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Monday, November 5, 2012

Social Solidarity from the Golden Dawn in Kavala.

Κοινωνική Αλληλεγγύη από την ΝΕ Καβάλας στην Χρυσούπολη
For the third time with 40 days, the Prefectural Committee of Kavala, successfully completed her Social Solidarity program in Chrysoupoli, by distributing large amounts of food to Greek men and women from the surrounding areas.
So, with the initiative of our comrades, they collected -within a short time period- a large amount of food (potatoes, fresh bread, yogurt, pasta etc) from local suppliers that either sold them for a reduced price or gave them completely free, in the effort to economically support our weaker compatriots.

 And truly, the whole effort was successful: More than 200 compatriots had the chance to receive a large amount and variety of food, even bigger than last time! They also had the chance to be informed about our Regional Organization's activity and converse with our members about issues that concern them regarding the current situation in Greece and the fierce battle the Golden Dawn fights, inside and outside the parliament, in order to restore our motherland.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/koinwnikh-allhlegguh-apo-thn-ne-kabalas-sthn-chrusoupolh#.UJeRumf_Ddc

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  1. Their solidarity work is one of my favorite things about Golden Dawn.