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Monday, November 26, 2012

USA's frightened by Russia's interest in Greece

"Find a solution for the problem, or Russia will take advantage of it"

The USA are pressuring the EU to give Greece a disbursement date immediately or to start giving the money anyway, even slowly, because they are worried of uprisings and possible revolutions. In contacts with EU officials, the USA minister of Economics expressed the "concerns" and "interest" of the US to immediately find a "viable solution".  American reports conclude that "Greece will be the center of a geopolitical conflict, mainly against Russia, if we don't manage to comtrol the crisis within the next months."

 Since always, Golden Dawn reminded the need for strong alliances with the Slavic brothers in the North.


  1. Russia is the great hope for whites all around the world.

    It's downright heartbreaking to see what judeo-bolshevists have done to Russia and its people during the soviet union, but fortunately more and more russians are getting redpilled.

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  3. Very interesting. Totally absent from mainstream media.
    I think GD will become a new source of information for me.

  4. Very interesting. Look forward to more developments on this.

  5. Screw the GD bunch of neo-Nazi scum !!! Fascist bunch of Free Masonic garbage !!!

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