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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Golden Dawn responds to the Turks and their local agents.

ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΑΠΑΝΤΗΣΗ: Η τουρκική κορβέτα στο Σούνιο, η Χρυσή Αυγή στο τουρκικό προξενείο!

An attack against the Turkish Consulate, an attack against its agents in Thrace for which the Greek State doesn't care, and a counterattack against Venizelos was unleashed by Golden Dawn MP, Ilias Panagiotaros, during the opening ceremony of one of the three new GD offices in the area. At the same time, members of SYRIZA along with anarchists, carried out attacks on the offices in Komotini and Xanthe, where hundreds of people were attending the opening ceremonies. Upon learning that the Turkish interests are threatened by Golden Dawn, the Left sent her strike teams to crush us.
The attacks at Xanthe were successfully repelled by our Militia. 

The attacks started at Xanthe, with the Parastate agents attacking the citizens present at the ceremony, to carry out their promise to "face with the same treatment (violence) everyone that supports us" .
The offices of Golden Dawn weren't their only target. The anarchists also attacked and destroyed several cars and shops in the area and that was how Thrace was introduced to the anarchist paranoia.

The general attack against our Offices were repelled by our self-defense teams, despite the fact that the Militia that stayed back to defend the People's Association was outnumbered by the attackers (The civilians retreated due to risk of injury). After that the Militia arrived at Komotini for the opening ceremony of those offices there and they faced the same adversary. They repelled them yet again.
And by the time the Turkish Corvette "Beykoz" had reached Sounion, our members were already besieging the Turkish Consulate under the salutes of local Muslims, that are familiar with the Consulate's oppressive tactics. The local Turkish agents running the Left failed to stop us from sending out our message - the Turkish provocations will not pass!!


  1. Keep up the fight.

  2. Would a GD Greece arm and train Kurds?

  3. What was the counterattack against Venizelos?

  4. Keep up the fight as well.

    One day I would foresee the Greek president taken to jail and a Golden Dawn government of Greece will be established and help the white nations have their own Social Nationalism ideology to rise.

    I hope to see the end of the ZOG and the representatives of ZOG jailed for treason and executed publically!!

  5. Whoa, so is Golden dawn nazi or not? I feel like multicultural media says the same thing everytime a interest group for whites is created, jewish got their ADL, Latino got their La raza(The race), and a million other interest groups for every other race and ethnicity is perfectly okay.. But when ever a European people anywhere tries to organised to protect their own ethnic interests multicultural media always describe them as "neo-nazi", "Fascist","Xenohpobes". Are all white people nazists or is multicultural media filled with intolerant anti-white bigots? Eager to label anyone born with lighter skin for "racist."

    1. The licentious dissipated left automatically calls Nazi or Racist by anyone that opposes them and their corruption, standard procedure! Europe at the moment is under the darkest of clouds due to the criminals of the EU, but once the dark cloud of the EU is removed then the sun will shine of the GOLDEN DAWN, the day is getting ever nearer to salvation.

  6. Could you provide a Live-stream for tommorows GD protest please?