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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hundrends of Nationalists present to fight State-sponsored Terrorism

Hundreds of Greeks came on the ruins of the Western Attica Sectoral Organization offices at Whitetower, were they listened to the General Secretary's speech, under the presence of all of our MPs. The message was a clear one against the terrorist attacks the State and the Parastate are organizing, because bombs will not bend the will of the Social Nationalist Movement, but instead they are giving us faith in our Struggle, because we now know we tread a righteous path.

 What are their bombs, if not Medals of Honor, for the 30-year-long struggle of our Movement? When this Movement started this Struggle, it knew that it couldn't face the enemy with political conversation. Political conversation requires an opponent with honor. But the history of our enemies stinks of corruption, dishonesty and crimes. They do not wish to defeat us in the ideological field, they strive for our biological extinction.

 This meeting is the biggest proof that bombs won't bent the will of the Nationalists. It's the biggest proof that we live under a regime sinful, guilty and irresponsible. We stand against the collective of the political parties, that 24 hours after the explosion not even one condemned the attack against a Party that has 18 elected representatives. Maybe this attack was convenient. After all, they continuously accuse us of being a criminal organization, so those that attack the criminals, with bombs, are doing a good deed. It was a blind, deadly attack. If a car or pedestrian was passing by, he would be dead today. Whatever they are trying to do, they won't stop us. Golden Dawn is a bomb herself, planted deeply in the roots of this corrupt state, and it is about to blow. Those great "democrats", that are so worried about legality, didn't condemn this attack, and this exposes the way they operate. They maybe are happy this bomb blew. They shouldn't be, because this bomb lit up yet another fire in our hearts that is called Greece, Motherland, Honor, Faith, Freedom!!

Raise your Flags high, comrades!!!

Ψηλά τις Σημαίες, Συναγωνιστές! Δεν θα τους προσκυνήσουμε 


  1. Is it possible for the speech to be subtitled?

  2. Would be awesome if there was subtitles for the speech!

    1. We are working to implement such a feature foe the Newsroom!