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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free medical exams for Greeks

Δωρεάν ιατρικές εξετάσεις ΜΟΝΟ ΓΙΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ

In a continuation of the Socialist Program by the Golden Dawn, the Sectoral Organization of Salonika will offer free medical exams to Greeks. The state neglects them and at the same time hospitalizes foreigners, asking the Greeks in need for huge sums of money.
Healthcare is a good that should be offered for free to every law-abiding and taxed Citizen. But in modern society, it is offered for free for everyone that declares himself to be a non-Greek.
Soon, the specific social service will be offered in Athens, upon the opening of our new offices in Mesogeion St.


  1. με τις υγείες σας

  2. Yeah, it is pretty good. They aren't just "impression" moves, either. They actually give millions of euros on each of these initiatives. They have given almost 3000 tons of food in total, for example.

    To Greeks only, naturally.

  3. Man. This is awesome.