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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Golden Dawn with the workers of LARCO

Golden Dawn members and MPs Iliopoulos and Mihos, and well as the Secretary of the Sectoral Organization of Lamia, Apostolos Gletzos, visited the installations of the LARCO mining company.
Our comrades were welcomed by the Union of Miners on their offices, were head figures of the Union, and workers as well, told us about the problems they face on their job, its hardships, and they reported that they have many dead coworkers due to workplace accidents. They also expressed their agony for the future of the industry, and their will to fight for their jobs and rights. Finally, they asked for out Movement's support, in and out of the Parliament.

The GD members at the Union's offices.
After that, the comrades were accepted in the central offices of the company by the President and other members of the Board, that told us of the company's importance for the Greek industry and her contribution to the Greek econom, since she exports the sum of her productions and brings in Greece many profits with the form of hard currency. The comrade were then toured around the ferronickel production factory and witnessed the tough conditions the workers go through.
GD members with the company's administration.
The Golden Dawn mission left LARCO and promised to the workers and the employees that we will never allow the company to be sold to the private sector, thus costing the Greek Workers their jobs.


  1. Getting the Workers is a fantastic Idea.

  2. Also, what will Golden Dawn do when the inevitable happens and they ban outright Golden Dawn?

    I'm sure by the time it reaches that they have lost and the Zionists will act like sore losers.

    1. I can't say exactly, but we do have a "Plan B", should something unfortunate like this happen.

    2. I personally believe they will ban GD, the Zionists don't want GD to win, but I'm sure GD has means of defying them.

  3. It is necessary to expose the lengths that corrupt governments and corporate interests will go to, to protect their interests and themselves when they have all the money in the World. No client is guilty until they run out of money. When natural resources become controlled by corporations and priced, then just drinking water can be put out of the reach of the poor, it’s not just about greed its control they want. The GOLDEN DAWN has opened a road that will save thousands and thousands of people. GOLDEN DAWN has given up believing in the lies of the Left and now leads by example to the truth, they bring light to a situation that for too long has been in the dark, we must all learn from the truth and more importantly defend it.