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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Golden Dawn filling the gaps of the corrupt State

Members of the local Golden Dawn core of Serres were present on the port of Kerkini, where they decided to solve the problem of the State's absence by checking the illegal immigrant fishermen of the area.  An announcement made by the local organization reports the following:

 For some time now, we were receiving messages en masse by the citizens of the area that are complaining for the presence of hundreds of Bulgarian and Skopians on the lake, that are fishing without permits, attacking Greek fishermen and are polluting the environment with trash. Today and after we announced our visit on the port, the Police miraculously gathered some men and sent them there. Their leader informed us that they removed the illegals before we arrive, something that wasn't the case of course, because the locals informed us that they removed those stationed around our rendezvous point.

According to the announcement, with the initiative of the Secretary of the Local Organization of Serres, there will be within the following days a meeting with the local administrative authorities, in order to find an immediate solution for this issue.
"Lake Kerkini is one of the diamonds not only of the province of Serres, but of Greece in general. We will not let it be destroyed by the barbarian hordes and the indifference of the state", the announcement concludes.


  1. Excellent --you certainly know how to look after your own people. enjay uk

  2. Golden Dawn is truly showing all European patriots the way forward, and long may you continue.

    Best wishes from England.

  3. It looks like this is a way to stop corruption of authorities unwilling to enforce Rule of Law. Good for you!

  4. Even though i can fully understand your struggle against the abscent goverment of yours,i think that such actions are false due to the lack of authority you have under these circumstances.Greetings from the USA