the municipal authority that every citizen that lives in Piraeus , no matter his color, race, religion and nationality, must have a plate to eat and a bed to sleep in. If the parties want to practice social politics they can do it their own places or places the Municipality grants. Certainly not in areas they illegally occupy. The occupation of the Theater's forecourt is offensive , extreme and illegal, and will not be tolerated. It is clear that the Law will prevail against all those that have the audacity to break it. Under my personal orders, our Vice Mayor has already filed a suit."
 We won't even reply to this provocative statement, that insults every Greek worker who is suffering during those holy and hard times. The only offensive and extreme entity here is the governance of the country by the memorandum movement, flagship of which is Mayor's party.

We should note that on the festive food distribution of Piraeus, almost 5000 Greeks came to receive help from our Movement. A police officer did asked us to leave the area. But when we asked "Where can we go to help thousands of our countrymen?", we received no reply. Of course we never damaged the forecourt and a team of comrades cleaned the area after the distribution was completed, returning it in a condition much better that when we arrived.

Please note that this event was also hosted in Piraeus, but the Mayor seemed to be fine with it:


  1. No wonder why the left wing xenophile scum wants to kill off white people by starving them. Its like the USSR times where the Bolsheviks wanting to starve a town down taking their food!
    The left wingers hate us white people by supporting mass immigration, crimes done by immigrants, supporting immigrant rights and they support no borders group. What kind of sick creatures them lefties want to do to us white people. The lefties should have their citizenship taken out and sent to Africa to set their experience of having no white people around.

  2. I would suggest that the Greek citizens go down and see the mayor and ask him why he wishes to punish an organisation that is trying to feed needy people when his office would rather they starve.
    Get down to his office en-masse and make sure he is voted out.Shame on him.

    1. I think that the Greek citizens should go down and string up the traitorous bastard mayor, for what kind of person would do this against their very own people? Obliviously not fit for the job!

  3. And now the beast has gone in full defense mode.
    You know you're accomplishing things when that happens.

  4. As the white hating Left continually try to discredit the Golden Dawn by whatever means they can it is now fully apparent that the Greek people are becoming totally aware as to the corruption that the Left practices against their own kind this is shown by the continuing rise in the support for the Golden Dawn. As things proceed I see that in the not too distant future the Greek Police and Military will side with the Golden Dawn until the corrupt Government falls as well as the EU cancer that has infected Europe. No way will the Police and Military just stand by and watch as their very own people are crushed and disenfranchised of their magnificent heritage by the vile and corrupt left. The change is coming and it cannot be stopped, the Left criminals will have to pay the price for their treason. Hail Golden Dawn, showing to Europe that the EU’s rotting carcass will no longer be tolerated.