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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Social Nationalists under Government surveillance

The "Democracy" monitors our phones!!

There are many who claim that in this phase, the state is under dissolution and nothing works in the country. Basically, they aren't wrong, but there are some sectors that not only are NOT under dissolution, but instead work perfectly and continue to expand!! Such as the bugging of phones of Greek citizens by the Counter-terrorism Agency and Intelligence Service!!

To not doubt us and accuse us that we, the... fascists, spread these anti-democratic rumors, here's what is reported by the mainstream media:

EL.AS (Greek Police) and E.Y.P. (Greek CIA) have been watching the phones of more than 50,000 people! Just this year, the official number of surveillance cases, due to "national security" reasons, increased by 70%!! In addition, seven telecommunications companies submitted reports that there were security problems in their network.

These impressive findings come from the recent report of the Privacy Authority for Communications (ADAE), concerning the interception of telephones and alleged violations of the communication networks. Figures from the ADAE clearly state that the number of legally bugged phones is growing exponentially.
As stated in the 2011 report, there where issued 3,472 new court decisions to lift the communication privacy protection of phones for "national security" reasons (dealing with terrorism and espionage) while 2.281 were issued in 2010 ...Cumulatively during 2011, a total of 9,276 decisions to monitor phones where taken, while there where 6,400 decisions taken in 2010 (more than 69% increase). If you factor in that each of these cases include monitoring at least five phones and mobiles, the number of people intercepted by our Big Brothers, ELAS and EYP, is huge ... .

Certainly, it is clear that apart from some surveillance cases done lawfully and rightfully (to uncover criminals), the rest have to do with politics. The security authorities of this rotten state monitor those considered dangerous by the Post-dictatorship regime. Dangerous not because of their actions, since despite the interception of "Terrorists", we do not see leftist terrorists that ruined and filled with blood this nation being arrested . But dangerous for their ideas, like the Greek nationalists!!

In any case, enjoy their "democracy", their New World Order and their "Big Brother" ! But what goes around comes back around ...
The comrades at Cyprus also get visits by people of questionable origins...

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/o-megalos-aderfos-einai-edw#.UJzjjmfDtYQ


  1. As here in the former British nation. Good luck and stay on track.

    IRONCRAFT, Gt Britain.

  2. The government should be affraid of the people and not vice versa.

    All the power belongs to the people who deserve a strong and charismatic leader which they will chose themselves. This is a founding principle of national socialism. The ZOG is doomed to fail in this regard.

    Keep up the good work!


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